Top 13 Best Free GST Accounting Software For Your Business

One of the most important steps in any business transaction is billing, using the GST accounting software helps in making a business brand identity with practical GST billing factors.

In this generation, business owners keep most of their data on digital storage units and use digital accounting software to make the job effortless and more efficient than traditional methods.

Business owners use accounting software to enter revenue and expenses and keep a check on their finances. It is much more efficient, makes rarer mistakes, and saves time. It provides features like automation and a place to keep crucial documents and receipts.

Business owners usually search for the perfect tool which manages and adapts their accounting system and performs various functions such as tax calculation, billing, etc. Taxpayers or business owners use free GST accounting software to submit their electronic files to IRS tax disputes.

GST software is required for government-mandated GST filing for business entrepreneurs and taxpayers and also offers a complete solution to related problems and issues and compliance.

Free Accounting Software isn’t a myth, but it’s real. There is various free software for businesses to stay organized and on top of their finances. Here, we discuss the best free accounting software recognized by the industry.

What Is GST Accounting Software?

GST Accounting software is created to help taxpayers or businessmen register their businesses on the government portal.

It can manage payrolls, document transactions, and run standard reports on the platform. It makes accounting jobs easier by using software that compiles financial, payroll, and tax data. It also performs bookkeeping functions and collects and processes transaction data

The software is user-friendly and allows the creation of GST bills, the calculation of various categories of taxes, and the filing of GST returns, invoice generations, etc.

Top 13 Best Free GST Accounting Software For The Business

Here mentioned the best free accounting software available-


Xero is the best accounting software in the USA for small businesses. It allows you to unite with your advisors and share it with your workers. The advantage of this app is that it automatically tracks profits and losses across more than one currency.

This app has several other features, such as it enables sending online invoices with online payment choices, easy connection with the bank account, and tracking bank cash flow. It provides multiple payment choices like debit and credit, proposes to pay bills, claim payments, take payments, track projects, bank reconciliation, capture data, and provides customer support through Email, etc.

Key Features of Xero

  • It is a user-friendly application.
  • It is a cloud-based accounting software.
  • It can process payrolls.
  • It allows sending invoices and quotations to customers.
  • It allows for numerous currencies and stores files online.


It is an online accounting and money management tool. It enables you to send and track professionally developed invoices and also allows you to examine your cash flow and keep a check on your tax bills.

It proposes a time and expense tracking and provides numerous payment choices like GoCardless, PayPal, Dwolla, debit, and credit cards. It further offers business insights with radar, property, projects, security, banking, sales tax, expenses, unlimited user, and MTD compatibility. It also proposes multi-currency, cashflow tracking, payroll, payment reminders, and customer support through chat and Email.

Key Features of FreeAgent

  • It customizes invoices and sends proposals.
  • It is an easy-to-use platform.
  • It can track transactions and do time tracking and control.
  • It allows for multi-currency invoicing.
  • It generates bills and handles them on its own.

Zoho Invoice

With a free version of Zoho Invoice, one can invoice customers and handle payments via a single account. It enables tracking expenses and interacting with customers via a client portal.

One can run integrated time tracking for themself and employees for project billing. It helps to prepare professional invoices, automatically send payment reminders, and get paid quickly online. All around the world, small businesses rely on Zoho Invoices for their invoicing.

Key Features of Zoho Invoice

  • It allows for invoicing in numerous currencies.
  • It creates and shares projects with various clients and vendors.
  • It keeps track of unbilled business expenses.
  • It sets expiration dates for different projects.
  • It also sets up payment reminders.


It is developed for small businesses, proposing an easy-to-use interface, online billing, payment reminders, bank reconciliation, tax management, document management, and more. It allows unlimited computerized receipt entries, various companies on one account, and email support.

It also enables the creation of quotations and estimates that becomes professional invoices and connection to your PayPal and Stripe accounts for free. With this, customers can complete their invoices with card or PayPal payments online and pay the transaction fees that PayPal and Stripe charge. SlickPie enables handling offline payments to mark invoices as paid if payments are obtained through check or bank transfer.

Key Features of SlickPie

  • It allows for automatic data entry.
  • It manages the invoices and bills.
  • It keeps the transaction history.
  • It provides various automation and well-designed UI.
  • It also provides bonuses, loans, advances, and financial management.


It is an online accounting software with all the tools one requires to manage money for invoicing, payment tracking, and accounting. It offers many essential features that a small business accounting software should. One can sync accounts, set up regular bills, handle customers, and manage agents. It provides an excellent App Store for developers and users, with no setup fees and hidden charges.

Key Features of Akaunting

  • It allows for creating unlimited bank accounts and tracking their balances.
  • It provides detailed financial reports and documents.
  • It makes payments, bills, and expenses for ongoing jobs.
  • It attaches business files to bills and payments for authentic proof.
  • It enables, disables, exports, and deletes documents in batch mode.


It is an online invoicing software for small businesses created to help users with online billing, accounting, time tracking, and project control tasks. It allows the addition of infinite users, design projects, perform integrated time tracking, and track expenses and supply estimates. This app provides secure online payment allowing customers to pay through cash, credit cards, or PayPal. The app tracks unpaid and partly paid invoices and emails reminders and messages to clients to make payments.

Key Features of CloudBooks

  • It forms experienced estimates effortlessly.
  • It provides the most reasonable payment tracking solutions.
  • It keeps an up-to-date invoice.
  • It does taxation and financial management.
  • It keeps the tracking of transactions.


ZipBooks provides the tools and intellect to carry your business to the next level. This software offers all the essential elements of accounting software reports, bank syncing, payment managing, billing, and invoicing in one free account. It is designed for small businesses and individuals to handle their accounts without accounting knowledge. It further enables employees to unite with each other with the availability of real-time information at their fingertips. It also provides extreme safety and security of data eliminating any risk of losing it.

Key Features of ZipBooks

  • It proposes accounting capacity, including double-entry accounting.
  • It uses automated categorization.
  • It suggests perfect invoicing options.
  • It provides perfect time tracking capacity, making it ideal for advisors, contractors, or anybody who requires to track their time.
  • It proposes a suitable choice of standard reports in a variety of categories.


Wave accounting software is one of the best options, which allows one to connect unlimited bank and credit card accounts. It is a double-entry website created for freelancers, self-employed contractors, and small businesses.

It enables infinite income tracking, payment tracking, and guest collaborators for free, and here one can invoice and examine receipts for free. It proposes a user-friendly, excellent features application that works in favor of those who need accounting knowledge. It is one of the few free options that help manage all accounting tasks in one location.

Key Features of Wave

  • It provides a dashboard that gives a glance at the most significant financial details of the business.
  • It provides a customizable account chart, bank reconciliation, journal access, and a profit and loss statement.
  • It proposes unlimited invoices and a large number of time-saving invoice automation.
  • It helps to track expenses.
  • It provides a profit and loss report, balance sheet, transactions report, sales tax, and tax report.


It is an accounting software that enables the management of sales tax, invoicing, bookkeeping, etc. It can use this software to track bills and payments. With this, one can access their account and handle business anytime and anywhere.

It provides customizable reports and dashboards, sustains compliance norms such as PCI and SOC, and proposes inventory tracking. It allows numerous payment alternatives like credit or debit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, Apple Pay, etc. It further offers payment reminders, cashflow tracking, payroll, and invoicing and provides customer support through phone.

Key Features of Quickbooks

  • It assists companies with stock management.
  • It forms experienced business invoices, sends payment reminders, and compares expenses to invoices.
  • It saves time and lessens mistakes when the bank account is added.
  • It sends bills, records dealings, and modifies reports in different currencies.
  • It keeps data and information safe and secure.


The 2nd site Inc company in the USA developed this software. It helps to run small businesses fastly and securely. This software allows one to manage expenses effortlessly. It also allows us to collaborate on projects and provides easy-to-understand reports on finance.

It helps to stay connected with the clients and automatically checks and balances to assure compliance and accuracy. It offers time tracking, file sharing, wealthy recommendations, tax-friendly varieties, automated tax calculations, multi-currency, payment reminders, cash flow tracking, etc. It provides numerous payment choices like MasterCard, AMEX, VISA, Apple Pay, and PayPal.

Key Features of Freshbooks

  • It proposes a cloud-based invoicing and an online payment gateway.
  • It proposes understanding for creating more informed decisions.
  • With this, data can be transferred to an invoice, and payments can be collected more quickly.
  • It proposes perfect invoice-to-payment features that are very useful to companies.
  • It allows the development of financial reports by thoroughly processing data.

Patriot Software

Patriot Software, an online accounting, and payroll surveillance software for small businesses, allows them to run payroll from any device linked to the internet. This software provides help through chat or phone, and all customer expenses can be tracked easily. It keeps bank information safe and secure by using encryption techniques.

It allows numerous payment choices like PayPal, Zelle, and Venmo and helps compliance standards such as payroll. This software offers free direct deposit, is easy to use, has quality everywhere, and has payroll setup for free.

Key Features of Patriot Software

  • It performs accounting procedures in a reliable, precise, and appropriate manner.
  • It simplifies transaction monitoring, invoice generation, and client payment management.
  • It develops different kinds of statements and acquires complete control of the business.
  • It provides a collection of statements that can be utilized to monitor and handle the finance of the company.
  • It develops estimations from existing invoices.


This software is a merged cloud business product suite created by Oracle. It provides real-time visibility of the business’s financial performance with billing managing abilities that help to integrate finance and sales. Netsuite allows for simplifying financial planning procedures.

It comes up with a feature where one can handle users according to their functions using the dashboard. It offers products and stock tracking, cloud finance, accounting solutions, billing control, income recognition control, financial planning, financial reporting, and international accounting. It also provides customer help via phone, chat, or Email.

Key Features of Netsuite

  • It helps with investment maintenance, insurance, and management of investment devaluation.
  • It offers the capacity to make strategic plans with the transactions by providing statements to maintain invoices on bank accounts and compliance.
  • It keeps track of payments which provides access to data in real-time.
  • It reduces manual work by automating billing procedures and keeping track of bill work.
  • It keeps necessary non-financial information in accounts and tracks expenses by department.


Melio is a web-based payable software that allows companies to pay their bills through bank transfer and debit card for free or by a credit card, even for agents who only accept check payments. It allows small companies to pay and handle invoices from a single platform with no monthly payments, no costs to recipients, and no transaction payments.

It is user-friendly, reduces costs, and saves time, allowing SMBs to concentrate their business rather than on logistics. It provides numerous payment choices like debit and credit offers, unlimited users, ACH, regular payments, team control, accounts payable, etc. It offers payment reminders and multi-currency and provides customer help through a contact form and Email.

Key Features of Melio

  • It allows you to pay bills with debit cards, credit cards, and bank transfers.
  • It tracks all payments by date, recipient, and other filters.
  • It allows bank transfers and facilitates payment processing for all users.
  • It keeps the data safe and secure and allows for multiple payment options.

Factors of Selecting GST Accounting Software

The elements of choosing the best accounting software for small businesses are listed below mentioned-

  • Ease of use
  • Business size
  • Quality of Customer support
  • Cost of the license, if required
  • Hardware/Software requirements the software
  • Support and modernize the policy of the software
  • Reviews of the company

Advantages of Using Free GST Accounting Software

The advantages of accounting software outweigh the problems of getting started. There are different advantages to using free accounting software. Let’s take a look at each of them-

It Saves Time

Like other software, there is an investment of time to establish accounting software. Once it is done, it saves hours of work every week by managing time and accounting processes.

With this, you cannot download credit card CSV files and can enter data to review transactions. Accounting software pulls every data on its own.

It Generates Financial Reports

Accounting software platforms possess built-in reports that are updated on their own. All P&I Report, balance sheet, cash withdrawal report, etc., can be downloaded with an instant click. You can customize statements by screening the data if detailed reporting is needed.

Syncs All Financial Data

If you have stored your data across numerous platforms, it will take hours to get back and search to obtain the required data. Accounting software will make this easy for you by syncing every data from online accounting tools. So, by this, you don’t need to waste your time searching and downloading information and details from different sources.

Enables Data Accuracy

If you want to change your records, you don’t have to update various cells in multiple sheets with accounting software. Rather than this, financial statements can be updated automatically to make any changes, and your data will be error-free.

Professional-Looking Financial Reports are Produced

It is mandated to present professional documents if asked for financial statements. When you deal with skilled investors, you should show appropriate, accurately formatted financial reports. Accounting software gives financial reports in standard and professional forms.

Gives Precise Insights

Accounting software can track transactions by locations, departments, projects, etc. It further gives a clear picture of expense and income, forms strategic reports, and makes clear decisions.

Reduces Inventory Mistakes

Accounting software contains essential inventory control tools that update the exact number of each product on its own. It is the easiest way to get accurate and real-time details on the error-free stock level.

Disadvantages Of Using Free GST Accounting Software

Though it saves time and helps preserve data, there are still some disadvantages to using accounting software. Let’s take a look at each of them:

Data Loss or Service

When a business is dependent on accounting software, loss of service because of a computer or power outage can cause a work disturbance. Work disturbance stops the intake of new details and also denies access to stored information. Besides, the outage often results in data loss if data and details are not accurately backed up.

Inaccurate Information-

The data and details in accounting software are accurate as the information is put into the system. A few accounting systems need manual input of data. So, financial results can be inaccurate unless all data is examined. If one reviews an accounting system’s final statement or output, it might be tough to find incorrect information.


The data and details stored online could be accessed if proper control and safety measures are not used. Strict controls are required to ensure that only the authorized person uses the software and has access to reports. The financial data and details are sensitive and confidential, and using accounting software can cause fraud.

Execution of the Software

It is easier to set up manual accounts and is more flexible than computerized accounting. You will need an accountant or system provider to set up accounting software which will cost you.

System Configuration

Every business has different features that make it tough to customize accounting software programs to fulfill its requirements. Many platforms enable customization, but it might result in mistakes if done inaccurately. Moreover, if the business grows, it will be required to switch to accounting software, which might result in a significant interruption.

Common FAQS Relating to GST Accounting Software

Which software is referred to as accounting software?

Billing software is the one that is used to create and send GST documents. It enables tracking the products and services and allows them to do transactions. On this, you can also create business reports and handle accounts.

Is there any free accounting software?

Yes, there are several best free accounting software. For example, zip books, cloud books, Akaunting, Zoho books, wave, sunrise, etc. You do not require to pay to use the features of this app.

What is the need for GST accounting software?

GST accounting software is used to achieve complete GST compliance, GST bills and invoices, E-way bills, auditing, calculation, and more.

What are the features of GST accounting software?

The best GST accounting software consists of all the crucial features a company and business requires to meet its compliance. Several features include billing and invoicing, reports and return filing, calculation of taxes, audits, and more.


Choosing the appropriate and best accounting software is necessary for any business because it prepares financial reports and keeps a check on financial transactions. Different options are available with different and unique characteristics and capabilities, but choosing the right one among them is crucial.

Eventually, the best accounting software for one’s business depends on specific requirements and budget. It is necessary to carefully consider the characteristics and capabilities and select software that fulfills the necessities. With the proper accounting software, one can stay organized on top of the finances and focus on growing the business.