Top 3 Best Advantages Of Smartphones

Smartphone has lots of advantages, and it has changed the way human beings work, communicating, and interacting with each other. But in this article, I have provided only three common and best advantages of a smartphone. here we are sharing some best Advantages Of Smartphones.

A few years back, people were purchasing a camera to take photos, and they have to make the extra effort to send messages to anyone.

But nowadays, all these facilities are provided in a small device which is known as the mobile phone. And it keeps the human being becoming smarter every day.

In the United States of America, smartphone is also called cell phones. The mobile phone has changed the way people work, socialize, organize, and entertain themselves.

A few decades before, the BSNL landline was considering as a luxury in India. But now, you can quickly speak anywhere with the help of a mobile phone.

A few decades before, you have to make an STD or ISD call if you want to speak to your friend who was living in another State. But now, with the help of a cell phone, you can easily make voice calls, and you also have the option for video calls.

As per the statistics, all around the world, almost half of the population has a smartphone. In the year 2016, a survey took place by the Bank of America.

According to this survey, 90% of boys at the age of 18 to 24 years old are saying that a cell phone is very much essential for them too.

Most of the adults also said that cell phone is more critical than toothbrush and deodorant. According to this survey, every individual is checking his or her mobile phone every 7 minutes.

Features OF Smartphone

A few years back, If people want to go for a vacation, then they have to buy the camera. But now, on the cell phone, many facilities have provided.

In the smartphone, many facilities have provided that can help people to do work more efficiently. Nowadays, in every smartphone, many things are available such as a camera, sensor, speaker and battery, etc.

In 1990, the cell phone was considered a luxury, But now, you could not see a single person without a smartphone. A few years back, cell phones have become a device for multimedia communication.

Statistics Of Smartphone

According to the recent update, 40% of the Indian population is not using cell phones. Only adults, children, and college students are more interested in possessing a mobile phone.

The smartphone has become very common and widespread. The popularity of cell phones is growing at such level that a new word Nomophobia has launched in the English dictionary.

The meaning of Nomophobia is the fear of being away from your smartphone. In below the paragraph, the three best advantages of the smartphone is mentioned that has changed human beings’ live.

Advantages Of Smartphone

  1. Smartphones Is Entertaining People

A few decades before, radio, television, and newspapers were only sources of entertainment. But now, with the help of a cell phone, within a second you can quickly know the recent updates in the world only by browsing the internet.

Smartphones are the best source of entertainment, such as playing games, listening to music, watching movies, and reading books, etc.

If you have a mobile phone, then you will never get bored because on a smartphone there are lots of games available to play.

When you are free, then you can easily read an online article or get involved with social media. As per the statistics of 2016, in North America, there are more than 64 million people were using the cell phone to play games.

The mobile phone is also allowing you to watch videos, as well as listen to music, podcasts, or radio. If you are a music lover, then you can easily listen to your favorite songs from Google Play Music, Spotify, iTunes, etc.

You can also read e-books and watch movies with the help of your smartphone. With the help of your cell phone, you can easily send recent news happening on audio and video podcasts to your friends and relatives all around the globe.

  1. Smartphone Has Change Communication

Smartphone has changed the daily activities of people, and now, it is the best way to communicate with each other all around the globe.

Mobile phones have evolved from older communication devices such as telephone, radio, television, etc. So, all these facilities are available on a mobile phone such as listening to music, and radio, watching movies and serials, communicating with others, etc.

The mobile phone is also providing the means to quickly communicate with family, friends, and any other person around the world. Hence, it has developed to improve the way people communicate with each other.

In the previous days, if you want to make a long-distance call or else a letter, then you have to wait for it. But now, with the help of the smartphone, you can easily and quickly communicate by calls, SMS, text messages, and video chat.

Because of advancements in smartphone technology, communications have modernized. It also changes the way of call, SMS, video chat, text messaging, and apps and allows humans to communicate instantly to anyone in all around the globe.

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  1. Camera

A few years before, if people want to click photos, then they have to purchase the camera. But now, the cell phone is acting as a camera and video shooting device.

The camera is very crucial for this generation because it is the digital era and the selfie era. Most people are purchasing branded smartphones because of the camera.

Cell phones are also saving the money of people from purchasing a separate digital camera for taking photos and videos. Especially adults and college students like to post pictures and videos on social media.

Nowadays, Most of the people are not buying the cameras because of smartphones. In the cell phone, there are many facilities provided, such as capturing images and videos.

The new generation wants only the best features on the mobile phone. Once the people capture any photos, then they will send it to friends through email, Bluetooth, and messaging or else post these images on the internet.

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