Benefits and Side-Effects of Smart Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair affects a great part of your facial outlook. However, the front hairline is prone to hair loss and thinning. Hair loss occurs due to a range of medications to genetic causes. But when you visit the best hair transplant surgeon, they can help you revert the hair loss problem.  The process of Hair Transplant Surgery is easy. However, you should choose your hair transplant surgeon carefully. There are plenty of black market doctors with minimal knowledge of the expertise. They offer the services to you at low prices-which is usually a catch. It’s a risky step you can take as you expose yourself to scalp injury and infection. 

In this write-up, you will learn the details of a smart hair transplant’s benefits and side effects. As you know, every medical practice has its positives and negatives. The details will give you the right information to help you decide to take or not to take the hair transplant procedure. Stay tuned. 

Benefits of Hair Transplant Surgery

The best hair transplant surgery is considered a cosmetic procedure. Thus, you need to know how effective it is before you undergo the process. There are several benefits to hair transplant surgery. Check them out in the list below. 

  • The process is permanent. You will never have to repeat the procedure in the future. 
  • The process takes a short time. Also, it takes place in the doctor’s office. Thus, you will not have the psychological effects of surgery.
  • The smart hair transplant technology ensures the grafts are healthy from harvesting through transplant. It is the reason why the success rate is high. 
  • The procedure is over 80% effective. Much of the grafts will thrive and produce hair.
  • You do not need a donor for the hair grafts. Thus, it reduces the chances of cross infections.
  • The side effects are usually mild. You will only need painkillers and antibiotics for pain and infection prevention. All the other effects disappear after a short while. 
  • If you choose an FUE hair transplant, it will take you a short time to heal with reduced chances for infections. 
  • You will return to work three days after the surgery. 
  • The process is painless as it happens under local anesthesia.
  • Smart hair transplant surgery needs shallow incisions. Thus, it reduces tissue trauma.
  • You will get fuller hair in the areas that were experiencing hair thinning and balding. 
  • A doctor can perform hair transplant surgery on every type and color of hair. Thus, no one is locked out of the procedure.
  • The hair transplant surgery along the hairline gives the patient a youthful look. 
  • The grafted hair grows at the same rate as it was growing on the donor site. 
  • The results of the best hair transplant look natural. You will have asymmetry on the left and right sides of your head. 
  • A patient is discharged to go home immediately after the surgery. Hence, you will not incur extra hospital bills. 
  • With smart hair surgery, you will experience little to no scarring. 
  • The procedure will help you regrow your hair after you lose it through chemotherapy.
  • The process is suitable for both males and females of all ages. 

The Side Effects

There are plenty of side effects that you may hear about smart hair transplant surgery. However, each patient can only experience a few side effects at a time. In most cases, the effects are mild. But if you experience severe effects, you should seek medical attention. The list below contains the side effects that a patient is likely to experience. 

  • we can experience pain due to the piercing during the surgery. 
  • You are likely to experience redness at the donor site and the recipient site. 
  • You can experience some swelling on the forehead and around the eyes. However, if you have a facial hair transplant, the swelling can be all around the face.
  • You can feel dizzy immediately after the surgery.
  • If the doctor is not keen on the clinic’s hygiene levels, you will be exposed to infections. 
  • You may likely go through some anesthesia after-effects. The effects will fade away with time as your body flushes the dose out of your body. 
  • The best hair transplant will not stop your gradual hair loss. Thus, it would help if you underwent hair restoration therapy to stop hair loss. Otherwise, you will have other patches of bald scalp. 
  • You can suffer from folliculitis. This condition is an inflammation of hair follicles.
  • we can experience mild bleeding around the surgery area. 
  • You can have some patches that have hair that does not match the surrounding. 
  • You will experience some crusting as the surgery areas heal. In some cases, you will have puss around the grafts. 
  • You will have micro scars on the donor area. 
  • You may have asymmetry of hair if the doctor has little or no experience in practice. Asymmetry is the difference in hair density on the right and left sides. 
  • You can have graft dislodgement within the first three days of the surgery. It happens due to direct trauma. 
  • Another rare side effect is hiccups. They occur to about 4.5% of the patients that seek the best hair transplant. 
  • You will experience hair loss within the first six weeks after the surgery. However, this is a temporary effect. The hair will regrow after a while. 
  • You can have a temporary loss of sensation around the donor and recipient areas. 
  • A small number of patients develop keloids after the surgery.
  • A few patients experience pigment alteration. To avoid this, ensure that you do not expose your scalp at least one month after the surgery. 
  • The most severe form of side effect is necrosis. It occurs when the recipient’s skin experiences dense splitting. However, the condition is scarce. 


If you are experiencing any hair loss problem, you can seek the best hair transplant service in town. It will not only help you regrow your hair but also rebuild your confidence. The process is permanent; thus, you need not fear the high fees that you will pay at the clinic. However, remember to do due diligence before you surrender your scalp to a hair transplant specialist. Also, it is wise to consider PRP scalp therapy to activate the dormant follicles.