Are Grammar Rules necessary for speaking Fluent English?

Before you read ahead let me tell you – We are not going to talk about any Grammar Rules and lessons here. English learners keep on asking questions such as –

  • If I am a beginner, should I start with learning grammar rules?”
  • Are grammar rules important to speak in English fluently?”
  • How can I make sure that I speak English grammatically correct?”
  • How can I learn grammar rules & implement them while speaking?”

These are some of the frequently asked questions. In this article, I will be answering all your questions into great depth.

Let us first understand,

How much is Grammar important for speaking in English?

Binds words together.

When you start to speak in English, you know what words you need to use while speaking and those words are binded together with the help of grammar. Grammar helps in arranging your words correctly and makes them sound more accurate.

For example – What form of tenses should you use with verbs?
What Prepositions do you use?  & so on.

You will sound more accurate

Using correct grammar at the right place will make you sound more accurate and comprehendible. Think about someone who is making a lot of grammatical mistakes and trying to explain something to you. It will not only be difficult for him to speak but equally difficult for you to understand.

You cannot be grammatically incorrect everywhere.

Imagine you have appeared for a job interview in a MNC. Interviews are meant to be held in English & you cannot afford to make mistakes. Or, while giving presentations or public speeches, you cannot speak English incorrectly.

To speak confidently, you must know how to speak correctly.

When is Grammar not important?

Thinking hard about grammar rules and stressing your brain while speaking will make you fumble and hesitant to speak.

Grammar is not important when you make a conversation. Just like if you say “I wake up.” People may understand you, even though you are incorrect.

For speaking in English, all you need are correct words.

This means you need correct words and don’t have to be grammatically correct.

What can you do to improve your Grammar?

Learning grammar rules is difficult & something that is more difficult is implementing them.

What can you do to speak grammatically correct English?

Making mistakes while speaking is normal because you are not native English speaker. You are not aware of grammar rules & haven’t studied before. Also, even if you had studied them, it is quite difficult for you to implement.

Do you know?

It has been brought to attention that People who speak in English start realizing & spotting their own mistakes. At the time of speaking, they know that they are wrong somewhere and it becomes easier for them to correct your grammatical mistakes.

But the question is when does it happen? Is it by learning grammar rules?

Of Course it is, but something that is more important is – Speaking in English.

How can you learn grammar by speaking in English?

While speaking in English you must be able to correct yourself. But you cannot do it alone. Instead spare an hour – Talk to someone who is well aware of all grammar rules and eloquent enough to speak in English.

That person can be your friend, your teacher or a mentor.

You can also take help of EngVarta Experts who are English professionals, best suited for correcting your errors. Before that let me tell you what is EngVarta?

It is an English learning app where you can connect with English speaking experts to improve your English communication skills.

Check where do you make the maximum errors and work on that topic ( instead of sitting with textbooks & gulping down all rules together).

This is one of the best ways you can bring accuracy to your English speaking skills.

And the most important piece of advice is – Don’t make grammatical mistakes, your weakness. Instead speak more in English so that you become more aware of your mistakes and work on them.