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5 Junk Removal Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Spring

Junk removal is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With spring right around the corner, this post will give you some doable tips to get your home ready and in order. With coronavirus still affecting our daily lives, it’s especially important for you to take these crucial tips into consideration. By removing junk and keeping your home clutter-free, you will find that your home will become much more safe and clean. Read on to learn more about 5 important junk removal tips to keep your space clutter-free and your family happy.

5 Junk Removal Tips For Upcoming Spring

TIP 1: Go Room By Room

When you work room by room, you won’t feel so overwhelmed with your junk removal project.  In addition, you will break your project down into smaller, easier tasks.

Work from the most difficult room to the easiest.  You will find that this will alleviate your stress and keep you motivated too.

TIP 2: Make Piles

Making piles is a great way to stay organized during junk removal.  You will want to have three piles at least. You can reserve a fourth pile for items that are misplaced and should be put back in other rooms of your home.

Your 3 piles should include:

  • Items to be thrown out
  • Items to be donated
  • Items to be put away

Making piles will create an atmosphere of organization amidst the chaos and mess.  Pile things up then throw them away or put them in the appropriate place!

TIP 3: Consider COVID-19

Consider COVID-19 as more motivation to persist with your cleaning.  Having a home full of garbage leads to unwanted dirt, germs and bacteria build up in the home.  And what does this mean for you?  Potential exposure to the deadly virus ravaging our world.

Considering the fact that coronavirus could be lingering in your mess should give you all the more reason to get the job done.  Junk removal means a cleaner space that is free of germs and contaminants so get started now!

TIP 4: Rent A Dumpster

Renting a dumpster is a great idea for any large junk removal project. There are various dumpster sizes to choose from and this will make your project much easier to manage. 

Dumpster rental companies will usually drop off a dumpster for a certain amount of time.  Just be sure to get your project done within that time frame and you’ll be happy you went through with it!

TIP 5: Sanitize Everything

Sanitizing surfaces in your home when your project is complete is an excellent precaution to take. Junk removal often leads to dust and other buildup which can linger on surfaces.  Cleaning those surfaces is crucial to finishing your junk removal project and getting the best results.

Some of the areas you should be sure to disinfect include rugs, carpets, floors and surfaces such as countertops.  You may want to read this article here on essential floor cleaning tips to ensure you know exactly how to clean and disinfect your floors.  We know it will be helpful and make you understand the importance of post-junk removal cleaning.


We hope that these 5 junk removal tips will get your house in order and ready for upcoming spring.  Spring is a wonderful time to experience a cleansing of yourself and your home to begin with. What better time to get started and get your home in order?

Feel free to save this post and read it again to stay motivated.  Good luck on your junk removal project and be sure to stay safe!

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