5 Common Mistakes Women Make During Their Period

Even though we go through it every month like clockwork, most of us make very basic mistakes during our period. Period symptoms manifest differently amongst each one of us. While some lucky ones have a smooth pain free period with no emotional ups and downs, many women also go through cramps so severe that it interferes with their daily life.

Here is a list of 5 mistakes most women commit during their period. If you are guilty of any one of the below, you should consider making the required change so you can have a healthier period.


This is probably one of the most basic and common mistakes made by women. Maintaining good hygiene during periods is no easy task. Especially as we get busy juggling everything while dealing with period symptoms.

We are often guilty of not changing our sanitary napkins, tampons or menstrual cups on time. This is extremely dangerous as it can result in infections, rashes and UTI.

Women using tampons and menstrual cups should be extra careful about maintaining their hygiene. Wash the vagina thoroughly during each change and keep it dry. Toxic shock syndrome or TSS is a life threatening infection that can occur if proper hygiene is not maintained while using tampons.

Tracking your menstrual cycle

As we get busy going about our day to day life, we often forget when our last period was and when should we expect the next cycle to start. Information about your menstrual cycle is an important part of your medical history. Today, there are a number of mobile applications available that make it easy to track your period. Some of them also help you predict period symptoms. Tracking your period is a healthy practice that should be done even if you are not trying to conceive at the moment.

Using scented products

We have a wide range of sanitary products available in the market today. Many of them are scented to mask any odour associated with periods. However, you should avoid these products as they come loaded with chemicals that can harm your vagina. The vagina is actually capable of cleaning itself. You should just wash it thoroughly every time you change or use the toilet.

Taking painkillers too late

On some days, we might find ourselves almost completely incapacitated by period cramps. We also wait till the pain becomes unbearable before popping a painkiller. Truth is, like all medicines, it takes time for the painkiller to kick in. By then the worst of your cramps might already have passed. By tracking your period you may be able to predict when you should expect cramps. It is best to take painkillers before the cramps start or when they are still mild.

Not consuming enough iron

Women are no strangers to period cravings. This is generally due to your body’s increased demand of iron. We mistake this for plain hunger and end up snacking on all the wrong foods. During your period it is advised that you eat vegetables that are rich iron or take supplements if necessary.

Taking care of your health during periods is extremely important. As any complications can have far-reaching consequences. Women should ideally start making regular gynecologist visits once she starts menstruating. The CK Birla hospital in Gurgaon, Medanta, Artemis are some of the best gynaecology hospital in Gurgaon. Book your appointment today to start taking control of your reproductive health.

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