10 Things That Help To Make His Birthday Special in Quarantine

Birthdays are always special, and no pandemic can take away the happy vibes of it. However, due to limited resources, it isn’t easy to celebrate it extravagantly. But, as they say, where there is a will, there is away. We have curated a list of 10 things that you can do in this unlock down to make him feel Birthday Special.

1. Pick their favorite movie

Movies remain a vital part of our life, and when it’s his birthday, you can watch some of his favourite movies. Take our advice and watch romantic movies together like Titanic or Ranjhana. You will love the chemistry of Rose and Jack. Simultaneously to make it more birthday-like, you can decorate your room and create a cosy environment.

2. Decorate the birthday room

If you are not a movie person, then you can surely do other things like decorating the room for a small togetherness party of you two. Use your photos and other things to show them your Love. Also, these small things make your bond stronger. You can also do theme based decoration, shop your Love in this way.

3. Mug cakes

Mug cake is one of the options; you can surely go for something he likes much. Now cooking is one of the best things to show your Love by making some of his favorite dishes. See, during this pandemic situation, it is not safe to go for market cakes, so it’s better to make something in your home. You can make anything if you don’t know how to bake a cake, take the help of YouTube.

4. Long or a Short Drive

Drives are always romantic, whether it is short or long. We know you will say it’s a pandemic situation, how can we go on a drive? You do not need to stop anywhere or buy anything, close the windows and go on a drive without taking any break. If you don’t have a car, you can use car rental services like Zoomcar. You can rent a self-drive car at cheap prices even if you use the Zoomcar coupons you can save more. 

Tip: Night drives are always romantic, and you should try it out!!

5. Make a customized video

If you want to make a birthday special, then you should use this hack. Make a customized video, including his friends and family. It will show how much you care about him and make your relationship strong. You can also make a simple video if you don’t want to involve anyone; the video surely will make his day awesome.

6. Make a curated birthday playlist

We think that music is always the best way to express your Love and feeling. It is best to make a curated playlist of your favorite songs and include special ones for his birthday. This will help to express your Love pleasingly. Try to include songs that have some associated memories of both of you.

7. Birthday Cards

Yes, they still work as they used to in our past times. You don’t need to go for the market ones; it would be better to try to make them. Write something sweet that makes him feel special, use your creativity, and make something romantic. You can attach your photos, write about your memorable moments, and tell him about your feelings.

8. Gift Vouchers

If you are not living with him, then you can use gift vouchers to show your Love. The gift vouchers are best to give someone on their birthday. It will provide the freedom to use the voucher money to buy anything they like. Various online stores offer gift voucher services, and you should use them.

9. Celebrate Birthday with Video Call

We all are trapped in your houses, but video calls can be our escape plans. You can gather all of your friends virtually and celebrate his birthday with all of them. It will surely make him feel happy because of the togetherness of friends and family overwhelms every time.

10. Little notes of Love

This one is also one of the best ways to make them feel special on their special day. By using little notes, you can show your endless to him. These notes can be used as a treasure hunt; finally, by solving all the letters, he will find the best birthday gift. It is also the best way to give your gift to him, and with notes, you can make him feel special.


Birthday needs to be made memorable. Here are the best 10 ways you can make his or her birthday special in Quarantine. Try to use most of these ideas and make them feel special and tell them how you feel about them. These are a few of the best ways to make birthdays a little more special. Also, please tell us which idea you like the most, we will try to include that in our upcoming lists.

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