10 Habits That Can Make You Look Handsome and Attractive Instantly

While the whole concept of beauty is said to be a matter of perception, but every once in a while it is essential to look at your best. People love men who always manage to look drop-dead handsome every time, which is also why individuals often make all the efforts to look that way. If you are someone who goes through phases of looking good but cannot keep up with looking handsome every time, there are some fundamentals that you may be getting wrong.

Yes, there are basic things that you can do to make you instantly likable and attractive to the people around you. Here are 8 tips to follow for your occasional handsomeness to become a part of your daily lives.

Here are the top 10 Tips to Look Handsome Everyday:

Beard, Hair, and Nails

It is a scientific fact that girls like men who keep themselves properly groomed, be it their beards, hair, or nails. While it is also true that girls like men with beards, but that does not mean that you let them keep growing. Trim your beard to keep it in a shape that suits you, keep your hairstyle maintained, and cut your claws to manageable lengths. Along with this, make sure that you get rid of unsightly body hair to keep you well-groomed. Not keeping these things in proper conditions often shows that you don’t care about the way you look.

Walk Appropriately

Your walking style says a lot about your personality. When you walk with a swagger in your shoulder, your personality automatically becomes attractive. So don’t ever walk like a Quasimodo. However, make sure that you look natural while walking.

Ditch That Slouch

Good posture can boost your attractiveness and can take it a notch ahead. A study conducted in America found that good posture, even if maintained for a short period of time can increase the level of testosterone; a hormone that is associated with confidence. Not only this, but the hunchback can also affect the life of your spine. So start working on your sitting posture to look handsome.


Men, your eyes need all the care you can provide for them because if you don’t, it begins to show really quickly. Not just that, the skin around your eyes is also important, which is why a proper sunblock is good for your skin, and using an under-eye gel for the dark circles is a great idea. To get all this convenience in one item, use bigger sunglasses every time you step out.

Skin Care

Your skin is the largest organ in your body because it covers the entire body. You can choose to look amazing or you can choose to get wrinkly early, but trust us, the former will look better. So invest in proper skincare, not just for your face, but also for your hands and feet as well. Get rid of the blemishes and the dark circles that are giving you a bad look, and start to look fresh every time you step out.

Dental Health

Nobody likes someone who would look great otherwise but has little to no care for their own oral hygiene. Stained teeth, crooked teeth, or bad breath are some of the most significant factors in making a great first impression. Get in touch with a good dentist at the best dental clinic in India and sort these issues out, while also maintaining a proper dental care routine. Brush twice a day, floss once, use mouthwash, stop smoking, and schedule regular dental check-ups.

Look Handsome

Tailored Clothes

Your days of wearing baggy oversized clothes and long-waisted jeans are gone with your boyhood. Men wear properly fitted clothes, especially when you want to make a great first impression. Get your shirts, and if you wear them like Barney Stinson, suits tailored to fit your torso. Nothing says Classy like someone who looks great in their clothes. Making sure they fit you like your own skin is the first step you need to take.

Tie, Everyday

No matter where you are going, even if it is a workplace that does not have a strict formal wear policy, make sure that you bring your tie with you every day. It makes you look professional and serious. Plus in a world of casuals, a formal dress code will definitely help you to stand out. So make sure that even when you are not wearing a suit, you always have a tie and belt on you.


Men who smell good more often are the ones that are liked more. It takes out some of the efforts you put into making a great impression. Make sure that you match your fragrance with your personality and don’t overdo it. It is one thing to smell good and totally other to smell like a perfume factory.

Classy and Quality Accessories

Finally, it is very important to choose quality over quantity when it comes to accessories. Whether you are choosing shoes, watch, or even your earphones, make sure that you choose what is classy, not what is flashy. Quality accessories are designed with your comfort in mind, which is why it is better to include more quality. Comfortable is always classy, keep in mind that.

Look Handsome

Being handsome is a gift, but putting in efforts to look handsome is way more important because it adds confidence in your stride and a swagger in your step. Remember these steps, include them in your daily life, and look handsome every day effortlessly.