What is Zoo Software? Top 17 Best Zoo Software in 2024

Zoo software manages all activities involved in zoo-like meal scheduling for various animals, diet charts, descriptions of and information on drugs, and other related tasks. Zookeepers may handle work orders, report on occurrences, and maintain animal and breeding program data using zoo management software.

There are several varieties of software, some of which are open source or free to use, while others include both System and Application Software. Zookeepers can organize work orders and preserve animal and breeding program data using zoo management software.

What Does The Zoo App Do?

Because of location-based messaging, zoos may now inform visitors about more species and ongoing conservation initiatives, in addition to display adoption, depending on the demographic data they provide or the amount of time they spend at a given exhibit.

Top 17 Best Zoo Softwares


A web-based program called Volgistics manages past, present, and potential volunteers and coordinators. Users can allocate and track responsibilities within many organizations, from small local animal shelters to primary worldwide services.

Using the online volunteer application forms, users may gather data from potential volunteers and save it in the Volgistics database.

Users may look for names and assignments according to an agency, program, branch office, department, event, etc. Organizations may keep track of volunteer hours and know who is slated to arrive later and who is signed in and out.

Coordinators and supervisors may give one or more responsibilities, informing the designated volunteers’ schedules. Users may contact volunteers using various methods, including messaging through the volunteer site, and automated warnings are given when schedules are updated.

Users of Volgistics can adjust schedule features and checklist items as well as field names and drop-down lists to suit their organizational needs. Users may keep track of volunteers’ orientations, health examinations, background checks, and assessments using the Tickler checklist option, as well as if they qualify for an award.

Additionally, users have the opportunity to create custom reports in Excel or PDF format, which can then be printed, emailed, or saved in the database.

Benefits of Volgistics

  • The main advantage of adopting Volgistics because it is web-based. Users can maintain their volunteer database from any computer, at home or away.
  • Each volunteer gets access to their profile using the optional VicNet module, where they may update their personal information, sign up for scheduled vacancies, and receive communications.
  • A new volunteer record can be added to Volgistics and designated as either an individual or group record to monitor teams of volunteers.
  • In Volgistics, users may search and display volunteers based on categories like adult, junior, employee, RSVP, periodic, etc., and tag specific volunteers.
  • With the help of the “site level access” function, businesses may divide their Volgistics database into two or more “sites,” each providing coordinators access to a distinct set of volunteer information.


For organizations and breeders of all animal species, ZooEasy aids in enhancing breeding outcomes. In our online database, you may quickly create pedigrees and determine inbreeding rates. All devices may access ZooEasy’s online database. View the video to learn about several features.

We presently have 5.820.579 animals stored for our 2.061 clients worldwide using ZooEasy. Thanks to their 9.274 users, this figure continues to rise every hour! ZooEasy is ideal for animal registration of all types. Register the particular characteristics of your animals by logging into your account.

Recognize the relationships among your animals using pedigree analysis and related calculations. Safely monitor medical records and veterinarian test results. Print your reports and record any data related to the show results. Even other breeders’ contact details can be added to your database. As a result, ZooEasy is the best-organized breeders’ database.

Altru Blackbaud

Blackbaud Altru is a cloud-based membership management system with features to control admissions and ticket sales, build a membership database, convert visitors and ticket purchasers, manage merchandise, and more. Blackbaud Altru, created especially for cultural organizations like general admission institutions, museums, zoos, aquariums, gardens, and science centers, gives you a 360-degree view of your patrons, members, and donors to help you better understand their behaviors and boost revenue.

The dashboard for Blackbaud Altru gives customers a thorough picture of their contributors, members, and supporters and offers information on attendance, membership activities, gifts, and more. With graphical reports, users can keep tabs on events like membership upgrades, drops, and more. The cloud-based platform enables membership and ticket sales on mobile devices, online, and in person. Users may also sell goods and keep track of inventories.

Rocket Rez

Rocketrez is a cloud-based POS system and reservation platform for big-volume Tour and Attraction venues. Our integrated platform manages every part of your business, including online sales, tickets, images, private events, etc.

Your sales channels and customer touchpoints are combined into one user-friendly platform with our cloud point of sale. Utilize our integrated CRM, SMS, and email systems to stay in touch with customers before, during, and after the event.

ReCreate X

ReCreateX is the best option if you’re seeking a ticket management system. When automating museums, zoos, and tourist sites, ReCreateX offers a comprehensive solution. ReCreateX is used regularly by more than 6,000 different individuals. ReCreateX was created using a modular structure, allowing for gradual expansion.

 The ReCreateX software is compelling because it was created utilizing the most recent technology. ReCreateX can accommodate an infinite number of users at once and delivers all information in “real-time,” making it appropriate for use in small and large-scale projects. The ReCreateX platform, which can be implemented as a client/server application or as a hosted solution, also guarantees quick and accurate daily processing of millions of visits.


Science centers, museums, aquariums, zoos, and parks may streamline customer relationship management (CRM) and point of sale (POS) operations by using the museum management software Versai. Managers may use a single platform to manage tickets, monitor revenue sources, check staff attendance, and create bespoke reports.

Versai enables groups to manage field trip reservations, plan events, gather donations, and keep track of member information in one location. Many other capabilities are available, including grant administration, cost monitoring, a self-service portal, registration, mobile access, inventory management, and more.

Versai makes integrating with various external platforms simple, allowing companies to push and pull data between systems.


Contains nutritional information on more than 3000 feedstuffs, with data taken from public statistics on diets consumed by people, animals, pets, and wild animals. With the help of the extensive database Zootrition, Zoo, and wildlife managers may analyze the nutritional value of various foods and determine the overall nutritional makeup of meals.

Users can submit extra information relevant to local locations and potential nutritional deficits and toxicities. Standardized formulae based on body weights, food patterns, activity levels, and physiological states may be used to quickly compute the estimated daily calorie or joule requirements for a range of mammals, birds, and reptiles.

Information on published needs for animals kept as pets, wild animals, and wildlife species in various physiological phases or production states is available for diet evaluation or targeting.

Observer XT

The most comprehensive program for behavioral research is The Observer XT. Help you with anything from putting behaviors on a timeline and figuring out the order of occurrences to integrating several data modalities in a whole lab.

  • Visualize activities on a timeline and quantitatively code behaviors.
  • Synchronize various data streams automatically
  • Create statistics and reliability tests

At the center of your lab

The heart of your lab is Observer XT. From one or more films, precisely code activities on a timeline, add audio, incorporate data modalities like eye tracking or emotion data, and view and analyze your findings all at once. 

Ideal platform for data integration

When researching temporal connections, data synchronization is essential. The Observer XT is made to replay many modalities simultaneously, including video, screen grabs, location data, physiological signals, eye tracking data, and facial expression data.

To benefit from completely integrated equipment and to gain complete insight into behavior and physiology, use The Observer XT. 

Merging many data streams

Combining several data sources will help your research and give you a fuller picture of the phenomenon you are researching. With the Observer XT, you may import, synchronize, and analyze data from various sources, including physiology, facial expressions, and eye tracking.

This no-cost white paper will demonstrate how The Observer XT may be used to integrate and synchronize logged events with outside data.


Jonathan Ballou (National Zoological Park/Smithsonian Institution), Robert Lacy (Chicago Zoological Society), and J.P. Pollak created PMx (Cornell University). PMx is a collection of genetic and demographic analysis tools to help manage breeding programs for wildlife species. The AZA Small Population Management Advisory Group, the EAZA European Population Management Advisory Group, Species360, and colleagues in zoos and conservation organizations worldwide all contributed significantly to the principles and design of PMx.

PMx is evolving continually. When bugs are found, we repair them when we have the time. When we have the time and think it would improve population management, we add new analyses and features or upgrade existing ones. we believe that changing something will make the software better for users, we routinely update the file formats, screen layouts, and screen text (and we have time). If a newer version is accessible for download, the PMx application will notify users on the launching screen.


For the worldwide entertainment and leisure business, Parafait Semnox is a leading supplier of complete solutions that are individually tailored. Innovative (RFID/Barcode/QRCode/fingerprint-based) solutions for cashless and ticketing operations, self-service kiosks, CRM software, digital signage, and maintenance solutions are some of our specialties. Some of our clientele are theme parks, adventure parks, water parks, family entertainment centers (FECs)/arcades, food courts, restaurants, and fitness clubs and gyms.


The management of zoo operations is far less complicated by Zoptiks compared to what was previously achievable. This zoo tool allows you to easily manage all parts of an animal’s life by storing information about each animal in its folder and making it easy to access. In addition, you will be able to get knowledge of the food chart and create breeding reports.

The following is a list of the primary characteristics of Zoptiks:

  • Animal Registration 
  • Management of the Facility


To assist charitable organizations in managing online registrations, volunteers, bookings, and contributions, Doubleknot offers a cloud-based membership management system. Businesses can use it to improve customer service, manage attendance, expand memberships, and track donations.

Professionals may gather and save sales data in a centralized repository using Doubleknot. The platform enables users to develop custom reports, organize email marketing and communication management tasks, and raise awareness of an organization’s goals and initiatives.

A wide range of services is available with Doubleknot, including analytics, tickets, fundraising, donor management, and more. Template-based newsletters enable users to publish event notifications, appeals, and other promotional content.


  • Customer forward data is valuable, and reporting is accessible. For all of our properties, we love it.
  • Our team is saved time by the automatic features (such as payment reminders), which have also improved the simplicity and effectiveness of how we register programs and collect fees from visitors.
  • One platform can serve the membership, donor relations, programs, archives and collections, front-line, and many more functions.


  • It’s challenging to handle the back office. Poor training and customer service from Double knot.
  • The accounting system requires improvement and does not function effectively for accrual-based accounting.
  • Customer service has been subpar from the start. We were in danger when, during the initial start-up, the promised trainer failed to appear.

Active Zoo

With centralized animal management capabilities, Active Zoo is an online, cloud-hosted solution for inexperienced and seasoned zoo caretakers. Active Zoo supports an infinite number of animals and an infinite number of team members.

It is accessible from any web-enabled device, including tablets and smartphones, making system information available to all personnel. The technology may keep databases of more than one million animals, cataloging specific details related to significant occurrences in their lives and welfare.

Depending on the pricing bundle, keepers may upload up to 2,000 images, while an automated work order system automatically assigns jobs to teammates and sends out reminder alerts.

After then, users may query and study animal data using a sophisticated search capability that uses a variety of rapid filters. Active Zoo’s more professional monthly price plans include additional features like public information galleries, e-commerce capability, customizable domain names, etc., and integration its dynamic report production tools.

Critical Advantages of Active Zoo

  • An online, centralized animal management tool called Active Zoo offers zookeepers and zoo personnel a way to preserve potentially huge databases of daily health, growth, and breeding program developments.
  • Before the monthly-priced “Starter” plan, which offers a 1K animal / 1K photo allowance with unlimited team member access and reporting capabilities, a free plan is offered as part of the product subscription packages.
  • Additional features available in Professional and Enterprise versions include support for custom URLs, manual/scheduled work orders, public information galleries, limitless animals, and 2k-unlimited images.
  • All capabilities are made available from a single user-friendly interface, and trackable events like animal births are logged, searched for, and reported on.
  • Multiple users may use the system from any web-enabled device, including tablets and smartphones, and Zoo data is safely kept in the cloud.


The Animal Welfare App (AWA) is a record-keeping and animal welfare evaluation solution for companies and organizations in the zoological and wildlife management sectors. It is the ONLY software available that features wholly automated and integrated scoring for welfare assessments.

The web-based program provides features for record-keeping, communication, water management, diving, census generation, and more. Users may enter feeds, conditions, and weights, report events, go over inspection to-do lists, take pictures, and record test findings using the mobile web app provided by the Animal Welfare App.

The AWA offers a wide range of functions to meet all demands and is intended to assist animal welfare groups with programs including conservation, wild animal studies, and rehabilitation of rescued wildlife, research activities, and more. All welfare organizations may log, manage, and analyze data in real-time using daily records.

Users may specify the metrics and categories vital to them and input information into online forms for analysis, including metrics for tracking behavior, daily activity, weight, and more. The AWA provides several pre-built reports covering animal health, water quality, animal weight trends, session behavior summaries, and more, and dashboards present data at-a-glance.

With the capacity to manually or automatically input test data from various lab analyzers or utilize external equipment, the AWA also makes it easier to follow the health of animals. Hematology, microbiology, cytology, urinology, and other types of data may be tracked by users, and physical exams can be performed with the option to input data into tailored forms.

Water quality analysis and tracking, census management, daily facility summaries, mortality tracking, prescription management, food expiry reminders, calendar management, and other everyday duties may all be handled by AWA.

Key advantages of OERCA

  • It is the ONLY software available that features wholly automated and integrated scoring for welfare assessments.
  • Manage data on animals and wildlife using daily records that may be used to enter information about daily activities, food intake, medicine administration, weight, behavior, events, and more.
  • The Animal Welfare App, which offers tools for evaluating data from hematology, cytology, microbiology, and urinology, allows you to monitor and assess the health of animals. Automatically generate reports and make unique physical examination forms.
  • Utilize the One Earth mobile app to enter data for feeds, handling incidents, finishing transfers, weighing objects, or finishing inspections.
  • Integrate with IUCN and CITES databases to standardize data gathering techniques and taxon through certified species listings.
  • Use the supplementary diving module to log dives, track weather, manage equipment, report issues, and create dive schedules and reports for those working in the water.

ZIMS Species360

Access to ZIMS is provided by the nonprofit group Species360 (Zoological Information Management System).

The farming, veterinary, and studbook-keeping modules of the ZIMS software are designed for animal care organizations with animal populations under human care.

Possible data tracking options include, among others, welfare parameters, enclosure tracking, health care, enrichment, training, breeding/pedigree, animal transfers, permits, measurements of the environment and water quality, and feeding.

Species360 is regarded as the industry leader in animal documentation, guiding a network of more than 1200 institutions in 97 nations. It is endorsed and sponsored by WAZA (World Association of Zoos and Aquaria) and EAZA (European Associations of Zoos and Aquaria). Species360 collaborates with 45 other zoological associations, including AZA, ZAA, AFdPZ, DAZA, AIZA, and many more.


For usage at amusement parks, water parks, go-kart tracks, laser tag, mini golf, museums, zoos, aquariums, and FECs. Oversees all facets of tickets, sales, and party events. Also has a built-in online store. No recurring costs or per-ticket surcharges. Systems that can be upgraded from 1 to 1000 stations. Since 1994.

It works well for ski resorts, museums, aquariums, zoos, and family entertainment centers (FECs), laser tag, golf courses, tourist attractions, leisure resorts, waterparks, cruises, and tours.


Our software earned a Finalist for the “Technology Innovation of the Year” award in our first year. Since then, we have recently received recognition, taking home the “Best Supplier” title at the National Attractions Network Awards.

We can assist you whether you need a robust ticketing solution for your attraction or event, a market-leading point of sale solution, a membership management system, tried-and-true retail or restaurant software, or an integrated strategy integrating each of these needs. Digitickets that you want guarantee the solution’s competence and dependability as well as the qualifications and experience of those who will provide it.

We also understand your need for a ticketing or EPOS solution that will endure and continue to serve its intended function. All of the software comes with free upgrades for life because of this.

It’s Ideal for Over a thousand leisure destinations, including zoos, farm attractions, aquariums, event venues, sightseeing tours, and museums; utilize DigiTickets as their preferred ticketing solution.