What is No-Code Development Technology

The platform that is providing ready to deploy a pre-built website and application solutions where the programming has already been completed subject to which facility will be called for activation from the front-end and its usage from the visual editor. Take an example of websites that are built on no-code solution providers like the content management systems like WordPress the code is there but you use the WordPress admin panel to develop the website of your choice. This is a perfect example of a no-code solution. The second option is the low-code one like building Gatsby WordPress Website using two platforms and APIs and a little technical knowledge to get them connected and updated. What is No-Code Development Technology?

What should I Expect from No-Code Platform?

Certain expectations have raised the standards of no-code technology. The no-code platform has many benefits that are what you consider and expect them to perform and favour you as noted below;

  1. The development methodology that is used in no-code solutions is “Agile”. No-code web application development is made visually using pre-built modules, it’s faster to create apps allowing the organization to be agiler.
  2. Cost-efficient if what is expected from a no-code solution, calculating what you have paid initially and then monthly or annually is compared to the salaries of the IT team. Another thing companies do is hire a solution provider on contract and cost is for the development of software and other petty expenses.
  3. The productivity of the software and solution is based on what is being delivered and the one delivered is accepted and is providing any improvement or not.
  4. Most importantly that it should be flexible enough to make changes and extensions for meeting the future requirement.

What will I get from a no-code solution?

Do you ever want to compare the no-code solution with what your real environment requires? Well, we recommend the businesses to do that before signing a contract with one of the no-code solutions.  There’s been a growing requirement for developers since the beginning of the knowledge age. They’re the backbone of the websites and applications that we see and use a day.

Using a no-code app development platform like JAMstack Technology, Netlify , Gatsby WordPress and any more, they were ready to create an internet app that automatically does this for them. It even lowered the manual overhead once they had to feature new product lines and update prices.

Here’s the simplest part. They didn’t spend many dollars on a custom solution, and that they didn’t even throw away the spreadsheets that they were using. They retained all their data, without zero loss whatsoever.


The technology trends have changed to a greater extent and people have moved to the quickest and smartest solutions for web development. The website development industry has grown bigger and it has got even better. Many new technologies and solutions have been introduced to encourage people in building new websites and start their business. The Gatsby WordPress Themes have been a part of such a revolution in this industry and such JAMstack websites have increased the web traffic to a greater extent.   

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