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Wallpapers for the first own Home

A home is indeed a feeling and everyone has, at some point in their life, dreamt of owning a home that feels like a reflection of their sense of style. A place that they would love to come back to after an engaging day at work and feel alive just by their home’s vibe. When you finally take the plunge and buy your own home/flat, it is a joyous occasion. Whether you are a couple starting your journey together in this new space or a bachelor looking for their own independent space – the euphoria is unparalleled. Best Wallpaper for the first own Home decor.

Once you have spent a major chunk of your savings into buying your first home, spending another big chunk on home decor can feel overwhelming. Add to that the fact that the internet is flooded with images of beautifully decorated rooms that look too expensive to recreate. 

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to transform a space without spending a fortune. One such incredible way is to use a wallpaper to adorn your walls. Apart from being a great substitute to a plain paint job, a well placed wallpaper can bring light and warmth to a dead space. You get to choose from an unending variety of colors, patterns, and textures to pick something that creates the desired impact.

Since this is your first home/flat, you might not even know where to start and it can quickly get stressful to get a hang on the whole thing. Although the responsibility of decorating your home can seem like a daunting task, with a little help you can make the whole process exciting and rewarding. Here are some useful tips to use imported wallpaper to decorate your first own home:

  • First of all, do not make the mistake of buying rolls and rolls of a wallpaper impulsively that you may have discovered online. What looks great in a particular picture may be because of the room’s dimensions or because of the amount of natural light the room receives. As appealing as it may seem to just place the order based on the images, wait. Great spaces look amazing because home designers think the whole process through, keeping in mind a lot of important factors. Since this will be your first home, you may not be aware of what could go wrong along the way. So think about the mood for the room and the kind of ambience you want to create before going ahead.
  • Start with a design plan. Pick a theme based on your style and then pick the color palette you want for a particular room. A theme ensures consistency in the design of the complete home/flat and will serve as a foundation for the home decor. Without this, your home may end up looking like a weird mix of everything. Once you have a theme, plan each room based on the mood of the room. This makes it easy to pick a wallpaper design to achieve the desired look. For example, a couple’s bedroom theme could be romantic and sensual or luxurious and sophisticated based on their personal preference. On the other hand, a theme for the kid’s room can be playful and adventure-filled and must incorporate fun prints.
  • More often than not, when you buy a flat you will get a space with boring white walls which are actually a great canvas to start working with. Prepare your walls by priming them to ensure they are smooth. Failing to do so may affect the way the wallpaper looks as the bumps on your wall may be visible through it. A smooth wall is the best canvas for a great looking wallpaper. After this, you need to measure the entire space where you want to place the wallpaper to be able to understand how much quantity you need to purchase.
  • Your style is bound to change every now and then as you get comfortable in your new home, so it is imperative to invest into something that doesn’t start looking outdated very soon. It is crucial to remember that what looks good in one room may not be the ideal for the other. For example, a cartoon print wallpaper is never a good choice for an adult’s room. At the same time, bold motifs in dark colors are a big no-no for a kid’s room. The most popular wallpaper designs this season are botanical prints for bringing the outside world indoors, marble prints for a chic sophisticated look and vibrant 3D prints for adding depth to a room. While delicate florals give a cozy feeling, bold floral murals can make a room look larger than life.
  • The placement of the wallpaper is another important factor to consider while decorating a new home. Depending on the print, you can either cover all 4 walls or create an accent wall by placing the wallpaper on just one wall. For example, using a nature inspired 3D print to create a statement wall for the living room can give it a soothing vibe while at the same time making the space look very opulent. You can mix and match too for a very artistic look by using two different wallpapers belonging to the same color family.  Adding wallpaper to the ceilings is another interesting trend that adds drama to a room without the need to invest in something else. You can provide an extra decorative flair to the room by applying wallpaper to an old existing piece of furniture too.
  • A very common mistake new home owners make is purchasing the entire quantity of wallpaper all at once. Yes you may be in love with that particular design and it’s trending too, but what if you don’t like it when it goes up on the walls? It can be a wasted investment if you have already ordered rolls and rolls of a wallpaper and it doesn’t look as great as you thought it to be. It is advisable to order a sample first to see how it looks on your walls. Once you see the sample in person and are sure it would add the desired personality to your walls, only then place the order.

Decorating the first home you own is a very intimate affair. Even though it requires some amount of pre-planning and researching, don’t forget to have fun while doing so! After all, it’s going to be a space you will cherish for years to come.

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