Is it OK to use clipart in a logo design?

Creating a custom logo design is an important element in developing a strong brand identity. Your custom logo design is intended to visually represent your organization and communicate its essence to customers, not only in the world of bricks and mortar but also on the World Wide Web. Your logo is the first thing that creates brand identity. use clipart in logo design.

Therefore, a correct combination of all the necessary elements is essential to design a suitable logo for your organization. The main objective of an organization logo is to make that organization stand out from the competition and make its goods/services memorable and more attractive than those of the competition.

Your corporate logo or business insignia must be unique so that it can distinguish it from other companies in your field of work. Using clip art and stock photos for your business logo end the most fundamental purpose of having a custom logo in the first place. This is one of the deadliest mistakes you can make when creating your brand identity. This is because the use of stock photography and clip art in such an important component of your brand identity can only represent your organization’s unprofessional approach.

Using clip art and other similar images for your corporate emblem does not make it look memorable and recognizable, which is the essence of a custom logo design. This is because you are not the only one using that clip art or a stock image. Such images may not represent your company and organization adequately, and furthermore, you may also be prosecuted for using copyrighted images for your business identity without obtaining prior permission. This is because you can only own the rights to the artwork that you have created yourself.

Another big downside of using clipart and stock images in your corporate logo is that your organization or business can be confused with another company or business because many other organizations would use the same graphics as well. This makes it difficult for you to create a professional impact on your potential clients.

To put it briefly, here are some of the main downsides to using clip art and/or stock photos in your custom logo design.

· This is not original and make your organization look generic.

· This is represent an unprofessional approach.

· Only amateur designers use stock photos to create such an important business badge.

· You do not own the copyright of these graphics.

· They don’t make your organization memorable and recognizable.

· do not communicate with their customers and do not create attractiveness for their goods/services.

· Applying stock photos and using clip art in the design of a corporate logo is one of the main design missteps.

It is never a good idea to use clip art; only a custom logo design can ensure that all the necessary elements are combined correctly and that your company emblem creates the exact image you wanted to create in the minds of your customers.

Having a library of free images available can be a fantastic resource for DIY projects. Easier than trying to draw a picture yourself, clipart can provide many options for creating wonderful handmade items. With a little creativity, you can turn a simple black and white image into something really special. Read on and learn eight great reasons to keep clip art on hand.

Greeting cards

Using royalty-free images can be fun and rewarding to make personalized greeting cards. You can create your card on the computer using Word, Illustrator, Photoshop, Paint, or any other program. You can color your image by hand using watercolor, ink, or colored pencils. Add other doodles and/or decorations, and you will have an original and totally personalized greeting card.


Bookmarks make great gifts. Using techniques similar to the greeting card suggestions above, you can create custom bookmarks to share with friends and family. You can even make collectibles and trade them with friends.


Some clip art really lends itself to invitations. Making a handmade invitation can be very easy to do. Start by typing your event information in Word and then add a suitable image in the bottom corner.

Flyers and business cards

When creating a simple business brochure or business card, you don’t always need to ask your designer to produce or provide you with the artwork. Often times, royalty-free clipart will work splendidly. You can always make a flyer for free and stand out from the competition.


The scrapbook always requires a lot of photos, but sometimes you want to illustrate a specific event with another type of image. Whether you need a picture of a baseball player for a minor league page or a balloon set for a girl’s birthday party page, having a few clip art on hand can be the ticket.


The decoupage is a perfect use for clipart. There are a plethora of clipart books available with wonderful color art in various themes ready for any type of decoupage project.

Enlarge it and use it as a coloring page for children.

Often time’s clipart can be enlarged on your computer or at a copy shop and then used as a coloring page for children. Think about it! A continuous supply of inexpensive coloring pages.

Dress your Word documents with it

We use Word for many things today, but most of the time, we write our documents without images. Why not add a piece of art to spruce up a personal letter? If you’re writing a professional document, you can also use clip art (only appropriate images, of course!) To create a professional logo or letterhead. The images used in a document can be as simple as a small image of a heart, or they can be much more complex, such as an image that fits the name of your company.

Where to get clip art

Dover Publications is probably the best-known source for clipart books on a wide variety of topics. Dover books come in two styles, with and without CDs. If you don’t have a scanner, you’d better buy a book with a CD. That way, you can get your images directly and easily on your computer.

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