Transport business gaining momentum

Post lockdown the economic growth is picking up, which in turn is giving the necessary momentum to the transport business. About 4 months back we heard about this monster virus and in these 4 months, the economy of the entire world has come to a standstill. Quite a lot has been said about the consequences of CoronaVirus on the economy.  But slowly and gradually the things are getting back to normalization. All the businesses are gaining momentum and transport business is no different. The truck drivers and all the employees working in the warehouses are getting back to work and the logistics companies are trying to maintain their supply chain efficiencies back to normal.

The government, big corporate houses, and the MSME segments are eager to reboot performances that had lately come to a halt owing to the lockdown.

Steps that should be taken to revive transport business-

  • There should be detailed planning which ensures join work after lockdown, and the remaining workers should work from their home
  • All the Delhi Transport Services should work hard to guarantee transportation to ensure that there will be work for the employees in future.
  • All the offices should make special checkpoints where sanitization and other testing is done
  • The trucks and the cabins should be regularly sanitised
  • All the colleagues should maintain local distancing and a warning should be alerted in case someone is unwell and if by any chance there are some symptoms
  • The support staff like cafeteria staff, security guards can be avoided as far as possible
  • There should be no overcrowding at the workspace and only the half-percentage should be occupying the work stations
  • The drivers operating the online trucks should be regularly checked
  • Duties should be done in shifts to avoid overcrowding
  • Washing hands and the wearing of masks should be mandatory
  • The clothes the staff wears should be sanitized and washed every day
  • A proper company can be hired to sanitise the office area
  • Coming to work should be made voluntary and no one should be forced to join work
  • Accommodation in a neat environment should be arranged for the workers

So, these are some well thought out stepladders that should be implemented immediately after the lockdown so that proper care is taken for the well being of all the employees working in the office. The owners of the Delhi transport company should be accountable for all this and they should take personal interest to check each and every employee. We have to get the online transport business on track and gain the necessary momentum. Though all these efforts are expensive they are essential for the well being of the staff and their families as Corona Virus is a dangerous virus and is here to stay till the time proper vaccination comes to save us. It is a very difficult time all across the world but collectively we can fight it out with courage and audacity.

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