Top 10 Novelty Cloud-Based Software For Your Business

The world is advancing with the internet and digital tools. The hype that digitization has created in recent times is impeccable. People have admired these solutions as they have easy access to things that they never had before. The advancement in such technologies will directly impact the business sector, which will change the market scenario. In this article know about the Top 10 Novelty Cloud-Based Software for business.

The importance of automated and software solutions has increased a lot. The emergence of IT solutions has given enough cushion to the business sector to take advantage of the latest business technology trends and upscale their growth. Business people are keen on calibrating the software that helps them in running their business efficiently.

The software has made it easier for business people to handle their business. These days software has the capability to handle the entire business functionality and task conveniently. The convenience and flexibility it offers to a business model are exceptional. One of the things that have created a buzz in the internet and business world is the cloud-based system and software. Business people are keen on adopting cloud-based software in their business to make the best out of it.

What Are Cloud-Based Softwares?

Cloud-Based Softwares

Cloud-based software is nothing but an on-demand software platform hosted on a third-party server and shared over the Internet. The users do not need to invest quarterly on a subscription-based, and the service is yours. Some platforms are free of cost. The popularity of cloud software has been increasing a lot in recent times. The user does not need to invest in high-profile servers and systems as everything is stored in the cloud, and the sharing of data is done over the internet. Thus, this is how cloud-based software is working and giving flexibility to businesses these days.

The cloud-based solutions are gaining popularity because of the advantages it offers to users. And these are most suitable to business models because it doesn’t require any additional requirements other than the Internet. Business people are keen on using cloud-based software to handle their important business tasks conveniently, and it is easy to operate with minimal charges.

Top Cloud-Based Software For Businesses With Its Application

Trello – Project Management

Trello is a cloud-based software that can be used for project management for business. Software like Trello has the capability to handle and maintain all your project requirements and make it organized. It is easy to operate and gives exceptional features that give benefit the team to collaborate easily with all the requisites regarding the projects.

The assignment of tasks is done easily, and one can know what an individual is working on and when the task will be completed. In short, all the granular details related to project management can be done hassle-free using Trello. Business people can achieve productivity in managing and handling their projects using such software. As per the latest reports, Trello has registered around 50 Million users, which is remarkable, and it is getting more popular day by day.


Microsoft Dynamics – Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise resource planning software can play an indispensable role for a business, allowing for effective planning of the entire business with live business stats. It incorporates different business aspects from finance to production to supply chain.

Enterprise Resource Planning

The main activity of ERP is to get and update all the data related to the various business aspects, which helps generate reports and evaluate them for future business growth prospects and decision making. There are many advantages it offers to businesses, which is why it has gained popularity. Microsoft Dynamics is a well-known name, and its ERP is a reliable cloud-based service that business people can integrate.

Marketo – Marketing

Marketo is one of the simple yet superlative cloud software minimizing your marketing efforts. It offers automated advertising mechanization, especially for inbound marketing, lead generation, and web-based media promotion, including social media, analytics, etc.

It gives amazing tools that can assist you with securing quality leads and clients and help you support those leads through automated advertising efforts that keep your image to people. For instance, it helps in disclosing how your marketing campaigns are performing and creating an impact on the crowd, saving you the manual work of sorting this out. As of late enrolled on the NASDAQ, Marketo generates revenue of around 400 Million, which is a good feat to achieve.


Salesforce – CRM

Customer relations is an important activity for any business people for the growth of their business. Nowadays, cloud-based customer relationship management software is available, which has created hype and is gaining popularity. Salesforce is one of the most demanding and popular options when it comes to CRM software. Business people find it very convenient and hassle-free to use it.


It has the ability to handle the customer’s data and enhanced customer relations, which gives a good cushion to the marketing and sales team. Salesforce is very responsive and offers exceptional features, and industry experts recommend it. As of now, it earns annual revenues of around $21.25 Billion as per the reports.

Skype – Communication

Communication is a very important aspect of business, and there is no greater option than skype is available for business. Communication is essential when you are working in a team, and in fact, it strengthens your team working in a professional manner. It is one of the ways of boosting team productivity for your venture. Skype provides multiple features, including meeting schedules, video calling, virtual meetings, etc., which is very convenient when you are doing business overseas. There are 40 Million users who use skype on a daily basis.

Skype has outstanding features, making it perfect solutions for communication in a business environment as its additional features offer more than an email or calling offers to your business. There is much more to explore, and it is completely free of cost, which is a good advantage. Thus, business people should definitely use skype as their communication system, and it is completely reliable.


FactoHR – Human Resource

Human resource is one important activity that HR managers manage. With the latest IT solutions, there is HR software available that has the ability to handle all the complex tasks related to human resources, including payroll management. It manages employees’ in and out activities and notes time automatically. Whether it is leaves or bonuses, it is capable of doing entire HR activities.

Performance, retention, policy, new hiring, etc., are managed effectively, which eliminates the need for multiple HR managers. FactoHR is a very popular cloud-based human resource software that is used by many well-known industries and businesses. It is adaptable enough to handle the HR activity of any business from small-scale to large-scale.


Buffer – Social Media Management

The modern-day platform that created hype and bound people altogether is social media. There are as many as 4.15 Billion people using social media, which makes it one of the powerful media in the internet world. Business people are also using social media platforms in marketing and creating more awareness about their business.

Businesses can get leads from their potential customers using social media management tools like Buffer. It is the tool that provides a bunch of quality features increasing engagement and advertising in social media. It helps in planning social media content and also gives an effective schedule to post the content. Buffer makes it flexible and convenient to operate social media, and business models can take the best out of their social media handles.


ProfitBooks – Accounting

Accounting is also one of the important business aspects that most business people are concerned about. We all know that accounting is a subject that doesn’t allow any mistakes. That is the problem most business people face because human errors are common in accounting, which consumes time and inconveniences. ProfitBooks is the smart software solution for handling the accounts of the business, which generates reports easily, and automates every task.


Google Drive – File Management

Google Drive

Google offers cloud-based software where you can store important files and save them online, known as google drive. Its drive can be promptly used for any business for storing their important files and reports on the cloud. One can easily access the cloud by using their google account credentials. The storage of the file is easily done, and that is convenient for business people. It offers to create files like google sheets and documents, which makes it more flexible for business purposes. Thus, it is one of the best cloud storage facilities one can have for their business.

Chatfuel – Customer Service

One of the latest and new generation tools on the internet is chatbots which have become very important tools in customer service. People often have problems with services and products, and when they find the solutions, it becomes complicated, and they end up buying from others.

Chatbots have become a lifeline as people can have quick communication and their query is solved. Chatfuel is a smart and AI-powered software that helps in handling chatbots effectively. Many eCommerce giants have encouraged the use of chatbots because it gives them flexibility in handling customer queries and also increases customer experience. eCommerce apps like Ubereats, Amazon, Flipkart, instacart, etc. are using such applications to run their chatbots and give better services to customers.


Summing Up

Cloud-based software is trending, and it has created a massive impact on human lives and especially on business people. It has replenished the conventional methods in the business with modern, convenient ways that make business flexible. We can say that it is changing the fortune of businesses worldwide by offering them these valuable tools. These were the best cloud-based solutions that businesses should integrate, seeing at its application and their benefits.