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Top 10 Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Fast Home Cleaning

A clean home is a happy home they say! And everyone wants their home to be well-cleaned every time.  Ironically, on one want to work, still, a clean home is a must-have. Sighs!  It’s logical, that the daily grind of our overwhelming routines is the obstacle between our expectation for the cleanliness of our home and reality!  Here we are providing Top 10 Home Cleaning Tips and Tricks.

In this article, I am going to share the easiest and effective cleaning tips and tricks for fast home cleaning. Enjoy reading!  

Do It Together

 Cleaning the whole house on your own is going to be difficult. It’s better to do it together. Fix a day (weekend is the best for this), make a list of all of the tasks, and assign them to different family members. Doing cleaning as a group task will make it more exciting and quicker as well. Do not forget to make a to-do list so you can discuss it with your family and arrange things accordingly.

Collect All the Cleaning Tools  

You are clear about what you want to do right? However, if you will not gather all the cleaning tools and products before starting the task, then the whole process is going to be an irresistible annoyance. So, it’s better to collect all the tools and products in a tub or bucket. Or keep them in a corner where you can easily find anything. Here you go!

Keep the Cleaning Tools Clean

 A very common mistake that homeowners do is that, they do not keep the cleaning tools i.e. vacuum cleaner, mops, broom hygienic, that reduce the effectiveness of the whole process.  For instance, vacuuming with a full bag will not clean your rugs properly. So, it is very essential to keep your tools clean to get optimal outcomes.  And if you do not know how to use certain products or tools or you are living home alone, then it’s better to hire professional cleaning services. But hire affordable local professionals to make your investment worthwhile.

Clean the Whole Place Than the Single Room  

First of all, do not completely clean one section of the home and move to the next. It is going to take more time, and you will find yourself in a never-ending cycle of cleaning. The effective is to clean the whole place with the same procedure.

For instance, do dusting first, then vacuuming, then sweeping and mobbing at the end.  It will not only save your time and effort but will make you keep going as well.

Tubs, Sinks & Toilets First  

Before dusting, it’s better to spray the solution (whatever cleaning product you use for sinks and toilets) and let it sit for a while. It will help the product to dissolve stains and grime. Then you can scrub them easily and yes, do toilets at the last.  

While the product will sit, you can do dusting off the rest of the home! 

Sort Out the Clutter

Pick up all the clutter from all the rooms, kitchen, lounge, and the places you have thrown all those magazines. Just pick them up, keep them at a safe place or dispose of the stuff. It’s completely your choice!  

Disinfect countertops, Shelves & Other Surfaces  

As you know, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, disinfection has become the mandatory step of cleaning. You can use any of the disinfectants from the market and, disinfect countertops, slabs, and shelves before cleaning them.  

Cleaning and disinfection are two different things.  Cleaning decontaminates a place while disinfection kills or deactivates the pathogens at a surface including bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms!  

Sweep, Then Mop  

Always sweep your floors before moping.  Start the sweeping process from the farthest corner of the room and move towards the door. Repeat the same process with mopping as well.  Also, keep your mop clean.  Wash your mop after cleaning the 4/4 ft area. Continue cleaning with a dirty mob can make your place even duller.

Keep Going During Vacuuming  

You do not need to spend hours vacuuming a room properly. You just need to keep going. Keep moving while vacuuming. Yes, don’t vacuum regularly. It’s sufficient to vacuum a place once a week or even a month depending on the type of carpets you have.  Seeking professional carpet cleaning services twice a year is also important as well as beneficial.

Wipe Glass and Mirrors

Do you know, a person finds itself 6% more attractive in the mirror, but not when the mirrors are dirty.  So, it’s essential to keep your mirrors and glass well-cleaned.  

Different people use different tactics for this. The most common of them all is to use a damp newspaper.  However, there is a relatively easier and effective way to do so, i.e. take a damp cloth, wipe mirrors and glass and clean them with a dry microfiber cloth simultaneously. And keep cleaning your mirrors with a dry cloth regularly!


 Cleaning your home is not a burden. You just need to make an effective strategy and Cleaning Tips to complete this work effectively.  Some components do not require regular cleanings such as windows, roof, drain, and driveway cleaning. And you can hire professional cleaning services as well for better outcomes.  

However, it’s essential to hire only the most reliable service providers for this purpose. And, for that, you can seek help from the internet. Or ask for recommendations from your neighbors and friends.  

I hope the above-mentioned Cleaning Tips and tricks will help you clean your home swiftly and effectively.  Don’t bear all the burden alone. Involve your kids in it, tell them it’s game of the day, and see how fascinating and exciting a boring cleaning process becomes.  

You just need to be smart and do everything step by step. Gather everything, disinfect, use clean tools, and see your home sparking. Good luck!

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