Top 10 Amazing Tips to Make Extra Money by Renting out Unused Space

Everyone wants to earn some extra money beyond the professional fees. You will not back off from any idea of making the extra money. But, you need to look into it if it is feasible to do so. You need to analyze and understand the way to make that extra money. In this case, it has to be you making the decision without any support from an assignment help expert. Having an unused space at home can ease off the pressure. You need to learn the correct ways of renting it out for extra income. Most people have some unused space at home. You might not know how to use them. It is better to look at it as an opportunity to earn money. Here are ten amazing tips that will help you make money by renting out that unused space. 

Get a paying guest

Some people are not fond of sharing their home with a stranger. But, what if the stranger can help you get some extra money. Many houses have one or two rooms that remain empty. You or your family members never use it. Only if you have guests, you might think of cleaning them up and using them. It is better to have a paying guest and have them use those rooms on rent. It also helps to pay the extra bills of cleaning those rooms once in a while. When you do so, you must know the person staying with you or staying with you well. Do not rush to rent out the rooms to anyone. Ask them questions to understand if they are the right fit. You must realise that they will stay with you and will share a lot of things. So knowing them well before asking them to come over will be beneficial. 

Rent it out on Airbnb

Many people have benefitted from renting out the rooms on Airbnb. It saves the hassles of finding the correct who can stay with you. Also, it is not that the person will stay there for a long time. There can be travellers who will stay for some days and then leave. The income is also high as compared to the monthly rentals. Airbnb will not force you to keep your rooms available all the time. If you feel you need the rooms for personal use, you can make them unavailable on the portal. Some people have earned a lot by renting it out on Airbnb. 

Rent out your garage

If you do not own a car and are not planning to have one soon, you can use your parking space to earn money. There are instances where car owners look for a secured parking space to park their car. Most people are forced to keep their vehicle in the open due to the non-availability of garages. You can rent out the parking space to them, and make some extra money. It is always essential to find out ways to use every inch of your house. Instead of wasting unused space, you can use it to make some money. 

Use your storage space

Small and medium business owners look for spaces to store their materials at a lower cost. If they cannot find a suitable alternative, they need to rent one from a corporate, which will cost them a lot. You can offer the free storage unit you have and attract a lot of such business owners. They will be happy to get something at a much lower cost. You can rent out your storage space, garage, basement, or other place as a storage unit for businesses.

Rent the spaces to artists

The artistic minds look for places that fulfil their idea. If you feel your unused space can be appropriate for them, rent it out to them. The artists or photographers need spaces with the right atmosphere and environment to help them with the shoot. They might find your area appropriate. It is better to keep the option open and ask them to visit before making a decision. If they find it appropriate, they will pay a good amount to get that space on rent. 

Special events

If you have a lawn at home, you can make some extra money by renting it out for special events. Many weddings, birthday parties happen on such lawns. They also have to pay a much lesser amount compared to the clubs. Of course, it is only once in a while that you will have such events. But the rent you will get from such events will be reasonable. Hence, it is wise to use your home to host special events. 

Bed and breakfast

If you are not willing to keep the rooms blocked for months, you can opt for bed and breakfast services. The extra and unused rooms in your house can be used as weekly bed and breakfast service rooms. You can have few guests come over just for one night and leave the next day. Some commuters have to visit places for their work. They need a place to stay for one night, preferably nearest to their work location. You can provide such services and charge a rent for the same.

Film set

Filmmakers often look for new places to shoot their film. You can keep the option open and have film-makers visit your place. If they choose your home, you can earn a good amount of money from them. It is an excellent option to earn that extra money. 

Market gardener

Most people around the world have become too cautious with their health. Thanks to the ongoing pandemic situation, people are looking for fresh fruits and vegetables to be healthy. You can look at it as an opportunity and use your garden space to grow some fresh fruits and vegetables. Contact a local market and rent out that place to them to grow fresh fruits and vegetables. Vendors look for ways to control their expenditure and have their resources. You can give them the opportunity and earn the extra money through it. 


The accessory dwelling units of ADU are a rising concept when it comes to making extra money from rent. You can make a living room out of your unused spaces by adding the basic amenities and rent out that place. Some people make a living space out of their basements and attics with a different entry point. You can make good money out of it. 

It is essential to understand that there will be hiccups when you start making the extra money. You need to understand and be prepared to bear the burdens. You cannot earn money without putting in the effort. Similarly, in the case of renting out your property, you need to bear some responsibility. 

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