What is PRP Hair Treatment and How Does it Work?

PRP is a method that accompanies celebrity hair transplants. It involves drawing blood from a patient, treating it, and injecting the blood into the scalp. The platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy helps to trigger the natural growth of hair. It also helps to revive the health of follicle and increase the blood flow to the hair roots. The result of the treatment is thick and healthy hair. In this article we provide details of What is PRP Hair Treatment and How Does it Work? 

Beverly Hills hair restoration clinics recommend this therapy alongside other hair loss treatment methods. Although it is not directly proven to boost hair growth, it keeps the scalp and follicles healthy. Consequently, the scalp and follicles produce healthy hair. 

Causes of Hair Loss

There is a range of factors that causes hair loss. However, the most common culprits are anemia and thyroid-related problems. The thyroid controls the hormones that lead to hair growth. Thus, when it has a problem, it may lead to retarded hair growth or hair loss. 

What is Some medication causes hair loss? If this is your case, you can wait for a few months to see if the hair will regrow. If it delays, you can seek PRP therapy or PRP Hair Treatment. Other factors that cause hair loss include stress, genes, hormonal changes, and tight hairstyles. 

The PRP Therapy

PRP Hair Treatment

PRP therapy is when your scalp gets an injection of platelet-rich plasma from your blood. The practice started back in the 1970s. It started a practice to treat sports injuries. Since it helps rejuvenate ligaments and blood tissue, it was tested for other aesthetic issues. The test was a success, and that is how the hair therapists embraced the practice. 

The PRP Hair Restoration Process

PRP Hair Treatment

PRP is a process that involves three steps to be a success. Also, it is advisable to repeat the process twice. The three treatments should be spread across the year with a waiting period of four to six weeks. All steps explained step by step below. 

Step One

Blood is drawn from a donor site- preferably the arm. The doctors put the blood in a centrifuge to separate the blood fluids according to the densities. From the fluids, they are ready to get the PRP. 

Step Two

The centrifuge rotates for about 10 minutes and separates the blood into three components. The first part contains the platelet-poor plasma. It is not useful in any medical procedure, so it is discarded. The second part is the PRP. It is used in many medical procedures, including PRP therapy. The third component is red blood cells. 

Step Three

The specialist used a syringe to suck the PRP. They use the component to inject your scalp. The plasma improves the health of your scalp and follicles. In two months, you should start noticing the results of the therapy. Repeat the process every six weeks. Relax after the third round of therapy and enjoy the results. 

Potential PRP side Effects

If the therapist is not careful, they may cause you some blood vessel and nerve injury. That is why you should seek a reputable therapist to handle the process. Also, you are at risk of getting an infection at the injection site. That is a rare case that should never scare you.

You may develop a scar at the injection site. The anesthesia causes other effects during the process. The effects include muscle ache, bladder control issues, and confusion. None of the effects are severe. 

Why Use PRP for Hair Restoration?

Platelets are responsible for tissue formation and healthy body cells. Thus, when you inject the platelets near the hair root, the hair gets instant nourishment. The roots regain health and can now draw nutrients faster from the blood. 

The therapy revives the dormant to produce healthy hair. The hair grows thick and covers more surface area, hence covering the scalp and getting a fuller look. In case you lost hair through an injury, the PRP helps stop the bleeding. Also, they facilitate the growth of new follicles hence eliminating the bald scar. Since plasma is high in vitamins, it can reverse hair loss caused by malnutrition.  

Does PRP therapy as a Hair Treatment Work?

There is an 80% guarantee that PRP therapy or PRP Hair Treatment will help you regenerate like hair. It is a tried and tested method that has borne fruit on all the hair loss patients—several research pieces on different kinds of alopecia prove that the method is a success. 

In 2014. A study was done on eleven candidates. They were injected with 2㎤ of PRP after every two weeks. Three months later, there was an increase in average follicles from 71 to 93. This is a significant increase and can help you to have fuller hair. 

In 2015, ten candidates under study showed an increase in hair thickness after a three-month study. Each candidate would receive an injection of 2㎤ every two weeks. 

In 2019, scientists were spurious to know what works better between Rogaine and PRB. 40 candidates signed up. However, 10 dropped along the way. But the group that was on PRP treatment for the six months had better results than rogaine candidates. 

Who can be a Candidate for PRP

Any healthy person can undergo platelet therapy. Since the method is non-invasive, it does not restrict anyone due to age. However, other factors may prompt the doctors to advise on other treatment methods. The factors include the use of blood thinners, alcohol, and tobacco. There is also a range of health conditions that may stop you from undertaking the procedure. They are anything that affects your platelet count, such as cancer, sepsis, metabolism disorder, thyroid disease, etc. 

When Should You Seek PRP Therapy for Hair Restoration?

There are plenty of occasions that would advise you to seek PRP therapy. However, it would help if you did not wait until you are completely bald. Because then you will need Beverly Hills hair restoration clinic to perform a follicular transplant. In the event of hair thinning, visit a hair clinic for proper advice.  


PRP is one of the best therapies that accompanies celebrity hair transplants. It helps improve the health of hair follicles. Also, it speeds up the healing process since the plasma is rich in vitamins. You can get the services at any Beverly hills hair restoration centers.