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List of Green Plants that You Can Gift to your Dear Ones

While presenting a bunch of lilies surely isn’t despicable, if you are considering giving a portion of the greens, then you can also choose to offer a green plant. However, it will often be a tedious task to select a potted plant for a gift, especially whenever you don’t understand which type of light the giftee’s home has or if he/she will be completely devoted to taking proper care and maintenance of the plant. To ensure that you get the best list of plants for your garden, we have made sure to talk to the experts. Here is a piece of much-needed information on Green Plants that you can lend to your friends.

The best part now is that you can order plants online to your family and friends’ doorstep without any trouble. Now, let us begin with our list full of lush green and fresh plants that will surely woo you.

Pothos Ivy

If your dearest buddy is a green lover, you’re likely to be knowing about their favorite ones for sure. But if in case your buddy has not ever shown any signs of being a plant or nature lover, then perhaps something more like a pothos ivy is undoubtedly the best idea. This is all because they are very easy to maintain and can tolerate low lighting. Not only this, but they can also become the decor of their workspace and will brighten it up.


The amaryllis flower is very often associated with the festive occasion of Christmas when gardeners artificially make these flowers bloom in December. The beautiful thing about the amaryllis flower is that it can continuously bloom for around seven to ten weeks. It will go inactive at the final moment of its blooming period and take a break in the soil which is put in the flower pot. The flower will then return on the next winter when the needed care is provided to it during the year. They are available in different shades of vibrant colors like orange, red, pink, and white. Other than this, they are a treat to the eyes of the person who owns them. You can send plants online to the doorstep of your precious ones to make them happy.

African Violets

You will come across thousands of African violet blossoms, and no doubt they are genuinely among the prettiest blooms to set up on the side table. Their pinkish-purple flouncy petals glowing out from a clump of frowsy and fuzzy leaves. However, African violets are a perfect gift for the people who have lots of patience, since they often require somewhat more care than an indoor ivy plant.

Jade Plant

Yet another plant needs a fair amount of care as in proper light, and dry conditions are the Jade plant. Their dense-skinned leaves mean the plant can store more than enough water, so the threat with these is overwatering, making them wet and damp. Jade plants don’t bloom, but they have a satisfying bonsai-tree-like effect. If they live in a spot that’s decent for them, they can grow rapidly. Also, it is important to prune them regularly. Your dear ones are surely going to love these when you get them jade plants online from a popular online plant shop.

Paper whites

Paperwhites are a perfect gift for someone who is not successful in keeping a plant healthy in the long run. These, moreover, will last much longer than cut flowers. These beautiful, lightly perfumed petals which come from bulbs are planted in all kinds of shallow media. Their bulbs need to be preserved relatively damp, but they will do well as long as they have some light falling on them.

Norfolk Island pine

The Norfolk island pine plants are an ideal special gift as individuals can be used as a Xmas tree; you can introduce a sequence of lights, and there is plenty of room to hang pretty, relatively light decorations. They are nice, gentle-needled annual plants that stay forever. It is important to remember that although they are like a pine tree, they are native to the tropical areas and will not thrive in cold countries. These are not the cheapest plants to keep on the list, and they’re not that tough.

These were some very important Green Plants that have made it to our gifting list, which you can surprise your loved ones with. You can surprise your loved ones with them and make sure that these greens add up joy to their lives.

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