What makes KTM Duke 250 Is The Best Choice for Youngsters

The 250cc segment has seen an enormous boom and makes up for a large percentage of India’s automobile market. India is the largest market for two-wheelers and has been starved of a 250cc motorcycle for ages. As compared to a decade, the segment has struck a chord with the youth of our country, and now we have at least 5 five very viable options to choose from. The KTM Duke 250 is a popular choice as it has the perfect balance of power and looks. It is modern, trendy, and race-oriented, which makes it appealing to many youngsters.

An all-rounder in every aspect here are a few reasons why it dominates the 250cc segment –

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When it comes to 250cc, they perform better than the 200cc bikes in every aspect. The KTM Duke 250 comes equipped with a single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected engine that churns out 24Nm of peak torque. When compared to the 200 variant, it has five more Bhp and 4.5 Nm more torque. Pair that with a 6-speed gearbox with slipper touch, and you have a mighty fiend.

The top speed of the bike is 142 km/hr, which is very impressive and will undoubtedly be enough for many Indian roads. The dual-channel ABS makes sure that the braking prowess can match with the speed thrills of the bike. The bike is the most powerful one in its segment and has the best customer care as the parts are made in the Chakan plant in India itself.


All that power will be a waste if the handling is not up to par with the delivery. The KTM 250 is fitted with a lightweight steel chassis, which makes it lighter but sturdier than others. The suspension is handled by the WP Apex forks at the front and a WP Apex mono-shock at the rear end. The setup is soft from the factory so that you can ride the bike in adverse conditions as well. Cornering abilities are great of the 250, and it also has higher ground clearance than the 125 Duke, Duke 200 and 390 Duke. The added ground clearance is crucial for people who like to take their bikes on rough terrains or have bad roads on their usual commuting route.


The mileage can be anywhere from 30-35 kmpl, but as many have said, it depends on the driving conditions and traffic. Being on the positive side of 30kmpl is a good thing as this makes this bike a practical workhorse too. From being able to satiate your racing needs to get you to work without busting the bank, the Duke KTM 250 does it all. As compared to other variants in the Duke lineup, the Duke KTM 250 is in the middle of the mileage ranks. Slightly worse than the Duke 200 but way better than the 390, the KTM 250 is the best balance of power and mileage, making it the most practical option for anyone.


One of the most recognizable and bright designs on the market, the KTM Duke 250, borrows many traits from the KTM 1290 Super Duke. The Austrian sports bike maker made the color scheme like that of a brightly colored insect. The wheel decals and black allow wheels to differentiate it from the Duke 200 and has a striking presence. The tall and menacing-looking bike has an aura that screams racing heritage but is tame enough to be a practical workhorse.


This is something that the Austrian sportbike company got right the first time itself. The Duke 250 costs Rs 2 lakhs*( Ex-showroom) while its younger brother, the Duke 200 is priced at 1.74 Laks (Ex-Showroom). What this does is make people gravitate more towards the 250 variant as it is just Rs 30,000 more. For 30k, you get a bike that has a performance on another level itself and better ground clearance. Not to mention the fact that it handles better than the Duke 200 too.

The 390, on the other hand, is about Rs 50,000 more expensive than the Duke 250, which makes it a costly investment for a middle-class person. Also, the 390 as an output of 42 bhp, which is not very suitable for traffic conditions in a city. You will only be able to enjoy it on long highways, which you will barely get to in the first place. The high revving engine is also quite hard to control in the city, and it easy to get into an accident due to that.

Of all the KTM bikes in India, the KTM Duke 250 is what takes the cake when it comes to practicality and racing. A workhorse in every aspect the Duke 250 reigns supreme in the 250cc segment.

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