Key Uses of Sodium NitrateTo Know About

Most of us know that food companies use additives to extend the life of their products. But do know what these preservatives are and whether they are harmful to the human body. What is Sodium Nitrate?

About the Sodium Nitrate

It is a kind of salt that has been used to preserve food items for a long. You might have heard about the cured meat, it is found in many foods like bacon, beef, jerky, and all other kinds of a food item. It gives a distinct flavor and also controls the oxidation of lipid besides killing the microbes that are there in the food item.

It can be found in plants and unregulated drinking water. Plants convert the nitrogen in the soil into sodium nitrate that is required for plant growth. Plants absorb sodium form the soil in varying amounts. The vegetables which have high levels of sodium nitrate are spinach, radishes, lettuce, celery, and other products.


Sodium nitrate manufacturer produce salt in large quantities. It is used in various ways as under.

Meat Preservation

As mentioned earlier, sodium nitrate is a preservative that is found in processed meats like hot dogs, salami, and other kinds of meats. It prevents the growth of the bacteria which spoils meat and preserves the meat as red or pink. The sodium nitrate is not added to certain kinds of meat, e.g. obtained from chicken, tuna, or where there is no red color to preserve. However, there is enough evidence to show that it also prevents botulism. But nitrate is more likely involved in the process. Sodium is also used in curing the country ham as a long time is required.


Sodium nitrate contains the nitrogen that is important for the growth of the plants. When the nitrogen is high, it can delay the production of fruit and flowers. If the amount is less, it can lead to stunted growth of the plant. The nitrogen that is obtained from the sodium fertilizers is available to the plant roots.

Manufacturing Glass

Sodium Nitrate is involved in the two-stage process of making chemically strengthened glass. The item is first immersed in a Sodium solution. It enriches the surface of the glass due to the presence of the sodium ions, thereby increasing the strength of the finished product. The chemically strong glass is resistant to scratching and has an impact on the bending strength as the increased temperature stability. During glass-breaking, it breaks into non-strengthened large pieces. The primary usage is in making the canopies of the aircraft of the fighter aircraft and other situations where glass requires some toughness and more optical clarity. The chemical compound is also used for cleansing the molten glass, which is helpful in the production of glasses with high-quality.

Medicines and Pharma

It is easy to find sodium nitrate as the inactive ingredient in a variety of eye drops as a preservative. Sodium nitrate is also used as a nitrogen-containing control compound than an active ingredient in the medicine. In a study, researchers found that a low concentration of nitrite protected from the injuries that are related to heart attacks. The team compared the effects of control treatments of either saline or nitrate. The latter is similar in chemical composition to nitrite, but it can’t convert to nitric oxide in the blood, and hence it doesn’t have the blood vessels that dilate the properties which the nitrite does.


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