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Top 21 Apps of 2024 to Get More Followers On Instagram

At present, Instagram has more than 500 million account holders and boasts the highest engagement rate among all social media networks. If utilized to its limit, Instagram can be the wardrobe to Narnia for all influencers. But Instagram is also a paradox among its contemporaries. As easy as it is to create content and be a rage, so is losing relevance and Instagram followers.

So, how do you use the app correctly to drive in more followers and get more likes on your posts? Easy – you have got tools for that. On that note, here are the best 21 apps to get more people to follow you on Instagram and garner more likes and shares.


If you don’t want bots among your followers, you can use Growthoid for manual growth to get real followers on Instagram organically.

  • The app lets you target an audience of similar profiles as yours and convert them into your followers.
  • You can also use Growthoid to get bots to spam your posts and fake followers to feed the demanding algorithms.
  • You can choose your customizations and pay for the options using any payment modes, including Bitcoin and PayPal.


If you want to steer clear from buying fake followers and are looking for an app that offers personalized assistance, Growthsilo is what you need.

  • Growthsilo uses traditional growth tactics to grow your fanbase with relevant followers.
  • You can launch the app and leave it on while auto-pilot to automatically attract followers while creating content.
  • The services include targeting ideal followers based on gender, location and other demographics.


This site offers custom made plans for buying Instagram followers and likes on posts.

  • Since the site focuses on Instagram, you will find specialized features to increase Instagram engagement, likes and comments.
  • You can tell them your desired location, age, and gender of followers, and they can target Instagram users accordingly.
  • The pricing schemes are flexible, giving you the prerogative to choose what you pay as per the features you want.


As the name suggests, this site can increase the likes on your posts miraculously and make you a social media star almost overnight. But it does more.

  • Likes focuses on the right aspects of your account on Instagram and tells you what to do to enhance the quality of your content.
  • The prices are affordable, starting at $3 for 100 Instagram followers.
  • Moreover, they offer quick customer support, a must-have for such services.


SidesMedia has been in the field for years and knows the ins and outs of Instagram like the back of their hands.

  • Gain more exposure as an influencer or for your brand by increasing your follower count using SidesMedia’s excellent networking skills.
  • Get real and relevant followers in less than three days.
  • Since you get real people interacting with you, you do not have to worry about your account being suspended or banned.


You can choose this site for real Instagram likes, followers, and engagement at affordable rates, starting at $3.

  • PlentyGram can be a great option if you are also a content creator on TikTok who is looking for more views and followers for TikTok videos and reels.
  • The site can also locate your TikTok followers who do not know about your Instagram handle and vice versa.
  • Then, the site sends such followers the details of your account as a suggestion on either of the platform to increase your following.

Goldstar Social

If you want to build a personal brand on Instagram, Goldstar is just the right choice for you. The site offers services that help you advertise your Instagram platform as a brand to your target audience.

  • The site posts promotional content on your behalf constantly to increase visibility.
  • The site offers a guarantee that followers will place an order within a maximum of 10 clicks.

Social Empire

Social Empire helps you build a dynasty of Instagram followers by attracting people from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • You can choose from the different engagement options – followers, likes and views, more bookmarks, etc.
  • The site has a simple dashboard that makes it easier for you to avail of their services.
  • Just be careful about selecting the features since you won’t get a refund once you make the payment.


This brand promises to send real and high-quality Instagram followers to ensure a good retention rate and quality engagement.

  • They can help you increase your followers gradually, which reduces the chance of your account being blocked.
  • The site offers round-the-clock support.
  • Even though the services are a bit on the expensive side, you still get to choose what you pay.

Media Mister

Media Mister has been around since the inception of Instagram in 2016, and they have all the right tricks up their sleeves. The brand also offers services on other social media platforms beyond Instagram.

  • They have excellent features that can locate the highest quality followers for your account.
  • If you have started as an influencer, Media Master can be a great option due to their budget-friendly charges.
  • You get 24/7 support along with a money-back guarantee.


This site offers individual service packages that you can customize to get the right kind of Instagram followers to bring more engagement.

  • You also get services for better Instagram engagement in the form of comments and automated posts.
  • You also get to access account management tools that help you cultivate holistic Instagram growth.
  • Even though the growth rate can be slow, the brand offers added protection in case the engagement rate drops.

Socials Growth

With four years of experience as a social media marketing agency, Socials Growth promises real and active Instagram followers to build engagement and reputation.

  • The team makes your account look good so that you can reap long-term benefits, all within your budget.
  • Socials Growth also offers 24/7 support which acts as a safety net.
  • Their services come with a lifetime warranty. Therefore, you get a replacement for lost engagement over time.

Follower Packages

If your budget is low, Follower Packages can help you gain 1000 Instagram followers for as little as $19. The brand also promises high-quality followers at affordable prices. But there are more reasons to choose this site.

  • Follower Packages have a high rating of 4.7 out of 5, with most customers gushing about their services.
  • They offer 24/7 customer support to develop the best solutions to increase your engagement rate on Instagram.


Viralyft offers features like post and reel views, likes, along with Instagram followers. So, you get all that you need to be an Instagram star under one roof. The packages start at $2.89 for 100 high-quality followers.

  • The best part about this site is there is no risk of privacy breaches since you don’t have to share your password.
  • They also offer customer support round the clock, along with a refund guarantee.


Famups has been around for a little while in the social media scenario, and they know the ropes of how social media works. The brand also offers some great package deals that fit your budget.

  • You get on-time delivery and refunds in case things don’t go as per your expectation.
  • You have all the chances to go viral on Instagram since the content management team can also help you create relevant and engaging content.


However small you want to start with, Venium’s services will always be within your budget. Here’s why! You get 100 followers for just $1.99. yes, it’s that low! But low prices aren’t the only thing that you get when you hire this site’s services.

  • The site helps you build your reputation with real-time followers.
  • They also offer quick Instagram growth along with 24×7 customer support.
  • You get to pay using secure payment options like Bitcoin and PayPal.

Get Real Boost

Real Boost not only offers high-quality Instagram followers but also offers content creation services. Therefore, you get more followers, better content ideas, more engagement rate and a deluge of likes.

  • They promise guaranteed follow-backs and offer refunds if the engagement rate and follower count fall.
  • Although their pricing is on the expensive side, the guarantees come as assurance.
  • You get timely delivery of promises along with long-term benefits.

Social Packages

Social Packages is the only site that offers drop protection in case the followers’ count reduces. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your time and money going down the drain.

  • You get a drop protection period for a month-long after you have taken their services.
  • In case of a drop, they help you gain the same number of followers for FREE.
  • The services are affordable, starting at $35 for 2500 followers.


Krootez has a team of social media experts who help you with profile growth by getting more Instagram followers. You also get the team to help you garner more Instagram comments and likes. But it goes beyond that!

  • You get help from the team with replying to comments.
  • They promise excellent customer support with a money-back guarantee if things don’t go as planned.
  • They have different packages for buying and gaining different kinds of followers from all over the place.


FriendlyLikes can help you with Instagram likes, comments, views and followers. So, they cover more or less everything you need to be social media famous.

  • The brand helps you gain high-quality followers in real-time who interact with your content in real time as well.
  • The packages are easy on the pockets, and you can choose what you need as per your kind of Instagram account.
  • You get to pay half in advance and a half after you have garnered more following.


CheapIGFollowers offers a super-fast checkout system at the best rates in the market. And the rates are not lies because there are several positive reviews about the brand on the internet.

  • The brand takes five minutes to an hour to get you Instagram followers.
  • They also provide custom services with round the clock support.
  • You can talk to the team of experts about the kind of followers you want to gain, and they will deliver the same.


Choose any one from these 21 sites to increase your followers and likes and become the Instagram star of the year. This is your time to shine. Consider your budget, what you want, and things will shine in your favor soon.

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