Importance of having a RO water purifier at your home

Water-borne diseases have become one of the major causes of death in our country and the prime reason behind this is the unavailability of pure drinking water. Contamination-free drinking water is a necessity for all of us and its supply must be there in every household. But, this is not the reality as municipal water supply in most of the areas is not acceptable. Thus, it becomes necessary to have a RO water purifier installed at home.

Having a RO at home will ensure safe and contamination-free water, plus, it will also protect you and your family members from deadly water-borne diseases. But with RO installation, you also need to make sure of regular RO water purifier service, so that it can continuously provide you with safe water throughout its life. This post will tell you some of the key benefits of having a RO in your home.

Why RO purifier is important for your home?

Contamination-free drinking water

This is not only the first benefit, but it is the prime one as well. The main reason for RO installation in your home is to get water that has no biological or chemical impurities. Multiple filter membranes present in the RO water purifier ensure the removal of even the tiniest (invisible) particles that can harm your health. So, you can be sure that the water provided by your RO contains no visible or invisible impurities. Plus, to keep it healthy, do not forget regular RO water purifier service.

Good for health

You might be wondering how RO can be good for your health. But this is a fact, as it provides safe drinking water and that is beneficial for your health. This is the sense in which we were talking. Most of our body is made up of water and if supply it with impure water, you can imagine how harmful it will be in the long run. So, we can say that RO is good for your health as well.

Prevents Alzheimer’s

This is another strange benefit of having a RO water purifier in your home. Studies have told us that aluminium is the hardest metal to excrete by the human body and if it is not excreted it can sit in your brain. And if this is the case, it might cause Alzheimer’s. So, if you have aluminium in your water supply, even in minimal amounts, it can be deadly. Thus, it is better to have a RO water purifier in your home, but, don’t forget on-time RO repair service as well.

Prevents cancer and birth defects

One of the most common chemical ingredient water has is chlorine, as it is often used for treating it. But it is seen that it can be harmful in the long run if ingested continuously. Ingestion of chlorine even in negligible amounts for years can be the reason for cancer and it can responsible for birth defects as well. Plus, chlorine ingestion is also associated with heart problems in numerous patients. So, it is advised to have RO along with regular RO water purifier service.


You might call it the funniest one or a smart one, but this is on our list. One of the most basic methods of water purification is the boiling of water and this has been practised for ages. But this way of water purification consumes energy and requires plenty of time when compared to water purifiers. RO instantly gives pure drinking water whenever you need and hence, it is time-saving. The only situation where it consumes time is during RO repair service, that too once or twice a year.

The conclusion

There are numerous benefits of having a RO installed at our home. We have covered only some of the strange ones to show how important it is to drink safe water. We know that it requires a bit of investment (not too much) to buy a RO for your home, but the cost is not more valuable than your life & health. Thus, it is advised to bring home a RO according to your budget and stay healthy. Not to forget regular RO water purifier service though.

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