How to self-motivate during a dull week

“Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you”

Work from home is the new normal. But, even the most productive of minds find a down duration where their productivity needs more caffeine than their brains. And, we understand! Monotony is not everybody’s cup of tea. But, here we are, bringing to you some ways of self-motivation during a dull week: 

Proven ways of self-motivation

10 Proven ways of self-motivation

Let’s get to the ultimate cheat sheet for self-motivation. Here are our tips and hacks to keep you going during a dull week before you find your mojo again:

Say goodbye to procrastination

One of the most important ways to boost your self-motivation is by finding your own way to say goodbye to procrastination. Either find a time where you are most proactive and wake up to get working that time. Or find a way to get moving every time you feel dull so you can kick off procrastination. Also, find a respite in between that helps you get back in the game all fresh.

Use the reward therapy in connect to your TDL

So, let’s suppose- you have 10 items on your to-do list. Prioritize them as per their importance. But, every time you complete an important task- we recommend you give yourself a break- or a quick glance through your social media. This will keep you motivated to keep going.

Don’t aim big – go for bite-sized goals

One of the primary reasons for procrastination is going for goals that look too big. This instigates a sense of demotivation from the beginning itself. So, it’s best to keep only one goal that can deter you while dividing the big goal into small goals. This way, you can keep achieving them and stay motivated.

Have a work-life balance

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and we couldn’t agree more. Knowing that you have something fun waiting for you post the work hours are over, then self-motivation wouldn’t be much of a problem. It is unrealistic to think that everybody enjoys their work all the time. On our low days, our personal life would surely help pick us up and keep going.

Try setting a quiet time for yourself

In this scenario, especially as we are all embracing work from home; it is actually difficult to set apart a personal life and adhere to a time where work gets over. Most people feel that they are working literally all the time. This is also another reason for being dull during work. But, if you set a structure, you would not have to feel this demotivated. Set a quiet time for yourself, probably in the mornings or the evenings, turn off your notifications, and have few moments with yourself, or your family and friends.

Don’t get involved in company politics

One of the most demotivating things is to indulge yourself in conversations that are about a third party or your co-workers. Surely, have healthy talks about your personal life. But, keep a boundary and do not get involved in negativity. This will often harm you and keep you negative while working.

Ask for help

On our low days, we can’t be a one-person army. Try taking help if you are getting stuck. Keep a good connection with your co-workers and don’t shy away from asking for support. If your company uses a dedicated team communication tool, use it optimally to not just connect with your peers, but also to access the latest resources, assistance, and knowledge. This will keep you motivated and keep you going till the dull days of the week pass.

Include a workout in your routine

The reason behind this is the release of endorphins which give you the quick happiness you need. So, even if you are at work and feeling dull- just simply take a walk and get yourself motivated for the rest of the day. When you are adopting work from home, start your day with a quick workout which will keep you motivated throughout the day.

Find a hobby that can act as a respite

So, you can make a work playlist or simply doodle away when you feel dull. This way you can use a low-key aspect of your hobby as a backup whenever you feel dull. Simply take a break whenever work gets too overwhelming and you would have a quick brain trigger to help you get back to work.

Be accountable to yourself

We are often scared of our bosses. But, when we become leaders in our own right, we become answerable to ourselves. This way, staying motivated to complete every single activity that we have planned becomes easily possible. 

Takeaways for you:

While a lot of companies have an infrastructure with activities that help with respite, sometimes the onus lies upon us to keep going even during the worst of days! Employee engagement activities are definitely the light of the day in most cases, but self-motivation is what will keep you interested in that too. So, pick the method you like and we hope the dull week passes by in a jiffy for you. You can also try a permutation and combination of the above factors to keep going!