How To Create a customized Survey Results Page on WordPress

Did you know, that surveys can do more than collect important data about your customers?

With the right survey, you can make your survey takers feel the participation. Show your users the importance of their voice. Furthermore, your audience will always stay engaged.

With the online surveys, you can generate more and more leads, bring your user traffic to higher and higher levels, as well as make the visitors stay longer on your website.

What about customized surveys. Customized questionnaire forms will help you to brand your website content and make it more suitable for your business. As well as, boost your brand awareness and s strengthen the brand.

Engage more participants with the customized surveys. Customized surveys will make each responder feel special.

How do custom Surveys help your business?

Show respect to your consumers. Asking about your future purchasers’ opinions will show the importance of their opinion and make them feel special.

The branding surveys can help you to determine loyal customers. The data collected after the survey submissions will show the participants’ honest attitude towards your business. The custom surveys illustrate the professionalism of your business and make it clear that the surveys are created by your company. Hence, the professional interface of your website will win the trust of your potential purchasers.

In addition, you can find out the negative aspect of your business. This will help you to improve the errors, in order to always satisfy your customers’ expectations and needs. Hence, you will gain your consumers’ trust and loyalty.

Similarly, you will be able to find new opportunities, ideas, or suggestions to enhance the business product. Branding a survey means providing your audience with the feeling of association.

Therefore, you will gain the trust, respect, and valuable feedback of your audience. Your consumers will feel appreciated. The online surveys are proof that you value your customer’s opinions. Make the consumers feel involved in your business product or service development process.

Last but not least, online surveys are the most effective method to learn more about your customers. This is one of the most important reasons to use customized surveys. It is very important to get insights into your potential purchasers’ wants and needs.

Customized Survey Results Page

Get valuable feedback, stay in touch with your audience, and provide your customers with the best web experience. The above-mentioned can be easily done with the help of a customized “Results Page”.

Wait Wait Wait!!!

First and foremost, to have all the listed above of course you will need WordPress Survey plugin. Do not hesitate, go ahead and download the WordPress Survey Maker.

Now, after the successful activation, you are free to build professional digital content for your web page.

With the Survey Maker, your WordPress journey will be unchallenging. It is worth mentioning, that with best survey plugin for WordPress you can easily create unlimited online surveys and get real-time feedback. Your online surveys will have an intuitive interface and responsive designs. Furthermore, with the various question types, you can create numerous survey varieties. Build Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Contact Forms, Event-Planning Questionnaires, Surveys with Conditional Results, Conversational Surveys, Anonymous Surveys, Employee Engagement Forms, Surveys Via LogicJump, Paid Surveys, Opinion Polls, Market Research Forms, Concept Testing Questionnaires, and many more.

This plugin is perfect for your business agents. For instance, the HR department, Lead Team, Brand Managers, and Project Managers.

With “Submissions Analytics,” you can track your users and get the most valuable feedback, and make a proper conclusion of it. With the “Submissions Summary” (Charts) you will be able the visual charts of the provided feedback. Hence, this functionality will definitely ease the data explanation for you.

How to Create a Customized Survey Results Page on WordPress?

Once you have learned the importance of surveys with customized results pages, it is time to learn step-by-step how to build it.

Remember a survey with a professional interface will increase the response rate. By the same token, an advanced-level looking survey is more engaging than a generic survey. With the Survey Maker, the trust of your customers is in your pocket. The high-level and responsively designed surveys will make the responder feel confident and safe. Hence, all the generated surveys will always be fully completed and submitted.

After successfully installing and activating the Surve Maker plugin, on your WordPress dashboard, the Survey icon will automatically be added. Click on the icon and start your WordPress journey.

To create a survey with a customized results page go to the “Results Page” settings tab on the survey dashboard. Now, let’s set up the results page of our survey.

“Redirect after submission” functionality will redirect the participant to your provided custom URL within your defined delay (in seconds). Furthermore, you can enable the URL redirection once the responder hits the EXIT button. Second chances are really important) So why not enable the “Restart button” on your survey results page. Let your survey takers pass the questionnaire as many times as they need it.

In addition, you can make your online surveys more eye-catchy. In this tab, you will find various designs for the survey loader. Choose your preferred icon, you can also add an icon with “Text” or a “GIF”.

Promote your social media platforms. How? Enable your preferred social media icon (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, VK), which will be shown once the responder submits the survey.

You can show the summary after submission. This functionality will make the survey taker feel like participating with your web page.

Helpful Custom Tools for Your Survey

In a business industry digital marketing is one of the most powerful aspects. Email Marketing is the undividable part of Digital Marketing. The Questionnaire plugin for WordPress has powerful functionalities, that will help you to build a strong Email Marketing.

Send mail to the user. Make your customers feel special. With this functionality, you can customize a “Thank You” message. Be creative, and custom a thank you message. Furthermore, you can add media to your message if you wish. Show the responders your gratitude for their spent time. This feature will help you to always keep in touch with your potential purchasers. Boost your email list with the Survey Maker plugin.

In addition, with this plugin, you have a function of  “Email Configuration”. This tool will help you to define things like  “From Name”, “From Email”, “Subject”, and more.

Surveys with Personalized Results are also a great example of a survey with a customized results page. On the Survey Maker dashboard, you can find the “Conditional results” settings tab. The functionalities of this tab will help you to build surveys like Diet Plans, Music Recommendations, and What Product or Service is Best for Yo. Similarly, this tool will work perfectly for selling products, building strong funnel marketing, targeting a specific group of people to a certain action, targeting the right audience for you, etc.

On the “Conditional Results” tab you can add as many conditions as you need for your survey. Set conditions for the responders. Customize a message for each condition. Show different results messages. In addition, redirect the responders to URLs based on their provided answers. Provide each customer with an individual experience.

Custom Survey Types

The survey types will help you to match your business concept. By the same token, custom surveys fit with the business personality and values. There are many examples of custom survey types.

  • Product Evaluation Surveys. This type of survey will help you to learn exactly what are the needs of your customer. Product Surveys are perfect for the business brand development,
  • Service Evaluation Surveys. With this type of survey, you will always be informed about your consumers’ attitudes. Find out how satisfied are the purchasers. In addition, learn what are the issues you need to improve. 
  • New Product Concept Testing. These surveys will become your number one helper. Generate Concept Testing survey, and have real-time insights. Additionally, the collected data will help you to evaluate the upcoming new product concept.
  • Website Surveys. Make a relationship between your brand and your customers. Get valuable feedback and always stay customer-oriented. Furthermore, these surveys will prove, that you value your consumer’s opinions.

To Sum Up…

As shown above, I can assuredly note, that online custom surveys are a powerful digital content marketing tool. Online surveys are perfect for collecting proper data about your website visitors. The collected data will help you to choose the right target audience, and learn about your business strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, online custom surveys are an effective method to make a good impression on your web page visitors. A good impression is key to a long buyer-seller bond. The WordPress Survey Maker plugin will assuredly provide you with all the listed above advantages.

Hence, win the trust of your audience, always stay customer-oriented and build strong content marketing for your WordPress website.