How Much Does IVF Treatment Cost in Bangalore?

IVF Treatment – The Most Famous Assisted Reproductive Technology

IVF Treatment or In Vitro Fertilization depicts a method in which a woman’s egg is fertilized by fusing it with the man’s sperm to create an embryo. The whole procedure takes place in a special laboratory under the supervision of expert fertility doctors.

The overriding issue of infertility has dramatized the use of assisted reproductive technology; people have become more receptive to the idea of conceiving a baby by artificial means. Infertility can be explained as any problem that makes pregnancy unattainable to a couple even after having sexual intercourse for 6 months or a year.

A couple is called infertile when one or both of them have a certain type of issue in their reproductive system or other health issues that impede the process of pregnancy. While it’s a common assumption that only women are infertile, but there has been reported a lot of cases worldwide in which men were equally or solely responsible for the cause of infertility.

At Go IVF Surrogacy, we have a highly qualified team of fertility specialists, gynecologists, embryologists, IVF specialists, and other assiduous staff members who work conjointly to achieve the definite objective of ensuring that you get positive results in the fertility treatment. We are a renowned clinic in Bangalore for providing all kinds of fertility treatments with efficiency and accuracy. Along with maintaining the quality of the treatment, we provide treatment at acceptable prices at the best and latest IVF treatment cost in Bangalore 2019.

A concise explanation of the IVF process in Bangalore

IVF treatment at Go IVF Surrogacy incorporates a pair of fertility medications and surgical treatments to facilitate healthy fertilization and implantation of the embryo into your uterus. Also, the patients get the treatment at the best IVF treatment cost in Bangalore.

The doctor prescribes fertility drugs to the woman undergoing IVF to induce ovulation induction; FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) is given to make her ovaries produce better, healthy, and fertile eggs. Various tests and ultrasounds are done on the woman to analyze the condition of her eggs, and once they mature, the next step is egg retrieval.

In the egg retrieval procedure, the doctor takes out the eggs from the ovarian follicle with the aid of a hollow needle. After retrieving the eggs, the male partner is asked to hand out his semen sample during the semen collection process. The collected sample is washed out and thawed for impurities; the best quality motile sperms are separated from the poor quality immotile sperms.

After obtaining the sperms, they are mixed with the eggs collected from the egg retrieval process, and consequently, fertilization occurs. The mixture takes 3-5 days to develop it an embryo, once the embryo is formed it’s time for embryo transfer. In embryo transfer, the embryo is placed back inside the women’s uterus and after some time pregnancy occurs. It takes about 14 days for a healthy pregnancy to take place. The cost of all of the above procedures is included in the IVF cost in Bangalore.

Where to get the best IVF cost in Bangalore?

Go IVF Surrogacy is a prominent fertility center in Bangalore where patients get the benefit of receiving various kinds of fertility treatments at a sensible price. We are well known for offering the best IVF cost in Bangalore, which is affordable to all patients regardless of their social background. Our fertility doctors perform different fertility treatments using the latest surgical equipment to enhance the quality of treatment and the chances of success.

Bangalore is a famous Indian city for undergoing the best-quality IVF treatment with high success rates as the patients can avail the services of certified doctors at a reasonable price. IVF treatment cost in Bangalore is comparatively lower to the fertility clinics elsewhere. If you reside in Bangalore or searching for the best fertility center, then Go IVF Surrogacy is the best place as we have fertility experts who have experience of more than 30 years at skillfully performing all kinds of fertility treatments at the lowest cost possible.

Acceptable IVF treatment cost in Bangalore 2021

India is one of the most popular destinations for IVF and Bangalore is a great city for availing the IVF treatment services at the most affordable price. There has been a significant increase in the number of couples undergoing IVF treatment in Bangalore due to high-quality fertility treatments. Our patients receive the assistance of highly experienced fertility experts, adept at effectually conducting the fertility treatment to ensure great results.

IVF cost in Bangalore is comprised of the charges of all the essential steps that take place during IVF treatment. We have highly experienced fertility experts who effectively conduct IVF treatment and produce desirable results for the concerned patients.

The Cost of IVF in Bangalore is INR 2, 10,000 that includes the cost of every stage in IVF and other relevant medical expenses. There are no additional charges apart from this fixed cost and we also provide consultation to the patients for managing different costs.

IVF treatment cost in Bangalore 2021 includes –

  • Consultation Charges – INR 500-1000
  • The cost of fertility medication and hormonal injection – INR 70,000-75,000
  • The cost of blood tests and ultrasounds – INR 500-1000
  • The cost of blood investigation – INR 1000-2000
  • The cost of oral medication – INR 6000

A table is given below where you will get a clear conception of each step that is included in IVF Cost in Bangalore –

IVF Treatment Cost in Bangalore Cost in INR
A Single attempt of IVF cycle in Bangalore –

·         Initial Consultation

·         Fertility medication

·         Regular hormonal Injection

·         Fertility lab charges

·         Blood Work

·         Ultrasound

(include vaginal ultrasound)

·         Follicular Aspiration

·         Fertilization

(if male’s sperm is found to be less motile, then the ICSI technique is combined along with IVF)

·         Embryo transfer

INR 2,10,000

: The aforementioned cost includes only the IVF cycle charges that are when the embryo transfer is successfully done. However, if the patients wish to avail of our services after the treatment completion, then they can opt for Post Embryo Transfer (PET) that amounts to approximately INR 10,000-15,000.

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