What is the Cost of Squint Eye Surgery in India?

Squint Eye or Strabismus

Squint Eye is a condition where there is a lack of synchronicity between the eyes and one eye points in a different direction, unlike normal eye where the vision of both the eyes is focused in the same direction and works in utter alignment. Also known as strabismus, a person with a Squint Eye Surgery finds it hard to focus on a single object whilst maintaining a straight appearance of the eyes.

Squint surgery is not done to improve the eye vision, but for reshaping the faulty eyeballs. Squint eye is a common eye problem in children; however, adults are also operated for strabismus and other eye conditions.  Objects may not be clearly perceptible to the person with a squint eye or he may experience double vision. Kids usually develop a squint before age five, but adults are also at the risk of developing this condition. Squint is also referred to as a lazy eye, wandering eye, or crossed eye.

At We Care India, our surgeons and ophthalmologists are highly skilled at successfully executing the squint surgery in India. During the surgical procedure, the eye muscles are moved to a different position in order to correct their appearance. We have certified and experienced ophthalmologists who utilize advanced equipment and perform the squint eye surgery using the latest surgical techniques.

Squint Eye Causes

There are a number of reasons for the development of squints. Sometimes children develop a squint eye within the six months of their birth for no discernible reason, which is called congenital squint. Squints are also found in children affected with other refractive errors such as myopia (short-sightedness), hypermetropia (long-sightedness) or astigmatism.

Below are some possible causes of a squint eye.

  • Children with various refractive errors may put pressure on their eyes in order to focus on an object, which can make the affected eye turn inward
  • Children with hydrocephalus may develop the condition of a squint eye
  • Premature babies born before 32 weeks have the possibility of developing a squint eye
  • This eye defect can also be inherited if one of the parents has or had a squint eye
  • A person who has an optic nerve disease, tumors in the eye, or retinal damage, is at the risk of developing a squint eye

Squint Eye Surgery Procedure

Squint surgery is a common surgical procedure involving the tightening of the eye muscles responsible for eye movement. The surgeon may operate both the eyes to get the alignment right, even if one eye has defected. Before beginning the surgical procedure patient will be given general anaesthesia unless specified otherwise.

After giving the anaesthesia, the patient’s eyelids are opened and the defected muscle is identified for the purpose of performing the surgery. Then, a small incision is made in the white tissue overlying the muscle called the conjunctiva, in order to reveal the muscles attached to it. The muscle is then detached from that portion of the eye and reattached in a new position with the help of sutures. Also, the surgeon can strengthen the muscles if they are weak, and contrarily weakened the strong muscles depending on the requirement of the patient’s condition.

The surgery will be performed simultaneously on every muscle that needs to be corrected. The eye is never opened or detached from the eyewalls. The doctor may advise you to wear spectacles for some time and also suggest you patching therapy after a few days of the surgery. It’s an outpatient-based surgical process and may take about an hour to complete. After the surgery, both the eyes are able to focus on the same point and work in perfect alignment.

Our surgeons and highly qualified ophthalmologists at We Care India use the latest state-of-the-art equipment to perform the squint eye surgical procedure. They perform surgery after understanding the anatomy of your eye muscles and conduct effective surgery with limited access within your eye. Our patients receive the benefit of experiencing high-quality surgical experience at a reasonable price. We are the best medical tourism company offering squint surgery in India at a low price as compared to other hospitals.

The Cost of Squint Surgery in India

The Squint Surgery Cost in India depends on a number of factors such as the patient’s condition, the number of eye muscles to be corrected, the hospital or center you choose for the treatment, the cost of the surgeon, etc. However, We Care India has come up with the most economical price for squint surgery in India that ranges between USD 1000 to USD 2000. This is the best price you can get for squint surgery in India and avail the services of experienced medical professionals within this low price range. Our low cost of the treatment is the reason why international patients choose us for their squint eye surgical treatment.

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