31 Best sites To Watch Anime Online For Free In 2024- Worth A Read!

The global anime market size was valued at USD 23.56 billion in 2020 and is predicted to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.5% over the forecasted period. Netflix reported that over 100 million households worldwide watched at least one anime title in the first nine months of 2020, a significant 50% increase from 2019. Here we provide the top 31 Free Anime Sites To Watch Online.

Snake, Sheep, Monkey, Boar, Horse, and Tiger. If you are an anime buff, you perhaps do not need to hear from us that these are the six essential steps required to craft fireball jujutsu, a special power move originating from the anime Naruto. But, these days, you are having a hard time finding your favorite anime, Naruto, to watch online.

The huge craze for Anime shows has increased in manifolds in the past few years. Hugely popular Anime series like One Piece, Dragon Ball, Pokemon, Naruto, Death Note, Overlord, and Detective Conan have already won millions of hearts. These series are worth dying for as they always promote friendship, good relationships, family time, community order, teamwork, and most significantly, the good always defeats evil appreciated by us mortals on earth.

If you are going through our today’s comprehensive blog post, then you definitely are seeking the remarkable sites to stream your loved anime shows for free. Here, we will walk you through some of the Free Anime Sites online that harbors an immense gallery of popular and highly revered anime shows in their most unbridled form. These websites are free, safe, and are sure to satiate your hunger for a quality anime viewing experience.

31 Best Websites To Stream Anime For Free Online In 2024


Even if you are a professional essay writer but a hardcore anime lover, you must be well-versed with the fact that Crunchyroll has been one of the oldest players in the anime streaming game. This brilliant site is almost synonymous with the anime and manga culture in the west. This website lets you watch hundreds and thousands of free anime episodes online in video quality of 360p t0 1080p HD without any membership.


9Anime can be considered one of the world’s best sites to stream your beloved Anime series and any other TV show. Here, you can stream any Anime from its huge catalog, and that too in HD1080p quality. Furthermore, you can find the latest episode on the anime site right after being aired in Japan.


Apart from Crunchyroll, if there is any other platform that has contributed hugely to bring anime to a wider audience, it has to be Funimation. Even before it ranked as a streaming platform, the website syndicated certain outstanding anime like Dragon Ball Z, Beyblade, and Pokemon in the West.

Now, the platform boasts more than 13000 hours of genuine content. It comes adorned with a zany interface that can take you wherever you aim to go.


Gogo Anime is incredibly sleek to look at and even more convenient to navigate through. It is home to almost all new and old anime content known to anime fans around the world.

The recent and latest releases find their way instantly onto this platform without any delay. One remarkable aspect of this website is despite being free;  it does not assault its users with any sort of annoying hardware.


Contv, previously known as the Viewster, is one of the fantastic sites to watch anime online for free. After its acquisition in June 2020, the site introduced a diverse range of anime series and movies for the otakus. It has an excessively attractive and user-friendly interface with well-defined categories that help you find what you have been searching for for a long.


Anime-Planet is another remarkable Otaku stop akin to Crunchyroll. Apart from watching free anime online, it also enables you to read Manga, get updated news about the latest anime shows, movies, games, and the like. It also hosts a humongous library of free to watch animes that incorporates popular titles like Pokemon, Naruto, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, Hikari: Be My Light.


When it comes to watching anime online, it can be hard to beat KissAnime. The site features an unbeatable collection of anime, ranging from legacy titles to new releases with both subs and dubs available online. Quality is strong, buffering the least, and the click-through content is excessively easy enough to use without getting lost in the weeds.


Netflix is one of the greatest streaming services that includes a huge anime catalog with English dubs. My Hero Academia, Black Clover, One Piece, Attack on Titan- name any best anime series, and you can see it on Netflix. Other than that, it also has numerous original anime and plans to release nearly 40 anime.

Tubi TV

Tubi Tv is a hugely popular website for streaming TV shows and movies, but it also allows you to watch dubbed and subbed animes for free. The platform works spectacularly across all devices and offers quality content in a high resolution.


As free anime sites go, Chia-Anime goes a little far in satisfying the anime fan. It is the perfect website for die-hard anime fans who are often deeply entrenched in the anime culture.

Not only does it offer fans a free platform to stream impeccable anime and read quality manga titles, but it also offers users melodious anime soundtracks as well.


AnimeDao is yet another brilliant and free anime streaming platform that emphasizes creating an amazing community of online anime fans by providing easy access to the latest and free anime content daily.

The website is excessively easy to navigate, has a reasonably clean interface, and comes with loading speeds that are not typical of such free sites.


Do not get too distracted by the garish-looking interface of SoulAnime. It is an impeccable platform to watch anime online for free. The website has almost all the titles you could hope to see in a lifetime and mirrors all the outstanding aspects of free anime platforms operating online today.


Hulu is a US-centric website popular for having one of the largest streaming galleries of content among premium content platforms online. Suffice to say; it is also a remarkable home to some of the greatest anime titles too. With Hulu by your side, you get to play anime on any device- iPhone, tablet, or laptop.


AnimeLab is an exemplary platform tailor-made to satiate anime fans residing in New Zealand and Australia. The impeccable website offers access to every known anime title to anime fans in its most unbridled form. Ranging from Demon Slayer to My Hero Academia, the platform has it all.


If you are a hardcore anime-lover, high chances are you must be well-versed with the Crackle. Owned by Sony, this free anime streaming site hosts a handful yet brilliant anime series. Even though they are fewer in number, this site makes up for it by offering extremely high-quality videos and an ad-free experience.

Midnight Pulp

Midnight Pulp is one of the most outstanding anime websites to view free anime online owned by Digital Media Rights. It has numerous dubbed and subbed anime movies as well as series.

The quality of the videos on the platform is high, and the episodes stream at a super-fast speed.

Asian Crush

Asian Crush is another completely secure and legal anime website that enables you to stream anime for free in 2021. With a free account, you can easily watch anime that includes ads. The collection in the free section is otherwise remarkable enough to keep you glued to the site.


Animestreams.NET is an extremely well-maintained website where you can find categories for completed and ongoing anime shows. One of the most distinguishing features of this website is that if you do not come across a show that you have been searching for, then you can fill out a form and request it!


Anime Season is one of the top anime streaming websites and is quite popular for its attractive user interface, which leaves its users in awe. The website is embedded with remarkable video players that enable its users to stream anime shows with captions or animations on them.


Animehub offers the most premium website streaming experience to the user due to its amazingly developed web design. The impeccable design makes it excessively easy to navigate and browse. It also includes many movies and anime content ranging from the older to the latest ones.


Animekauzoku is a fantastic option for viewers to choose from among other similar kinds of websites like Anilinkz for its unique features.

This exemplary website enables users to download the series for free as well as watch it online. This crucial feature makes this website highly different and unique from others.

Anime Freak

With no signup, you can watch or stream as much content as you desire on Anime Freak. It is an outstanding alternative to KissAnime.

 On this site, you can stream your favorite anime and shows with ease, but you can also get all the latest information related to Anime and TV shows. It ensures to keep its users updated from time to time.


Anime Heaven is one of the most liked and highly recognized platforms for free streaming of Anime and TV shows. The site is hugely popular for a marvelous collection of TV shows and anime of almost all genres,  from action and comedy to drama, thriller, and mystery.

Furthermore, the site also provides its users with Full HD streaming quality of 720p and 1080p.


 Have you ever dreamt of a free anime streaming site with no ads to minimize the risks of malware and viruses or merely for an enhanced seamless streaming experience? Zoro.to is here to make all your dreams come true.

It boats a vast collection of subbed and dubbed anime (with hundreds and thousands of titles, with the inclusion of the latest releases), high-resolution videos (1080p), great customer service, seamless streaming features, and more.


As the name implies, RetroCrush is an exclusive website for those interested in viewing vintage anime. The appeal of the website largely depends on the kind of anime viewer you are.

There also exists an ad-supported tier that lets you watch the impeccable collection for free.


Among all the free best places to watch anime, YouTube can be your one of the outstanding choices. The filter option can be used to choose your anime by uploading the date, type, duration, and features. However, most of the released anime videos are parts of original episodes.

Anime Frenzy

Anime Frenzy is another remarkable anime video streaming website that provides its users with popular Japanese animation shows along with an exclusive American cartoon catalog. It enables you to enjoy an incredible anime culture change, leaving you with a diverse range of entertainment.


Watch Anime is a marvelous website for watching animated series in English. The website helps you to stream all of its videos for free. Another outstanding thing t is that it only offers high-quality video streaming for its users.


Narutoget.io is perhaps one of the biggest online websites for watching completely secured anime series. The website also includes a remarkable collection of anime movies and mangas. It provides its users with the original Naruto Shippuden To English, nicknamed Naruto, manga collection, and movies.


Anilinkz is another remarkable choice for watching full episodes of almost every animated series available online. The website also offers daily animation series with supreme quality videos.


If you are searching for a specific animated series and you fail to get it anywhere online, then you have one and only sole option in hand- SideReel.

It works as a search engine that can find any animated series for you. Simply click on the link and you will get access to a remarkable animated series.


Anime Nova is the most outstanding place to get access to spectacular anime series, anime movies, and popular Korean dramas. The website offers daily episodes of anime shows, movies, and cartoons. It comes with doubled anime versions.


Anime Manga is one of the most outstanding anime streaming sites that broadcasts the latest popular animated series online.

The best aspect of the website is that you will never come across too many ads. The site gives totally free access, but it seems that the site is premium. Everything on the site is well organized.


Anime Ultima is also a brilliant online site that offers spectacular animated series in the English language. The website has all highly popular animated series and even famous animated movies. If you don’t want commercials to interrupt your soul-pleasing experience, then you must definitely go to this site.

Final Thoughts

This is quite an exciting time to be an ardent Anime lover. Anime has never been more accessible than it is in 2021. As for our suggestions, if you are in search of fast Free Anime Sites with a giant collection of both old and new anime titles, then it is wise to opt for Crunchyroll or Funimation if you do not mind paying a small subscription fee.

If you are frugal with money, then you can always go for 9Anime and Gogoanime which will surely satisfy your hunger for exemplary anime.

We hope you enjoyed our comprehensive list of popular free anime sites. Which one did you like the most? Feel free to give a shoutout in the comments section below.

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