Five Best Practices to Follow to Prepare Kids for Online Classes

Preschool education is one of the most important chapters of a child’s life. After all, they start to learn and grow from this early age. Earlier, it was easier for parents to allow their child to grow and learn from the teachers as preschool classes were conducted offline. So, the children used to get personalized attention from their teachers. But, due to the covid 19, the situation has altered completely. Both the teachers and parents are struggling with the challenges to provide quality education to the children. After all, teaching these little kids remotely isn’t a cakewalk. It takes a lot of patience, knowledge, and expertise to find the ideal preschool classes for these children. Online classes should be equally interesting and interactive as offline classes. After all, students must enjoy their classes to help them to continue learning consistently. In this article know about some of the best Best Practices for Preschool Online Classes.

So, both the parents and teachers should follow the best practices to make the online preschool classes interesting, easy and effective. But, most importantly, parents must choose the type of content they want their children to learn online. Generally, the preschools focus on teaching basic social skills, routines, and academics to these little kids. Let’s take a look at the best practices to prepare a child for online classes

Minimize The Distraction 

It’s easy for a child to become distracted. Any noise or other activities can distract a child while learning. So, during the preschool online classes, parents must create a separate silent and private space for their children. This will prevent these little kids from getting distracted. After all, education at this age is crucial for their motor skill development. So, parents must be careful while they’re studying. It would be prudent to keep their favorite toys and other things away from them. Else, they won’t be able to focus on the screen and improve their concentration. 

Include The Break Times 

Children need proper break time to function at their optimum level. Too much screen time can be extremely bad for their health. Plus, the children easily lose their concentration and get bored staring at a screen for more than 25 minutes. It’s important to increase their attention span but without brain breaks; it’s not going to happen. So, both parents and teachers must figure out a fair screen time daily to allow the children to stay healthy. During this break time, parents must take initiative to design some activities for the social development of the child. They can make their children perform small and simple exercises. It will help them to stay relaxed and calm. And, slowly, it will improve their concentration and attention span. Exercises also release the anxiety and stress caused by the class. The preschools also should take initiative to make their classes more interesting and fun. Sometimes, it can cause anxiety to these little kids. So, parents should be careful throughout their online classes. 

Teach Time-management To The Kids

During the covid-19, everyone is working from home and parents are juggling between their office work and day-to-day household chores. So, it can be extremely difficult for them to manage the time for their kid’s online classes. The best way to deal with this struggle is to teach time management to these kids. By learning the art of time management from this young age, kids can easily learn to overcome other intricate problems on their own. This will prevent them from getting burned out through a psychological setting. So, parents must allow their kids to make a routine by including their preference so that they can learn and grow while having fun. But, it’s important to be flexible with the schedule as kids may develop unique needs and abilities. 

Encourage These Kids 

Since the amount of screen time has increased for the little kids and the amount of outdoor activities has reduced, it has become difficult for these little ones to stay motivated. So, parents must take initiative along with their teachers to keep them motivated. This is one of the most challenging parts faced by the little kids during online classes. They find a lack of resources to stay motivated. However, with little initiatives, it can be easier. 

Teach The Online Safety Rules 

The online world can leave both negative and positive impacts on children. So, parents and teachers must be extremely careful while teaching them online. There are safety and privacy risks attached to the online resources. A child may click on a pop-up containing any adult materials or other provocative items. Parents often worry about these risks. But, with little awareness, this can be easily prevented. The best thing would be to turn the kid’s zone on if the child is studying from a tablet or smartphone. In case, the children are learning from desktop or laptop, then it would be prudent to keep an eye on them throughout the class. 

Online classes can be beneficial. But, these are some of the best practices that parents and teachers should follow while teaching little kids online.