Domestic Travel Insurance

Even though holidays bring the much-needed respite from life’s hustle, unforeseen events like baggage loss or flight cancellation can dampen one’s experience. Travelling also carries an elemental risk of unforeseen circumstances that cannot be bypassed. They can, however, be covered financially. Since it is always better not to live on the edge, several individuals opt for travel insurance plans while on a trip overseas. Here we are providing some best tips for how to choose Domestic Travel insurance.

However, similar risks also exist when individuals travel within the country. Moreover, the expenses during emergencies are always higher than usual across the country. Thus, travellers should take note of the importance of domestic travel coverage plans as well. While choosing one, they must also look for specific features to maximise the use of such plans.

Features to look for in a domestic travel insurance plan

When purchasing a domestic travel insurance India online, individuals must need to be careful about its features. A range of insurance companies provides different benefits with their domestic travel coverage plans. However, buyers need to know the fundamental features that they should look for in a travel insurance policy.

Emergency assistance

During vacations, instances can occur where travellers get stranded in a place. Even within the country, when travelling through unknown destinations, they may find it challenging to deal with such a situation. These instances may be a result of a loss of baggage or wallet with essentials like payment cards.

Moreover, travellers may also need to look for new or travel, since these situations are sudden. The additional expenses arising out of such an emergency can be substantially high.

However, coverage plans like a Domestic Travel Insurance Policy from insurance provider Bajaj Finserv under its Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions provide financial help for these expenses up to Rs.50,000.

These insurance plans also assist with emergencies during overseas travel, whereby in the case of international tours, insured individuals can avail emergency hotel and travel assistance of up to Rs.1 lakh.  Also, they are allowed to avail this monetary support with zero-interest for 28 days.

Roadside support

Roadside breakdown incidents of vehicles like a flat tyre, engine shut down, etc. are not surprising while travelling across India. However, the situation can go worse if the place does not accommodate a repair centre or is far from the city’s proximity. So, it is always advisable to be prepared for such unforeseen situations to enjoy the vacation at its utmost.

A domestic travel insurance policy can provide roadside assistance at various locations within the country for vehicle repair. So, individuals need to pay attention to features like cities and locations covered under the insurance plan to arrive at the best policy.

Moreover, such vehicle breakdowns can prove to be more challenging for solo travellers than others. So, individuals can consider investing in a solo traveller cover that can provide several other assistance which individuals may need while travelling alone.

Additional insurance plans

Another important aspect to consider when purchasing a travel insurance policy is complementary insurance plans. Usually, the best domestic travel insurance plans in India offer various relevant coverage options such as emergency hospitalisation, baggage loss coverage, losses on trip cancellation, home burglary, and personal accidents while on a domestic tour.

Depending on insurance providers, all these additional coverage benefits can extend up to Rs.3 lakh. With these complementary coverage benefits, insured individuals can enjoy their holidays without any obstacles.

Nonetheless, travellers can separately look for a backpacking travel protection plan as it comes with additional facilities like a temporary replacement of a smartphone in case it is lost or stolen while on tour. 

Round the clock customer support

Losing a purse or wallet can be tough to deal irrespective of the place. Furthermore, during holidays, it can be worse primarily because of the unfamiliarity with the place. Nevertheless, coverage options like online domestic travel insurance in India assist policyholders in blocking all credit and debit cards with one call anytime during the day.

Additionally, it can also facilitate insured individuals to avail a zero-cost replacement of their PAN card.

Thus, when planning for vacations, individuals should also be prepared for any unforeseen incidents like mentioned above. Purchasing a domestic travel insurance plan can be one of the wisest decisions to make during these unforeseen situations. One must, therefore, compare the products based on these aforesaid parameters and find out the most suitable one for them.

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