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How Do I Clean My Shower Tiles Without Damaging Grout?

No doubt, it’s easy to clean the tiles and floor as compared to grout especially, in the kitchen and shower place. Because grout has absorbent properties and absorbs moisture easily. This moisture is the main cause of mould and mildew. Therefore, professional shower tile cleaning is necessary to get rid of stains and soap scum.

Dirt and dust can easily stick to the grout lines and may break the sealant or grout over time. So, it’s necessary to keep proper care of the grout of the shower place to make it free from stains and mould. On the other hand, unhygienic shower places may cause to grow a number of infected germs and bacteria.

In this case, tile cleaning is essential for a hygienic and healthy bathroom and shower place. You can clean it with the help of mild cleaning products as well. It will help to get rid of greasy and dirty shower grout.

But always start from mild and natural products to get better and more effective cleaning results without any damage. Therefore, it’s better to test the cleaning product before applying it to the tiles.

Grout And shower Tiles Cleaning Process:

The following tips and steps will help to offer the greatest grout cleaning results just like as tiles cleaning Melbourne services:

Scrub Grout With A Soft Brush:

To get rid of stains and spills, rinse off the grout with water. After this, scrub the grout with a soft cloth or brush. Scrubbing through soft brush will help to reach all the corners as well as joint lines of grout. however, don’t do it hardly.

Otherwise, it will damage the quality of grout as well as break the sealant. After scrubbing, again clean the grout with plain water to remove all the residue. Use the shower place or bathroom after drying properly.

Apply Vinegar Spray:

For this, mix vinegar with equal parts of water and make a mixture. Spray the mixture on tiles and grout to get the expert shower tiles cleaning results. If the stains are hard then leave the mixture on the grout overnight.

It will help to remove the stains by sitting on it. Don’t worry, it will not damage your grout or tiles. Before removing the mixture, scrub the grout at least for five minutes to remove stains appropriately. Later on, wash off the tiles and grout with warm water.

Use Baking Soda And Vinegar Mixture:

This mixture is the best solution to get rid of heavy stains. For this, mix the baking soda with vinegar and make a thick paste. Apply this paste on the grout lines and leave it overnight to get professional tile cleaning results.

Later on, wash the grout and shower tiles appropriately with water to remove all the residue as well as dirt.

Mix Hydrogen Peroxide With A Mild Cleaning Product:

Create a paste and mixture of hydrogen peroxide and a mild oxygenated cleaning product. If you don’t want to use any product on grout and tiles then mix it with baking soda. This mixture will help to remove moderate and heavy stains without damaging the quality and colour of the grout.

Moreover, it will help to treat mould and mildew effectively like tiles cleaning Melbourne Services. hydrogen peroxide is a powerful but mild solution. So, you’ll see the appropriate cleaning results through this.

Use Mild Bleaching Products:

For hard stains and dirty grout, apply a bleaching product that contains oxygen to get better cleaning results. Before using any kind of cleaning product, clean out the place properly to get professional tile cleaning results.

After using the product, clean the place and rinse off with water. It will help to resettle the grout easily.

Steam Cleaning For Professional Results:

Steam cleaning is a suitable and professional way to get eco-friendly cleaning results and services. no matter what’s the type of grout, steam will help to offer better cleaning results like tiles cleaning Melbourne services.

Steam helps to offer excellent cleaning results even for old grout without any damage. So, you can use it confidently for commercial as well as residential cleaning. the best thing is, steam cleaning offers environment-friendly results with comfortable and healthy cleaning results.


The bottom line is, vinegar and baking soda are the best products to get efficient cleaning results for grout as well as tiles. So, clean the grout and tiles at least once per week. Moreover, cleaning with hydrogen peroxide will help to get rid of mould and mildew.

Through using these techniques and cleaning methods, you can save a lot of time as well as effort. Moreover, it will offer an attractive appearance of shower tiles and bathroom tiles within a minimum time.