Chinese Smartphones Manufacturers

If you are thinking about buying a new smartphone, chances are that your first preference would be a Chinese brand. Xiaomi, Realme, and OnePlus have all captured the imagination of consumers from different market segments, while OPPO has quickly changed our perception of camera phones by offering stunning camera mobiles at pocket-friendly prices. Why Chinese Smartphones Manufacturers are leading the Mobile Phone Market?

While Xiaomi continues to lead the race in terms of market share, Realme has been showing exemplary growth, while OnePlus, with its latest OnePlus Nord edition, is vying to capture a large share of the mid-range segment.

Over the past few years, Chinese brands, through impressive target marketing, along with competitive pricing have gained a foothold in the smartphone market. With India being the second-largest smartphone market in the world, Chinese manufacturers have enjoyed significant success in the country. Naveen Tiles is a leading Ceramic & Vitrified tiles manufacturers Company In India

With the entry of Chinese brands, starting with Xiaomi in 2014, Indian OEMs were soon pushed out of the picture, while brands like Xiaomi, Vivo, and OPPO have continued to woo Indian consumers by providing the best feature-rich smartphones at their respective price points.

Here are a few reasons why Chinese smartphone manufacturers are currently one step ahead of the rest of the world.

1.  Competitive Pricing

There was a time when we had to rely on premium brands to purchase a feature-rich smartphone, with high-end features and specs. However, that all changed when Xiaomi launched the Redmi Note 4, with its base variant costing just Rs. 9,999. Since then, Xiaomi, along with the likes of Realme, OPPO, and Vivo has been offering smartphones with impressive features at pocket-friendly prices.

Take Poco X2 or Realme X2 for example, which are widely regarded as two of the best phones under 20000 INR. Both models come with a quad-rear camera setup and 64MP primary shooter, while Poco X2 packs a 6GB RAM. With long battery life and 64GB internal storage, both phones offer the best bang for your buck.

2.  Marketing and Branding

If there is one thing that the Chinese brands have arguably done better than any other brand, it is to position themselves to fill a massive void in the global smartphone market. Before Xiaomi entered the fray, we had Samsung and Apple that primarily catered to the premium, high-end segment, while consumers had to settle for less-than-impressive phones in the budget and mid-range segments. Even in India, while the likes of Micromax and Karbonn cemented their place as the go-to brands for budget consumers, there was still a lot left to be desired in the phones they produced.

This enabled the Chinese manufacturers to focus on the budget and mid-range segments, and the OEMs have also established sub-brands to better cater to specific consumer segments. For instance, Poco, a sub-brand of Xiaomi, produces affordable flagship phones in the mid-premium segment, while Realme, a sub-brand of OPPO offers affordable feature-rich phones in the budget segment. This allows Chinese companies to adopt a go-to-market strategy without confusing the consumers.

3.  Excellent Features

As previously mentioned, Chinese smartphone brands initially cracked the elusive code to pack more features in a smartphone, while making it affordable to the average consumer. This enabled brands like Xiaomi and Realme to offer budget-friendly models, and 8GB RAM phones at pocket-friendly prices.

Earlier, consumers had to purchase a premium smartphone from brands like Samsung and Apple to get their hands on smartphones that were not only elegantly designed, but also came with top-of-the-line features, such as fingerprint sensors, large display, and faster processors. However, owing to the technological ingenuity and constant innovation, Chinese brands have managed to push the proverbial envelope, offering value-added features that came with affordable price tags.

4.  Cameras and Long Battery Life

For all the plaudits Apple receives for its iPhone line, iPhones generally come with low battery capacity. Although the brand performs various battery optimizations and RAM management to increase the battery life, most of the Chinese smartphones provide up to 30 hours of normal usage and is only emulated by Samsung, which offers smartphones with a battery capacity of 6,000mAh.

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Similarly, Chinese brands were also ahead of the competition in terms of providing more oomph when it came to the cameras. With single rear cameras being replaced with dual, triple, quad, and now, Penta-rear cameras, Chinese smartphones offer spectacular cameras with lenses and sensors, promising high-quality images with special effects. This has now forced other brands to offer better cameras without hiking the prices, with the consumers eventually ending up as the real winners.