13 Best Poster Making Software For PC And Mobile

Posters can be a powerful tool for reaching your potential and target audience. Whether you’re promoting an event, announcing a new product or service, or just sharing some company news, having an engaging poster is always beneficial. It can take a lot of time and specific graphic design software to create posters that are of a high caliber. However, poster maker software and apps make the process faster with pre-designed templates, user-friendly editing tools, and customization features designed specifically to help create eye-catching posters with minimal effort required from users.

Most poster making tools provide users with professionally designed templates for various occasions, as well as customizable design elements allowing users to modify fonts, colors, and other attributes of designs. Many also include image manipulation capabilities for adding effects or resizing photos and objects. They also feature built-in text editing features to quickly and easily alter and customize the text displayed on a poster canvas, such as changing font type, size, color, and alignment with just a click or two of the mouse. Some programs even support advanced text-formatting tools for customization.

There is a wide variety of poster-maker programs to choose from. Most free poster maker apps offer either a basic version that can be used free of charge or more advanced features ranging from $5-$50 per month for more advanced services. Some programs even provide free trials so users can decide if it meets their needs before subscribing. Though there are a variety of poster maker software programs to consider when selecting poster maker software, users should pay careful attention to its features before making a decision. Read along to learn more about poster maker software and tools.

Top 13 Poster Making Tools and software for PC and Mobile

Below Discussed Are the Top 13 Poster Making Tools and software for PC and Mobile:


Canva is an intuitive graphic & poster design software, offering everything from posters and social media posts to presentations with ease. Using templates, photos, fonts, and decorative elements from its large selection, Canva allows users to quickly produce posters for posters or social media posts that look professional – as well as providing an automated resize feature that reformats designs across platforms. Canva Pro upgrades add additional features that are worth taking advantage of.

Students and employees can use Canva to design posters or infographic timelines about almost anything. Furthermore, they can work collaboratively on projects together with classmates or colleagues using the team feature in Canva; this type of collaboration allows them to share their work online while receiving instantaneous feedback. Canva provides an intuitive learning curve and is suitable for anyone with limited experience.

However, it’s important to remember that Canva is an online poster design software that requires Internet access and its limitations – including limited formats available for printing – therefore, businesses and enterprises may want to explore alternative tools for creating visuals.


Piktochart is one of the widely used poster making tools offering users numerous special capabilities. Its template library offers charts, maps, infographics, images, shapes, and icons – plus, users can even create their own templates that they share with others or add captions to videos! For individuals and organizations alike, it’s free – but users who require additional benefits may need to upgrade to Pro and Enterprise plans for additional perks.

Teachers looking to teach their students graphic creation are sure to appreciate this powerful tool, with its intuitive interface making learning the ropes straightforward and logically organized tools, allowing for rapid navigation. Students of various skill levels can benefit from creating visuals using this software!

This program can be used for numerous purposes, from creating brochures, posters, flyers, and presentations to videos and e-books.

Piktochart boasts an extensive library of templates as well as features designed specifically to create maps, charts, and timelines. Learn more about some of the best poster design software and apps for PC and mobile phones now; connect with a leading white-label software company for informed advice.

Adobe Express

Adobe responded to the rise of Web-based design tools with Spark in 2016, then later that year released Adobe Express as a mobile-first version for free use on mobile devices. Adobe Express provides users with an easy way to create and share visual content by offering templates, fonts, and graphics, additionally supporting uploads of photos, videos, or media, as well as offering access to Adobe Firefly’s generative AI functionality.

Adobe Express suite is a quick and easy way to quickly create social posts, ads, flyers, or logos – perfect for people without technical expertise looking for quick results. Plus, this poster design software comes equipped with features to facilitate collaboration! Adobe Express boasts an expansive library of templates yet remains limited in some respects. Notably, offline editing or certain file formats are unavailable to Adobe Express users, and it lacks Canva’s amazing resize feature.

There are a number of graphic designing apps and poster making tools available for users. Depending on their need, device availability, budget, and experience, they can choose any one or a combination of a few tools to create amazing posters and graphic content for their businesses and brands.


CorelDRAW is a vector-based graphic design and poster maker software program. It comes bundled with Corel Photo-Paint for ease of use and offers various features for graphic designers. CorelDRAW features some special tools for perspective view creation as well as support for various printing formats. Its scalable graphics can be displayed without loss of resolution at any size. Also, its color management system ensures accuracy and flexibility for color accuracy and application.

Corel DRAW provides a wealth of support and training resources. From its comprehensive help files to video tutorials, Corel DRAW is an ideal choice for both newcomers and professionals alike. CorelDraw’s user interface is both user-friendly and intuitive, offering many tools directly accessible through the right-click menu. A customizable workspace enables users to keep essential tools close at hand. It’s one of the most widely used graphic designing and poster making tools available globally.

Furthermore, CorelDraw features enhanced support for working with tablets, such as recognizing pressure bearing, tilt, or rotation and changing its behavior accordingly. There are endless resources available online to learn and practice CoralDRAW.


PosterMyWall is a fantastic way for anyone seeking to produce professional-quality content quickly and easily. Offering templates tailored for every purpose and accessible across desktops, tablets, and smartphones, as well as offering online collaboration so teams can work from any location. Find the template that meets your needs quickly by browsing or searching using keywords. Filter results by size, theme, and type, as well as choose to show or hide specific types of templates.

PosterMyWall is an ideal option for small businesses, event planners, and even beginners without design experience to save time on design tasks without hiring expensive professionals or learning complex graphic design programs. Available on both desktop and mobile devices at an affordable rate with plans that provide access to unlimited image downloads as well as credits from Getty stock elements – this app has also received much praise from its users!

Poster-making apps and tools are in high demand as they can be used to create a wide range of graphical content that can not only help businesses and brands grow but also educate and increase awareness among people and students about a particular topic. PosterMyWall is a good app to start with.


Piktochart is widely recognized as a top-tier infographic software suite and excels at producing visuals to represent complex data sets. Users can create posters using maps, data widgets, tables, and graphs to effectively present information while remaining visually pleasing and appealing to audiences. Furthermore, advanced features like SVG format support and animated icons enhance its quality considerably – this being particularly attractive to intellectual property holders.

Being available for both PC and Mac, this tool comes with complete guides, tutorials, and an online forum for assistance. It also offers a drag-and-drop editor and an extensive library of templates, which makes creating high-resolution posters easy. Furthermore, as is vector editing, Google fonts are supported, which makes this an excellent option. Multiple file formats enable sharing your designs with anyone while exporting can retain all details or color accuracy when exporting designs to multiple file formats.

From Mac to Windows users, this poster design software is a perfect addition to your sets of creative and productive applications. You can use this app to create some amazing and engaging graphical content and share them on social media for better outreach.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based design program that creates printable, scalable graphics. This software excels at producing logos, complex illustrations, and other designs suitable for sale in multiple print sizes without losing quality or resolution; its friendly user interface adds further convenience.

The software is compatible with both Windows PCs and Apple Mac computers, enabling it to even run on older top-of-the-line systems, provided their operating system is up-to-date.

The latest version features significant performance enhancement thanks to its Mercury Performance System; panning and scrolling become faster and smoother while zoom magnification limits are higher compared with earlier releases. Illustrator is ideal for producing scalable and printable visuals, while Canva may offer easier solutions when creating social media posts or other easy-to-create content. Illustrator doesn’t offer nearly as many premade, shareable designs as Canva does.

Although it’s not a free poster maker software, investing in Adobe is worth every penny as this helps you drive your graphic designing journey right to the next level of creativity. The results produced using these apps are highly professional and engaging.


Desygner is a graphic design software that enables users to quickly and efficiently produce quality images and posters for social media, print ads, and other marketing materials. It offers several features, such as the ability to resize designs into other formats or add animation; furthermore, it also allows them to create their own design templates. This program contains an impressive library of templates, illustrations, and vectors organized into categories such as logos, business cards, and flyers.

The Creative categories in this photo maker software include vision boards, album covers, and magazine covers. The tool’s font selection is another fantastic feature. Choose from a range of typefaces and alter their size to suit your own requirements. This program also offers a range of textures, shapes, and styles. Licensed for royalty-free use, the software includes photos from Shutterstock, Pixabay, and Unsplash.

You can even access all of Google Search Images right from the dashboard of Desygner. Furthermore, its unique font selection can help make designs stand out. Moreover, it is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easier to use and operate.


Fotor is a highly comprehensive and convenient to-use software solution. It offers numerous features and design options that allow users to produce high-quality images quickly. Users can express themselves more fully using various photo collage templates available both on iOS and Android devices, making this an accessible platform suitable for amateur photographers as well as photography enthusiasts alike. It features an impressive variety of template designs, posters, and advertisement banners.

Furthermore, its photo enhancement feature enables you to enhance blurry photos without compromising quality. It also features retro, art, and black-and-white filters that provide additional effects. Add text and shapes to images easily using this program, with its text-drawing tools providing plenty of text options and shapes. Its color correction tools allow for brightness, contrast, and saturation adjustments, and the auto-adjust feature automatically adjusting the surrounding colors.

Fotor stands out from other photo editing and poster making tools by having an intuitive and user-friendly interface that’s simple to learn and use. There are helpful tutorials on the website to guide newcomers through its use, as well as a community forum.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is an indispensable tool for graphic artists, photographers, and web developers. Its versatile editing tools enable users to edit digital or scanned images, compose image compositions with effects applied, mockup website designs, and create mockups, as well as create text or logos with various fonts or alter them completely. Adobe’s Creative Suite contains this software alongside standalone applications compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.

This remarkably designed graphic tool also supports multiple file formats. This includes PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and PDF. Additionally, it features color schemes including CMYK and RGB; its healing tools make it simple to remove imperfections from photos; its text creator/editor tool offers font styles/color options; it can create and edit text documents; it has an array of filters/effects that enable users to transform images creatively.

 It is an invaluable graphic and poster design software program for graphic designers or professionals.

Photoshop is an extremely popular graphic design and photo editing program, yet it does have some drawbacks. However, Adobe should be avoided as a website creator since this may generate code that may prove hard to edit later.


DesignCap is an advanced and free poster maker software that features an expansive library of templates and tools that will enable you to make original graphics. Its intuitive user interface allows easy navigation, while its assortment of icons, shapes, text formats, arrows, badges, speech bubbles, and modern decoration elements make this poster software ideal for use on both Windows and Mac computers. Students and teachers in educational institutions widely use it for teaching and learning.

With this software, you can create posters, flyers, business cards, social media arts, presentations, resumes, and schedule documents easily and without requiring graphic skills or graphic knowledge. Furthermore, its cloud architecture makes it accessible from anywhere at any time. DesignCap is an intuitive software designed for use by beginners, making poster creation easy even for newcomers. Users can upload photos directly from their computers or import them from Facebook.

The program offers several templates tailored to events and activities, fonts and clipart images to choose from, and customizable themes. There are two major editing features, property, and effects, which allow for further photo manipulations.

Poster Maker by Photo Cool Apps

This poster maker software boasts numerous features, such as customizable templates and different text styles. Users can choose their background image and customize it to their preferences. A variety of stickers and fonts are also available for selection. It’s perfect for both novices and experts because to its interoperability with Mac, iPad, and iPhone devices and straightforward, user-friendly interface. It is available for free with adverts and works with Android 4.0.3 or later.

It is a free program that offers a selection of gorgeous and straightforward templates that allow you to create posters. Additionally, it has a simple user interface that was designed specifically for non-graphic designers. With drag-and-drop functionality, customizable templates, helpful support services, and multiple device compatibility – as well as storage on SD cards or sharing via social media – this app makes designing posters simple!

It provides users with various tools designed for poster creation, earning it 4.4 stars on the Google Play Store. In addition to standard editing features, there is also a selection of custom shapes, stickers, and effects designed to help create eye-catching posters.

RonyaSoft Poster Designer

RonyaSoft Poster Designer is a software application designed to assist in creating posters for advertisement or personal use. With an extensive library of pre-designed templates that can be modified by adding images, shapes, clipart, or backgrounds as desired; basic image editing tools including cropping and resizing; shadows and outlines text effects as well as minimal system requirements make RonyaSoft Poster Designer an invaluable tool.

The poster maker application is simple to use. It features an assortment of templates categorized by funny, holiday, event sales, and business needs – making it easy for users to find exactly the right template for them! Furthermore, users can even create posters from scratch. Another advantage of this poster maker software is that it does not rely on an internet connection; therefore, you can use it anywhere, whether at home or the office. Installation takes under five minutes.

Although it’s a  free poster maker, trial versions add watermarks that could potentially be bothersome if used professionally – however, this minor problem can easily be rectified by purchasing the full version of the software.

The Importance of Poster Making Software

Poster maker software can be an invaluable asset, enabling anyone with limited design skills to craft professional-looking posters without needing extensive design knowledge or a complex graphic editor. Most programs provide pre-designed templates that users can edit according to their individual needs, while the apps and software also often integrate with graphics editing tools, word processing programs, or image manipulation modules if applicable.

The ideal poster-making software should be straightforward for a range of users and offer templates and features tailored to a wide array of poster designs. Some programs offer advanced capabilities like vector drawing engines that make creating professional-quality posters simpler, while Adobe Illustrator and InDesign provide more basic capabilities but are still excellent options when it comes to poster design. If you are into poster making, you must have a professional-level app or software.

Many poster design software works across Apple devices and features an easy user interface. With multiple templates to help users easily create professional-quality posters and flyers/business card designs. Plus, most of them feature a generous free option, allowing several designs at the same time! The above-mentioned are some of the best and most impressive poster design software solutions, offering features like an integrated vector engine and font/text manipulation tools to work on large layouts easily and without hassle.

Some of the above apps and tools stand out as top poster design software with their wide range of drawing tools and features to help users craft custom posters. Users can easily select fonts to suit any style preference with its user-friendly interface, making the software suitable even for beginners to get their designs underway quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, most of them support several file formats, such as PDF and JPG. When it comes to poster maker software, there are various choices.

While many poster design software are easily available for free, many professional-level tools offer free trials before you buy them. Going for such poster design software is always a fantastic choice for small businesses that cannot afford designer fees. These user-friendly tool offers an expansive library of poster templates organized into categories and can be searched by keyword; additional features such as icons and charts add visual interest.


Poster maker software and apps are powerful tools that make graphic design simpler, often including pre-loaded with professionally-designed templates and user-friendly editing tools. There is an array of poster-making software and apps out there, but it’s essential to consider your specific requirements when choosing the ideal solution for yourself. Compare features prices and read user reviews in order to identify what meets your unique requirements; then begin designing eye-catching posters to draw customers and expand your business! Good luck!