Best Hospital For Cervical Spine Surgery in India

The term ‘cervical’ refers to the neck region of your body. The cervical spine is comprised of seven bones having intervertebral discs that separate them from each other. The role of these discs is to enable the free movement of the spine and act as shock absorbers during physical activity. What is Cervical Spine Surgery?

Whilst majority of people with cervical spine issues will get better with time by the aid of traditional treatments; in case the pain persists for a long time and becomes intolerable, it’s an indication that you are in dire need of a surgery. People often ignore the neck pain and wait until the symptoms get worse, but it is important to get a timely treatment as further negligence can cause irreparable damages to the cervical region.

Cervical Spine Surgery in India to alleviate pain and stabilize the spine

Cervical Spine Surgery in India is done to eradicate the pain, weakness, numbness, and tingling caused by the problems in the cervical spine. It is performed to correct deformities in your spine and revamp the nerve function. In cervical spine surgery, the harmed disc is removed and replaced by an artificial disc in order to eliminate the pain and ease off nerve root pressure.

Cervical spine surgery is recommended to people who experience pain that begins at the neck region and radiates to back, shoulder, arms, etc. If the pain is making it difficult for you to perform the menial tasks of every day, then it’s an indication that surgery is the only viable option if minor treatments have failed to relieve the pain.

At Spine Surgery India, we have certified orthopedic doctors and surgeons who effectively execute the cervical spine surgery procedure and make sure to correct the cervical abnormalities of the patients. Our expert doctors have substantial expertise in performing various kinds of surgeries and have a track record of producing great results for the patients. We offer Cervical Spine Surgery in India at the most affordable price, which is why patients from all parts of the world choose India for the surgical treatment of their spine.

How to know when you need a Cervical Spine Surgery

It is imperative to undergo cervical spine surgery when there is an apparent and serious deformity in your cervical region.  Distortion in your spine can make your neck susceptible to injuries and increase the possibility of fracture of the vertebrae located in the neck portion. Other than that, there are some conditions and diseases that compel a patient to undergo cervical spine surgery in India.

Conditions necessitating the need for Spine Surgery in India

Degenerative disc disease. Cervical surgery is a necessity if you have a condition known as degenerative disc disease where there is a contraction in intervertebral discs and as a result, disc begins to deplete.

Disc herniation. The wearing down of disc due to degenerative disease may also be the cause of a condition called disc herniation, where the cushion-like structure between the different vertebrae extends outwards due to a crack in the tougher exterior covering.

Cervical stenosis. This is condition generally affects old age people in which spinal canal diminish in broadness and lead to the clench of the spinal cord. Thereby, causing a reduction in the space between the vertebrae and ability of the disc to act as a shock absorber against physical activities.

Common Surgical procedures for Cervical Spine Surgery India

There is two main procedure for performing cervical spine surgery in India, namely; decompression and fusion. The aim of the different surgeries is to reduce pain and strengthen the spine.  Both of the procedures are clearly explained below.

Decompression. Decompression is a surgical speciality in which the surgeon removes the tissue pushing against the nerve structure and the surgery is done in accordance with the location of nerve structure that is being pressed. Decompression can be performed from the anterior side of the posterior side of the spine, depending upon from wheresoever the nerve has been pressed.

In the surgery, the tissue pushing against the spinal cord is taken out, and more room is made for the nerve tissue in order to halt further obstruction. There are different kinds of decompression surgeries such as foraminotomy, laminotomy, facetectomy, discectomy, etc.

Fusion.  Fusion is the welding of bones with the instrumentality of bone graft or other material. A fusion helps in impeding the movement between two separated vertebrae and provides stabilization of the spine for a prolonged period.

During a cervical fusion, different vertebrae, facets, or lamina will be hinged together, usually with the assistance of a bone graft or other material. In the case of posterior fusion, the doctor places a bone graft on one side of the lamina to make it fuse within the different structures. Once the bone graft is perfectly fused with the bones it aids in stabilizing the two vertebrae. Likewise, grafting is performed on the facets and other vertebral bodies according to the patient’s surgical needs. The surgeon may also use rods, cables, wires, and plates for fusion and to enhance the stability of the cervical spine.

Cervical Spine Surgery Cost in India

 Spine Surgery India has a well-qualified team of orthopaedic surgeons who are extensively experienced in performing cervical spine surgery in India. They perform various surgical procedures by employing sophisticated surgical instruments and technology. Our doctors remain abreast with all technological advances in the domain of spine surgery. Also, we provide the services of our surgeons at the most reasonable cost for cervical spine surgery in India. We do not undermine the quality of the surgery because of the low cost of the treatment.