Top 17 Best Free International Calling Apps For Internet Calls, Text And Video

Keeping in touch with our friends, family, friends’ friends, and partners throughout the world is simpler than ever in today’s globalized culture. Technology advancements have made international calling more accessible and affordable. As the use of smartphones and internet access has grown, several applications have appeared that allow us to communicate for free across borders, exchange messages, and even conduct video conversations without paying expensive rates to telecom carriers. In this post, we’ll examine the top 17 free International Calling Apps. These applications provide smooth communication and help you keep in contact with your global lover.

In the globalized, digital age when distances are irrelevant, international calling applications have transformed the way we communicate with individuals around the globe. These applications leverage the power of the internet to enable free calls, messages, and video chats without charging for long-distance or conventional phone lines. The 17 best free international calling apps that will allow you to easily communicate with your global lover are listed below:

Top 17 Best Free International Calling Apps


WhatsApp stands out as one of the most popular options among the several messaging services that are readily available. Text messaging, image sharing, free video, and audio discussions, and more possibilities are all available which makes it simple to make high-quality international calls.


Skype is now the market leader because it was one of the first services to offer Internet calling. Using this service, customers may call foreign landlines and mobile phones for no cost or a little fee as well as other Skype users. Skype is still the best option for international communication due to its intuitive interface and excellent call quality.


The free messaging, voice, and video calling app Viber is versatile. End-to-end encryption ensures the confidentiality and safety of your conversations. You won’t have to pay anything to use Viber to talk to your global lover in high quality.

Google Duo

Google Duo is a free video-calling app that is both straightforward and efficient. It lets you connect with anyone using a computer or smartphone and is compatible with all platforms. Google Duo is a great option for international video communication because it ensures smooth video calls even in low-bandwidth situations.

Facebook Messenger

It is a popular messaging app with billions of active users. It offers free voice and video calling features. Thanks to its easy interaction with your Facebook account, you may communicate with your international partner and have excellent chats without spending a dollar.


WeChat is a well-known app that is mostly used in China but has gained popularity worldwide. In addition to messaging, it provides free voice and video calling, making international communication simple. The user experience as a whole is enhanced by the numerous additional features that WeChat offers, such as social networking and payment services.


Line app lets you make free video and voice calls, send messages, and share media files. It has fun features like stickers and games that make communication more enjoyable and has a large Asian user base.


A cloud-based messaging service called Telegram puts security and privacy first. Despite having a messaging-centric primary focus, it also offers audio and video conversations. Due to its robust encryption and messages that self-destruct, Telegram ensures that your conversations remain private and secure even when communicating across international borders.


Another well-known app that offers free voice and video calling services is Imo Imo. Even in low-bandwidth situations, it provides high-quality audio and video calls, ensuring a smooth communication experience. It is also suitable for connecting with multiple people at once because it supports group video calls.


Tango is a flexible program that offers free phone and video chatting, social networking, and messaging functions. It allows you to make crystal-clear calls to anyone on the globe, wherever they may be and on whatever device they may be using. Tango’s special features, such as its filters and virtual presence, make chatting enjoyable.


JusTalk is a video calling app that is easy to use. It supports group calling as well as video and audio calls in high definition. Additionally, JusTalk provides a variety of effects and filters to enhance and engage your video calls.


Signal is a highly secure messaging app with a focus on privacy. It supports video and voice calls as well as text messaging, despite its primary focus on the latter. Signal is a great option for international communication where privacy is important because it protects your conversations using end-to-end encryption.


KakaoTalk is a well-liked messaging app in South Korea that also offers free voice and video calls as well as messaging features. In addition, you can express yourself and spice up your conversations with a selection of original stickers and emoticons. KakaoTalk is a great option for forming relationships with people all over the world due to its widespread use in South Korea.


Zalo is a social networking, voice and video calling, and messaging application developed in Vietnam. It provides you with various choices for sharing mixed media and allows you to settle on free decisions with other Zalo clients. Zalo is a popular choice for Vietnamese people who want to communicate with their international lovers because of its localized features.


ToTok is a relatively new app that is popular for its free voice and video calling services. It ensures safe communication by supporting end-to-end encryption and providing excellent call quality. ToTok is an international app that is quickly becoming the preferred method for international calling.


For a certain phone number, TextNow is a unique software that offers free calling and messaging services. You may use it to make free calls to both domestic and international lines. TextNow is a tempting option for clients on a budget because it offers a variety of affordable designs for increased adaptability.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the widespread use of Zoom. Zoom for online meetings and video conferencing made it a household name. Zoom is primarily intended for business purposes, but it also provides free video calls, making it an easy choice for international communication with a global lover. It upholds huge gathering calls and gives highlights like screen sharing and virtual foundations, upgrading the general video-calling experience.

You have access to a comprehensive list of the best free apps for making international calls; however, before selecting one, it is essential to consider a few additional factors. Consider the app’s general usability and user interface first. An easy-to-understand connection with an instinctive route can essentially improve your correspondence experience. Look for applications that integrate seamlessly with your contacts, making it simple to locate and connect with your international lover.

Additionally, think about the app’s audio and video quality. Audio that is crisp and clear guarantees that your conversations will flow without interruption. Similarly, high-definition video quality can enhance the lifelike and engaging quality of your video calls. To get the most out of your international calls, give apps with superior audio and video capabilities top priority.

The availability of extra services and features is another factor to consider. When connecting with someone from a different nation, options like file sharing, group chats, and even language translation are available on some apps. Examine the supplementary features each app offers and select the ones that best suit your requirements and tastes.

Even while these applications offer free international calling, it’s vital to keep in mind that if you utilize data, calling may consume all of your internet access. Make international calls over Wi-Fi if your data plan is limited to avoid paying for more data.

It is essential to consider how these apps use data in addition to the preceding factors. Even though they provide free messaging and calling services, they rely on internet connectivity. As a result, monitoring your information usage and plan is essential. If you have limited data or are concerned about exceeding it, it is suggested that you use these apps while connected to a Wi-Fi network. You won’t have to worry about data fees and can talk uninterrupted as a result.

Consider the app’s dependability and customer support when selecting the best international calling app for your needs. Search for applications that give quick and trustworthy client service assuming you experience issues or have questions. An enjoyable user experience is ensured by dependable apps that regularly receive bug fixes and updates.

Before downloading any of these free international calling apps, be sure to read the user reviews and ratings posted on app stores or online forums. A lot about the app’s performance, features, and user satisfaction can be learned from user feedback. Make a well-informed choice that meets your specific requirements by taking into consideration both positive and negative reviews.

Consider compatibility, dependability, and call quality when looking for the best international calling app. If an application has a decent standing and positive client surveys, you can gain some significant experience about how dependable it is and the way that well it works. Your calls will always be clear and stable when you use a dependable app, allowing you to communicate without interruptions or technical issues.

Pay close attention to the app’s device compatibility. The majority of apps for making international calls are compatible with both Android and iOS devices, so you can communicate with your international lover on any smartphone. Compatibility eliminates communication barriers and ensures a seamless experience.

Many of these apps provide additional features that enhance your communication experience in addition to basic voice calls. For instance, you can send voice, photo, and text messages to your global lover using some apps’ instant messaging features. Some could have video calling capabilities, which would let you see each other face to face and deepen your emotional bond even if you were far apart. Consider the aspects that are most essential to you when choosing an app to suit your needs.

It is also important to keep in mind that when utilizing these apps, the quality and accessibility of internet connectivity might differ. Mobile data networks may have restrictions in specific locations or during busy periods, but Wi-Fi networks often provide a more steady and dependable connection. To ensure uninterrupted and high-quality conversations, messages, and video chats with your international partner, it is advised to give priority to utilizing these applications in locations with strong Wi-Fi signals or dependable internet connections.

These applications provide a ton of extra features that can facilitate communication. You can share special moments and important information with your global lover by sending multimedia files, such as documents, photos, and videos, through some apps. Others may provide fun and creative conversation-enhancing features like voice messaging or stickers. Take a look at the features of each app and select the ones that best suit your communication preferences.

As you adventure into the domain of global calling applications, taking into account their similarity with various working systems is significant. You and your global lover will be able to communicate with each other regardless of the kind of smartphone you have because many of the best apps in this category are made to work seamlessly on both Android and iOS devices. This compatibility across platforms removes any obstacles and facilitates a hassle-free communication experience.

In addition to being cross-platform interoperable, these applications usually include several features outside of the typical message and calling capabilities. By sharing images, videos, and even location information with some applications, you may maintain a closer connection with others. Others provide functionality for group chat, allowing you to create virtual spaces in which you and your international lover can communicate with friends and family simultaneously. Taking a look at these additional features may help you communicate more effectively and bring you closer to your international lover.

Staying in touch with your international partner has never been easier thanks to free international calling apps. These applications offer an affordable and practical way of connecting across borders to make sure that distance does not interfere with your relationship. To make the most of these apps, consider the following extra advice and considerations:

Check the app’s supported countries:

Even though most popular apps cover the whole world, it’s important to make sure the countries where you and your global lover live are supported. Double-checking this information will ensure that you can connect seamlessly because some apps may only be available in certain regions.

Explore premium features:

Additionally, several free international calling apps offer premium features or paid subscriptions that can improve communication. Higher-quality video and audio calls, ad-free use, and more storage for sharing media are examples of these features. Consider upgrading if these features enhance your communication and align with your requirements.

Use a VPN for enhanced privacy:

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when using these apps if privacy and security are important to you. A VPN encodes your web association, safeguarding your information from potential listening in. When sharing private information with a global partner, this extra layer of security can give you peace of mind.

Take advantage of offline messaging:

Even when you or your global lover are offline, some apps let you send messages or voice recordings. These messages will be sent when the recipient gets back online, so you’ll always be connected, even if you’re in different time zones or have trouble connecting for a while.

Consider multi-platform usage:

Consider using apps that are compatible with multiple platforms to ensure smooth communication. You will be able to communicate with your international lover in this manner regardless of whether they use a computer, an iOS device, or an Android device. Compatibility across multiple platforms removes any obstacles and makes it possible to have a flexible and convenient communication experience.

Practice good internet etiquette:

Good internet etiquette is essential when using free international calling apps to ensure a positive experience for both you and your international lover. Maintain a stable internet connection, mute your microphone when not speaking, and avoid talking over each other to minimize disruptions. You can have conversations that are meaningful and uninterrupted if you follow these straightforward guidelines.

Combine different apps for versatility:

Exploring a variety of applications to make use of each one’s special characteristics is frequently necessary to optimize your communication experience. Another app could have better voice call capability while one might be better in video quality. For instance, among other combinations, you may think about utilizing Viber for messaging, WhatsApp for phone calls, and Skype for video conversations. You may find the apps that best meet your unique communication needs by trying a variety of them and making the most of each one’s unique capabilities.

Explore language translation features:

If you and your global lover speak different languages, you might want to use apps with features for translating between languages. These features can help break down the language barrier and make communication go more smoothly. Some applications feature real-time translation during voice and video chats so you may speak in your native tongue.

You may access a variety of features and choices that can significantly enhance your conversation with your overseas partner using these 17 free applications for international calls. You may use these applications to make crystal-clear video calls, high-quality phone conversations, and practical messaging choices.

A number of these applications also provide extra features that might improve your conversation while also making it more entertaining and productive. For instance, applications offer the capacity to share interactive media records, for example, photographs, recordings, and reports, permitting you to remain associated and share unique minutes with your worldwide sweetheart. Some may already include features like group chats, which allow you to create virtual spaces and communicate with several people at once, including family and friends.

Your conversations will remain private and secure thanks to some apps’ emphasis on security and privacy. With features like self-destructing messages and end-to-end encryption, you can rest easy knowing that your private conversations are safe from prying eyes.

A variety of preferences and demands may be met by these applications. If you want an app with a straightforward user interface and simple contact connection, for instance, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are excellent options. WeChat, on the other hand, offers a complete experience if you want to explore exclusive aspects like social networking and financial services.

Numerous of these apps are made to function on such operating systems in addition to those of Android and iOS, mobile devices, and PCs. Since you and your global lover may speak with each other using any device thanks to this cross-platform compatibility, there are no barriers to communication between you two.


In summary, these 17 free international calling applications provide a wide range of features and settings that may significantly enhance your conversation with your Global Lover. There is an app on our list that can meet your specific demands, regardless of how important video chats, texting capabilities, crystal-clear voice discussions, or additional services are to you. Look over these programs, take into account the unique characteristics they provide, and select the ones that most closely match your preferences if you want to keep up a happy and successful long-distance relationship.