70trades makes CFD Trading Made Easy Through A Reliable Trading Platform

The number of people getting into CFD trading through the internet has been increasing steadily in the recent past. This is attributed to the fact that more people understand the benefits of this kind of trading. One of the most reliable platforms that provide this kind of trading is 70trades. This platform has an assortment of features that makes it ideal for novice and experienced traders.

Features and Attributes of 70trades

Among the primary features of the platform is that it is purely online based where you can download the application on your phone. By getting the app on your phone, you get the freedom to trade from anywhere. 70trades also provides research tools that can help you make informed decisions while deciding how to trade.

The minimum deposit on this platform is just $200, depending on the account type. There are three account types which are entry-level, advanced, and pro. The three options give you the freedom to choose exactly how you want to trade, depending on your experience.

Is 70trades Suitable for Beginners?

Yes, 70trades is suitable for beginners. If you do not have any experience in trading, you do not have to worry since the platform provides lessons on trading. You will get a one-on-one lesson with an expert and tutorial materials to help you know the basics and techniques of trading. Any 70trades review, even from a beginner, will tell you that the platform is among the easiest trading options irrespective of experience in trading.

Another essential feature that makes this platform ideal for beginners is that it has a reliable support team available 24/5. From Monday to Friday, you can ask any question and get quick and helpful answers. Furthermore, 70trades has super low fixed spreads, which start from 3.0 pips, making it ideal for beginners.

Safe and Diverse

70trades is owned by a reliable company that has all the required licenses. It also has a low rollover fee overnight, exposure on currencies, commodities, indices, and stocks is 0.02%. Exposure for CFDs, main cryptocurrencies, is 0.50% because their volatility is much higher.

Spot orders on the platform are usually executed at the price you choose during the regular global forex market conditions. This provides you with an opportunity to trade more appropriately and control all your trading activities. You also get an asset list that is exclusive to let you know about your assets at all times.

The only cons of 70trades include that it is off-shore regulated, which might cause some law problems. The fixed spread is also considered higher than what is provided by most similar platforms that offer trading services. But these few issues do not stop the platform from being one of the most reliable.

Therefore, 70Trades is among the leading platforms that can help you make money by online trading. Even without any experience, you will get help, and within a short time, you will be trading like an expert. You also get the freedom to trade at almost any time you want, provided you have a suitable device. Try 70trades’s service by yourself!

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