7 avenues to a successful event management career

The event management industry is booming in India. The industry has witnessed a massive leap in the last decade. The advent of digitalization, increasing expendable income, and increased demands for extravagant can be attributed to India’s growth in the event industry. The nation is adapting the western culture at an incredible pace. We just wait for an occasion to organize grand events such as a wedding, festivals, feast, official meetings, anniversary, or birthday celebration. We want the event to look perfect with theme decorations, good music best taste in food and beverages. Additionally, we look for a professional photographer to capture every moment to create the best memories.

We believe that throwing a lavish party at people increases our reputation in society. This culture is pushing the event industry to touch a new height of success. Even the Government of India is promoting the event industry as it is a vital contributor to its economy. If you are looking for lucrative career options and instills the skillset required in this industry, you can pursue BBA in Event Management. Click here to check colleges for BBA in event management. Click here to check for the best colleges for BBA college in Indore.

What do we mean by Event Management?

Event Management is the planning and execution of events in an organized manner. Event Management involves visualizing, planning, budgeting events according to the target audience. It requires strong management and communication skills to execute an event successfully. From florists to caterers, an event manager is required to build a strong network with all the professionals involved in this field.

In the event industry, every day is different as the events are also different. Clients usually approach event managers for organizing a wedding, disco nights, birthday parties, corporate events, conferences, concerts, and ceremonies.

How is BBA in event management helpful for a bright career?

BBA in Events Management is a three-year full-time program focusing on forming relationships with society and the public. The course provides a deep understanding of communication tools and their impact on societies. A student with 50% in matriculation and intermediate can apply for BBA in Event Management. Usually, a student is required to appear for a personal interview to secure admission to this program.

7 avenues to Event Management Career

1. Event Planning: It manages an event through proper planning, budgeting, and executing events through coordination.

2. Event Logistics Management: In this profession, an event logistics manager is responsible for controlling and managing equipment used in events.

3. Press and Media Management: In this profession, an individual is responsible for controlling functions and operations related to media.

4. Risk Management: In this profession, an individual is required to identify, assess, and control the threat to the company’s capital.

5. Brand Management: Brand Managers work towards increasing awareness and maintaining a brand’s goodwill in the market.

6. Public Relations (PR): Public Relations Officers work towards promoting the image of an organization.

7. Finance and Budget Management: In this profession, individual analyses and allocate the budget according to the requirement.

All these professions offer better remuneration. So, make a mindful decision by applying to the course today!