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5 sure shot ways to get instant YouTube subscribers

You have started your YouTube channel and want to secure instant subscribers for it, right? Well, the game of gathering subscribers may seem a hard nut to crack but it is certainly not! While many would go for buying into YouTube subscribers, we give you a low down on few easy yet doable ways to hit your first batch of instant YouTube subscribers.

 So here you go with 5 sure shot ways to get subscribers to instantly hit your YouTube Channel

1. Have a website? Promote your channel!

In case you run a website that drives consistent and huge traffic each month, you’ve got the perfect solution to finding instant YouTube subscribers. Also, you need to promote your YouTube channel to make good use of the traffic you already have.

You can also post content with the link of your channel or any video to the site of another person. Remember, if the site has good traffic, then only it will be fruitful for you.

2. Maintain the consistency of topics

Let’s say if you upload a random vlog one day, a gaming video the next, and a cooking video right after, users won’t know what to expect from your channel. Moreover, if they do not know what your YouTube channel is about, they will be less likely to subscribe. Unless they don’t know what is the theme of your channel, they will not like to subscribe to your channel.

For example, subscribers to any YouTube food channel know that they will consistently post videos on how to try out new recipes at home, or give a deeper insight into a variety of foods.

3. Make grand YouTube debut with attractive trailers

Now we are not talking about big-budget Bollywood trailers. Here we are talking about a simple, short, and engaging video that is well-able to explain what your channel is about. This video must be able to tell you about your channel theme and reason for creating this channel.

If a user likes your trailers, surely the user will subscribe to your channel. Thus, adding an influential trailer can provide your instant Youtube Subscribers.

4. Schedule your Upload and stick to the flow

You must frequently upload videos on your channel. It doesn’t mean that you should upload videos daily. You can do one video in a week or 15 days, but you must ensure you are maintaining a fixed time duration between each video.

If your subscribers will not get a new video for a long time, probably they will unsubscribe your channel. Obviously, in this case, new subscribers will not come. Thus, instead of increase, you will get a decrease in the Subscriber count.

5. Create Attractive Thumbnails

Since the thumbnail of your video is the first thing YouTube users will see, it must be eye-catching and influencing. So that the user can click on your video to watch it.

So use the best quality, eye-catching image with title text and contrasting colors. There are many graphic tools by which you can easily create thumbnail images. Also, you can use the screen from your video by placing the title text.

Summing it Up!!

We understand that getting instant YouTube subscribers surely requires some efforts but once you follow the above tips, it is certainly going to help. Put the best into it and any user will certainly tempt to subscribe to your channel. We assure you that the above tips will help you to permanent YouTube subscribers.

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