Top 9 Free Virtual Exhibition Software Platforms of 2024

Want to launch your product online to a wide-ranging audience? Got to show off your virtual fair to the world and increase revenue? Have to manage a virtual conference with a real-world backdrop? There are hundreds of software available to seal the deal. With the world that is facing the dire coronavirus scenario and ‘Work from Home’. Virtual Exhibition becomes the common rule, staying online is the new way of life.

Thankfully, the technology has advanced over years, and today you can organize any events (business meetings, multi-session conferences, product exhibitions, trade shows, expos, and job fairs) on dynamic platforms through digital experiences. There is a difference between virtual and in-person events that the former is conducted via the internet and uses software for it. Rest remains the same: people connect on the mentioned time, network each other, and engage through several levels, all sitting miles apart. 

Best Virtual Exhibition Software Platforms in 2024


Dreamcast Offering the one-stop solution for your virtual and hybrid events, Dreamcast is the ultimate choice for your next webinar. You can interact with attendees seamlessly through live audio & video chats, live polls, gamification, 3D teleportation, group chats, multichannel communication, and other useful features. Multi-national corporations or non-profit organizations, this software can help you win the hearts of the audience. Till now, it has delivered over 15000 webinars and virtual shows and offers detailed analytics afterwards. 


Inxpo is a tool that has years of experience now, INXPO boasts elements like keynote, lobby, breakout session, and theatre to streamline the live events also watch later on demands. There are different virtual booths for the trade shows that you can switch between for more information and details. With a reach of 157 countries, the webcasting platform helps you create interactive tailored content as per your perspective.


An innovative and simple-to-use software, Samaaro adds flavor to your virtual event. It is an award-winning platform with personalized landing pages, a virtual lobby, immersive sessions, and amazing transitions. This feature-rich tool will supercharge your virtual promotion events at a budget rate and top-class security. From conferences and summits to trade shows, its services help to organize customizable webinars. The uniqueness and flexibility will strengthen your image. 


Accelevents is an AI-based system, which is an affordable, comprehensive platform for the organizers and attendees to build relationships and make connections. They Provide smart features such as a built-in studio, live chat, exhibitor booths, ticket sales counter, and more, the tool empowers your event and thrills your audience. You can add 100 participants to whopping 100,000 participants. The tool is a complete package to breathe life into your virtual expo


With robust attributes, effortless interface, custom features, and ready-made templates, VFairs is an all-inclusive tool. It makes virtual exhibitions a piece of cake with its well-designed application. Vfair allows visitors to register and attend the event with ease. it helps both parties communicate through different mediums, including video chat, text, and audio. It goes the extra mile with its 1:1 networking or group chat, as per your choice. 

Big Marker

Loaded with several built-in features to upgrade your virtual exhibitions, fairs, or expos, Big Marker is the best solution for your webinars and videos. It is a cloud-based software that improvises the experience with Lead Forms, Polls, Offers, and Q&A. Now you can host multi-day powerful events, launch them on social media, sell products with readymade filters, and convert leads. Major brands like Google, Panasonic, and McDonald’s have employed this software. 


SpotMe is Suitable for all kinds of businesses. This is the all-in-one platform to engage and inform the audience in the right way. It offers 100% personalization to video conferencing or live streaming. they provide options like uploading a banner, changing menu icons, and redesigning the look that speaks in favor of your brands. It eliminates the distance between the attendees with a chance to applause or question through polls, extracts data with real-time insights, and brings a free-to-use HTTP API. 


One of the widely chosen virtual exhibition software. Hopin knows how to conduct a large-scale program with people from around the globe. It is an attendee-dedicated virtual venue where you can do everything from selling event tickets to analyzing stats from the event. Be it conferences, summits, Virtual AGM, expos or training, and workshops, the simplicity, and quick response of the tool will help you set apart, leave a trustworthy impact and earn a better ROI. 


Promising a successful virtual event, GoToWebinar needs no introduction. It creates a friendly space for organizations to interact with people through screen sharing, audience polls, automated email marketing, and more. With flexible scheduling and pre-composed templates, the exhibitors can focus on the main content. That way if you want to enhance your brand’s reputation like Unbounce and Mention, go with this software. 


Jump on the bandwagon and choose any of the software as per your requirements. In 2021 is more about staying indoors and avoiding public gatherings. If done right, these virtual exhibition software platforms can be a perfect alternative adding convenience and value. 

Author Bio – Raghav is a software engineer, travel blogger, pasta-lover, adrenaline junkie, owner of a dog, and technophile. While he has his one part of his head sink into the world of changes and innovation, the other part roams in nature. For his digital detox, he tries unique experiences like exploring new cities, hiking mountains, and enjoying love lake Dubai. Travelling keeps him sane. In short, for him, life is all about living in the moment.