Top 10 Broadband Service providers Companies In 2020

Internet is a fundamental pedestal of all interactions upon which various fields and organisational aspects rest. Students and professionals from all areas and fields densely depend upon the internet for their routine functioning. The roles of professionals and students in the postmodern era strongly rely upon the presence of the internet. Countless fields operate upon the internet with zero necessity of physical presence for any office work. here we are providing details about top 10 Broadband Service providers.

Technological wonders as such contribute considerably towards establishing human connections and bringing humanity together at mutual table alongside providing through other valuable and direly necessitated functions within post-modern era.

Technological progression has gradually developed over the course within 21st century where it would be undeniable to say that the current era has been taken over by technological influence in the crucial fields of education, profession, socio-economic lifestyles and cultural digital management.

Internet is undeniably exposing people to the most desirable forms of facilitating aspects and supporting pedestals. Internet and technology are vastly supporting today’s personal, social, cultural, economic and political foundations in the global economy. Shifts of traditional trends are clearly visible into digital channels. Internet has therefore become a crucial need for all in the post modern age of these days. Carrying out personal professional lives without he usage of internet prohibits exposure and a vast arena of learning.

Broadband services provider indulge in an exercise of providing internet services to people belonging to a certain region. Broadband internet service provider businesses are operating substantially and competitively in the digital market of the 21st century.

Top 10 Broadband Service Providers:

Transworld Home:

Transworld home is one of the most preferential broadband services providers in the market. offers an internet speed of more than 100Mbps And trends on more than 100 HD to interest and intrigue the audience. This provides stable, reliable and fastest internet to its users. It provides unlimited and unending download facility to its users. It carries monthly internet charges of PKR 200 with an unlimited internet volume.


Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited PTCL is the first company to begin telephone services in Pakistan. It has been operating for years. PTCL is now ranked among one of the best internet service providers. The services and quality output that PTCL delivers is consistently upgrading and improving.

PTCL operates in an international market through various digital channels from around the globe. It operates with monthly internet charges of PKR 1750 with unending broadband volume. It has an internet speed of up to 16 Mbps.


Fiberlink is one of the most affordable internet service providers. There are no extra charges and all the internet packages are exclusive of taxes. It operates with the aim of providing internet services to bigger organisations, multinationals and individuals working from home. Fiberlink plays a vital role in providing high-quality internet services. It helps businesses and offices to keep operating efficiently. It carries monthly internet charges of PKR 1500 with an unlimited internet volume.


Wi-Tribe is the best broadband internet service provider with a speed of 200 Mbps. It acquires a Technology Innovation for providing 4.5G speed broadband internet service. This ISP provides extremely reliable services to its customers, encouraging their clientele to expand over a period of time. It offers convenient customer dealing services with affordable and deserving packages. Wi-Tribe operates with monthly internet charges of PKR 1249 with an internet volume of 50 GB. It has an internet speed of 3Mbps with a smart T.V optional.


Brainnet is one of the highly considerable internet service providers. It originates from Brain Telecommunication Limited. It covers a vast amount of geographical area with its strong communication network spread over kilometres. Brainnet offers a diversity of internet bundle to fulfil connectivity preferences of its users from all over the globe. This operates with the monthly internet charges of PKR 1499 with an unlimited internet volume. It has an internet speed of 5 Mbps with a smart TV optional. It carries device charges of 8499 with no installation charges.


Optic allows a fibre internet for improving connectivity and faster internet speed. Optix allows its users with the most economical internet packages. It is preferential in the market above its competitor internet service providers due to higher reliability and frequency. Optix carries monthly internet charges of PKR 1850 including taxation. It has an unlimited internet volume with varying device charges. It has an internet speed of 2Mbps with an installation cost of PKR 4999.


Qubee provides exceptional internet services to its clients. They have a diversity of packages that range from 1 MB TO 3MB within affordable charges. It also launches ease providing internet devices known as Qubee Shuttle Devices.


Multinet provides its services in corporate sectors. Individual users cannot benefit from their services. It focuses on enhancing the productivity and efficiency if businesses through the unique services it offers. It provides excellent customer services with an absence of any hassle and inconvenience. Multinet marks its existence due to severe commitment along with high internet services to its consumers.


Worldcall telecom limited is providing multimedia and telecom services to its users. It is operating with payphone services and online payment methods. The company offers broadband services amalgamated with TV, internet and wireless phone services.


Satcom provides uninterrupted services to its users. It is one of the highly preferential and desirable internet service providers. It has a record of being a lower cost and highly reliable internet services. The company has an unlimited internet downloading speed and operates with the monthly charges of 6000.


Internet service providers use the term broadband to express their fast connectivity services. Broadband reflects highly reliable, vigorous and suitable internet services that any provider allows its user within affordable charges. Different types of broadband include Wireless, Satellite, Cable and DSL(Digital Subscriber Line)

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