Top 15 AI-powered Software Applications to Check Out in 2022

The world of technology is indeed interesting and ever-changing on so many levels. To shed some light in this context, the phenomenon called Artificial Intelligence certainly gets a special mention. From online essay writers offering customized help to virtual food/retail stores; Artificial Intelligence has been contributing to a myriad of key functional sectors across the globe. And when it comes to AI Software apps, you cannot have enough of them. It’s a thriving market and the tech trends are simply changing the game in a whole new way altogether.

So, in case, you are eager to explore the bigger picture and find out the 15 most productive and advanced artificial intelligence software applications of 2022, read this blog.

Here’s everything you need to know.

IBM Watson

This is one of the most talked-about tools and apparently an app that drives on state-of-the-art mechanisms. The IBM Watson has a plethora of smart features at your disposal.

Key Features:

  • You get to integrate Watson assistant and create AI-powered conversational interfaces into the app.
  • With IBM Watson, you get access to Watson Discovery. It is basically an AI-powered search technology with multiple applications at your disposal.

Pricing: Visit


As the name suggests, the app is highly focused on Machine Learning. The tool is well known for offering robust Machine Learning algorithms, both for unsupervised and supervised learnings.

Key Features:

  • The biggest advantage of using this app is the fact that it is fully programable and repeatable.
  • You get to use almost all popular programming languages such as Python, Ruby, Swift, Java, Node.js, and more.

Pricing: $10,000 per year to $45,000 per year

Google Cloud

Talking of AI platforms, we simply cannot afford to miss out on this name in the business. Google Cloud, as an AI platform, has multiple applications to offer.

Key Features:

  • With this platform, you can easily create and develop your Machine Learning project and deploy the same to production.
  • In addition, the platform offers pre-configured Virtual Machines that can help you to create and develop deep learning applications.

Pricing: $300 in free credits

Azure Machine Learning Studio

Talking of the best AI-powered software applications in 2021, the Azure Machine Learning Studio certainly gets a special mention. The widespread application and advanced design and build of the software make it stand apart from the crowd.

Key Features:

  • The app helps data scientists in building, training, and deploying ML models twice faster than any other contemporary software.
  • Also, you can leverage the fullest potential of this software to build apps on the cloud and create standout innovative programming solutions.

Pricing: Visit


If you need AI-powered software that offers the best combination of design and innovation, then go for Cortana.

Key Features:

  • Cortana hosts a plethora of functions that would help your AI endeavors find success and prominence down the road.
  • From hands-free assistance to answering questions and providing reminders, you will have a lot of advanced features to explore with this app.
  • Guess what? The app is available on multiple platforms such as Amazon, Microsoft, Android, Xbox, and more.

Pricing: Visit


It is an open-source ML platform that offers multiple, smart features under one roof. The rich and advanced database and state-of-the-art technologies make this app one of the most sought-after and fully functional platforms for data scientists and AI analysts.

Key Features:

  • The app holds a reputation for using high-level Keras API.
  • This, as a result, will allow you to create AI-based software and other applications twice more seamlessly.
  • Also, TensorFlow is well-known for offering various levels of abstractions and other avenues of customizable executions.

Pricing: Visit


It would rather be unfair not to mention Youper in the best 15 lists of AI software applications. This is apparently one of the most talked-about and comprehensive tech platforms for data scientists who aim to tread an extra mile.

Key Features:

  • The smart app has the ability to learn about users through small conversations.
  • The small talks or online chats between various users lead the app to customize individual preferences and offer guided meditations.
  • The AI-based functionality allows Youper to track its users’ daily moods, behavioral activities, preferences, and likes.

Pricing: Visit


Yet another notable and supremely functional AI-powered app, Wipro HOLMES offers standout applications and a plethora of other perks for users.

Key Features:

  • The app offers automation-enabled digital transformational functionalities.
  • Also, the application provides pre-curated AI/ML frameworks.
  • These include Cognitive Text Analytics, Mimictron, Cognitive Search, and more.

Pricing: Visit

Salesforce Einstein

The name appears to be straight out of a science factory. Just kidding! When we hear “Einstein” we immediately relate to something extraordinarily genius. No prize for guessing, Salesforce Einstein is indeed genius in its own way.

Key Features:

  • This app is mostly used by sales, marketing, and analytics executives to harness the potential and benefit of prediction-based results and smart solutions on the go.
  • The AI functionality is so strong that it predicts and delivers personalized alerts and suggestions seamlessly and with absolute accuracy.


NVIDIA Deep Learning AI Software

Most of us are aware of NVIDIA reputation, especially in the domain of video game graphics. Now, the name has started making its presence felt in the sector of Artificial Intelligence as well.

Key Features:

  • The advanced software accelerates graphic processing units and delivers the same the moment you need it.
  • The best part is its range of availability. The NVIDIA Deep Learning AI app is available across all cloud software such as Amazon, Google, and more.

Pricing: Visit

Infosys Nia

If you wish to make complex tasks simpler with AI-backed technology, then Infosys Nia is a name you can rely on.

Key Features:

  • The smart and conversational interface regulates automaton for repetitive and programmatic tasks.
  • The automation platform offers an amazing combination of RPA, Predictive Automation, and Cognitive Automation.

Pricing: Visit

Amazon’s Alexa

Now, this is undeniably one of the most sought-after AI-powered apps that offer multiple smart functionalities and other advanced perks.

Key Features:

  • Alexa works almost like a virtual assistant, quite similar to that of Cortana.
  • It understands every major language including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.
  • You can connect Alexa to devices such as multimedia entertainment systems, lights, and cameras.

Pricing: Visit


If you are into banking, healthcare, telecom or marketing, then H20.AI is the tool you should opt for.

Key Features:

  • The app allows users to use and leverage the potential of programming languages such as Python and R.
  • It has a linear scalable platform and follows a distributed in-memory structure.

Pricing: Visit


This tool is said to be an ideal choice for developers. The platform hosts a plethora of interactive and smart features for tech-savvy people.

Key Features:

  • Meya provides a cognitive platform for smart app developments and other advancements.
  • The app allows developers to build, train and host their bots successfully.

Pricing: Visit

Content DNA Platform

It’s an amazingly operational and comprehensive machine learning platform that offers a wide range of smart features and other perks.

Key Features:

  • The platform offers excellent support for professional and user-oriented VoD and lives content.
  • In addition, the Content DNA Platform holds a reputation for working fine with any content type.
  • These include movies, series, TV, sports, events, shows, and more.

Pricing: Visit

Parting Thoughts,

Now that you are aware of the fifteen most productive AI apps of 2021, re-read the entire blog from scratch and figure out the one that would suit your niche best. After all, in a world of rapid digitization and technological boom, we cannot ignore the role and significance of Artificial Intelligence across all functional domains.

Quite similarly, the possibility of more technological emergencies in the form of AI-powered apps and platforms will keep popping up. So, let’s hope for a better tomorrow and watch the next generation explore more of such scopes and opportunities related to Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.


Author Bio: Clara Smith is an experienced essay writer, working on behalf of the digital platform Also, she is a tech blogger and freelance journalist, coming all the way from Chicago, the United States.

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