Best Gifts for your loved ones

Every once in a while a couple gets married. You’ve got everything under control, bridesmaid’s dresses are ready, the flower girls look really cute in their outfit, the bride’s gown is perfectly stitched and the groom didn’t get any kind of cold feet. And let’s say you have planned the perfect wedding, with or without a wedding planner. You have in advance ordered things you need on your wedding day. So what’s lacking when everything is perfect – your wedding giveaways. here we are providing some best Best Gifts ideas for your loved ones.

 Have you ever thought about the amount of trouble your guests go through to get to your wedding? Well, we all do a lot of it. But the most important thing about your wedding is that you just don’t have to make your guests feel special the days they are staying with you, you have to give them a wedding giveaway to make them feel special and also show them that you love them so much. Now comes the point that what can you Gifts your friends and family as a possible giveaway? Well not to worry my list will help you out with everything you need and according to age groups.

1) A Basket of Chocolate for Children

Well if you are calling full families to your wedding, then there’s one thing that you need there have to be things that both children and adults love. And they are chocolates both of them love it so you have to make sure that both in the baskets are packed separately or at least age mentioned via a tag. So it’s going to be more or less a lot of separation, to solve this you could also buy common chocolates for both adults and children. flowers delivery in Delhi is very easily available so you wouldn’t have to worry. On second thoughts if you are not willing to pack too many baskets, then you can buy these bouquets and let your guests be given two chocolates each and this way save a good amount of money.

2) A set of fragrant candles for the couples

Well whether any of your friends are newlywed or more than that. Most couples enjoy fragrant candles, they could be put as decorative on the dining table, in their bathrooms as aromatherapy, for a candlelight dinner, etc. and many more occasions like that. But of course, you can always make it a surprise for them and if you are using candles as a giveaway then you can always send flowers to Mumbai or any other city and add candles with it. So this will also be a surprise Gifts and a wedding giveaway in advance.

3) Fresh Muffins for random guests

No there isn’t any wedding left where there might not be any random guests especially if it is an Indian wedding you don’t really know that many people are there. So for such random guests, you’ll have to keep separate giveaways. Of course for guests like these you will always have a chocolate bouquet delivery in Bangalore or any other city, but if you want to give something else then have a basket of muffins come in handy for all of them. You can order them from a nearby bakery in bulk which will be cheaper.

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4) Donuts and lip balms for teenage girls

 Now every wedding has a different kind of age group of people and hence we have to make sure that everyone is given a proper wedding giveaway. And so for teenage girls, the best thing to gifts is a small box of donuts consisting of about five donuts and the best part is an online cake and flower delivery in India or any other country is easily available so you can place an order online for donuts and flowers for your wedding or any ornamental use. And add on will be some healthy all-natural lip balms for them to rethink their decision in makeup.

5) Pastries and Fragrance for teenage boys

 If there is anything that most teenage boys adore then it’s without any doubt pastries and some fine fragrances. And obviously whether boys or girls none of them despise free cake. Online cake and flower delivery in India or any other country are very easily available, so you can order in bulk or get it made from a bakery. For sure the teenage boys invited to your wedding I would definitely love your wedding giveaway.

6) Baskets for families

Well, expenses during a wedding come to your mind quite often. And also the fact that we have to reduce those expenses in order to save for our future as well. So when you have a wedding and don’t have enough expenses then the best thing to do is make a list of things that you want to add in a basket as a giveaway such as fragrances, candles, photo frames, eatables such as doughnuts, muffins, cakes and natural skincare kits consisting of body lotion, night cream, sunscreen, lip balm, natural handmade soaps, natural shampoos, shower gel, scrub, etc. Midnight cake and flower delivery in Bangalore are very easily available so you get it delivered even before your wedding and with a cake or pastries stating “we are getting married”. And it’s totally not necessary to add to many things, it can be a small basket.

7) Macarons and Centerpieces

 Another budget-friendly option wedding giveaway for your wedding macaroons and centrepieces. These centrepieces can be bought from the wholesale markets and that will cut down on a lot on your budget.  And macrons can be ordered in a local bakery preferably where you have tasted them before and that way you’ll have amazing gifts ready for all your guests. Of course, you can always send flowers to Bangalore with your invites, but that’s no excuse to not give any giveaway to your guests. Plus they’ll love to eat macarons and a centrepiece will make their house look better and they’ll always remember your wedding. 

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