VPN Vs Antivirus – Are Both Softwares Useful?

Both Antivirus and the VPN(Virtual Private Network) Software are used by lots of people. Both are used to protect the internal information of the device. But, does their functions are same? Now here you can see the difference between VPN Vs Antivirus security Apps. This comparison helps you to analyze how VPN is different from an Antivirus? 

Difference between VPN and Antivirus

This table helps you a lot to understand the comparison between VPN and Antivirus. Both are online security provider apps but provides different features. Now have a look at this table which is given below:

                      Basis                         VPN                      Antivirus
Access on geo-restricted sites                        Yes                        No
Alert from Malware                        Yes                        Yes
Kills Existing Virus                        No                        Yes
Online securityProtects from Online ThreatsReduce control of Access
Can stop new Virus to enter                        No                        Yes
Useful for Streaming                        Yes                        No
Add sites to visit                        Yes                        No
Provides Anonymity                        Yes                        No
Connect with Servers of different Countries                        Yes                        No

Which are the Best VPN with Antivirus?

The VPN companies which are safe to use with Antivirus software are rare. That’s why VPN companies charge a high amount for their security service. But you can get better deals on the purchase of subscriptions from some very popular and known VPN companies. 


VyprVPN is in demand because of its high-privacy features at a minimum price. It also protects your information from hackers, Blocks the ads, and alerts from Malware. Enjoy this online protection on VyprVPN Promo Code 2021. Order now to get amazing deals and save money on online shopping while connected with the VPN.

Surfshark VPN

Surfshark Virtual Private Network company offers surfshark discount code while getting safety from cybercrimes. It has many features and does not store any browsing history. This keeps away hackers or prying eyes from your private work which is done by the internet. Helps to alert from the Malware and reduce the chance of cyber threats. 


Install the ExpressVPN software on any device when you have Antivirus in your device. This VPN does not affect the device or information if you use both at the same time. The online privacy of ExpressVPN has satisfied many users and secure their live location or identity on the internet.


NordVPN Virtual Private Network software company provides security from Malware and CyberThreats. This app secures your internal information and blocks the traffic at the time of emergency. So, protects your online details from the leakage or steal of any type of login password.  NordVPN encrypts your traffic and secures the information.

Which are the best Antivirus with VPN?

Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky Antivirus helps to secure data from Malware, Spyware, Trojans. Phishing etc. Kaspersky removes the existing Malware and helps to secure your information from the effects of the virus. This is a pocket-friendly Antivirus software company that gives you protection at an affordable price.

Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus app gives protection from each type of online threat which can occur through the Virus. A virus can come through E-mail, Ads, Browsing unsafe sites, and from external storage devices also. It keeps a layer of privacy from all these issues.

Comparison Between VPN and Antivirus

There are many differences between VPN and Antivirus. You can install or use both VPN and the Antivirus app at the same time on the device. 

VPN(Virtual Private Network) software secures the device from online threats. VPN helps to provide online anonymity and hide location. It keeps a layer of protection to keep privacy from hackers and decrease cyber threats. It also provides the access to unlimited sites and even those which are not available in your country. You can add multiple shows, music, songs by connecting with the server of another country with the help of a VPN. 

While Antivirus is used to protect the information from Malware. A Virus can come from the links with the Sites, E-mail, any other data which is received through the internet. The virus can also be entered by external storage devices like Pendrive, CD-ROMs, etc. This app has the capacity to kills or removes Malware, Spyware, Trojans, etc. 

Is VPN better than Antivirus?

When you see the comparison of VPN vs Antivirus, you can analyze which is more secure. VPN gives more privacy to online activities by providing online anonymity. It also helps to Browse or Stream geo-blocking content or sites privately. 

But Antivirus does not provide these types of features. It only secures the information from Malware which can affect your data and details of the device. Antivirus reduces cyberthreats because Malware can help Hackers to access your device. A virus can affect or damage your personal information.

I hope, you have understood the VPN vs Antivirus and how they are different from each other. Now it is clear that both are useful in their way but VPN has more features as compared to Antivirus. But using Both software means to aware and secure information from unwanted cyber threats.