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List of 400+ Free Guest Posting Websites For 2022

Guest posting is increasingly becoming a valuable choice to occupy a favorable rank in search query results or enhance brand reputation. If you wish to get a large chunk of quality traffic or generate powerful backlinks, then Free Guest Posting websites should be always on the top list of your digital marketing toolkit.

If you are already working on a blog, why not invest that time and effort to write posts for other websites? Especially when the digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and generating great opportunities in the field of guest blogging.

So are you looking to start your guest posting journey? But you are facing a dilemma as to where to begin from? Then, keep on reading as we have brought you the ultimate guide to guest posting. In this blog, we’ll give you a profound insight into this industry, which includes its benefits, and various ways by which one can execute it efficiently.

What do we mean by Guest Posting?

Guest posting refers to the technique of developing blog content for another website or another blog. Mostly, guest posting is conducted for similar blogs within the same industry to attract viewers back to one’s website, boost domain authority and enhance brand credibility.

If you have come across a website where you can include your own blog content, then you are a guest author or a guest blogger. Moreover, guest blogging offers a win-win approach for the guest author and the website publishing the guest content. This allows you to even invite other bloggers to submit their blogs and get them published on your website too!

5 Benefits of Guest Posting

The benefits of Free Guest Posting websites are plenty. You can make a terrific impact on your digital marketing strategy by posting content on another site. To help you understand better, we have listed down 5 huge benefits one can avail of by adopting Guest Posting.

Establish relationships

By developing content for other websites, one gets to build and improve relationships with other bloggers within a specific niche. If you are new to this domain, chances are some may reject your blogs. Some may even accept them since they get free content which helps them to attract more visitors.

Hence, start taking a proactive approach towards reputed bloggers and websites. Of course, they all won’t be quite receptive of you, but surely you’ll get to direct your name out to them and get to establish your authority among them.

Improve ranking

One of the main benefits, free Guest posts assist your site to rank better in SERPs. Although you may have to put in some effort to identify the best bloggers in your niche who can insert links to your website within the blogs you post on their site.

Also, the more significant backlinks you possess, the higher the ranking of your website would be on search engines!

Discover new opportunities

If you properly execute your guest posting strategy, then one can easily receive several lucrative opportunities. Just ensure that your offering to a business must be tempting, one which can showcase the great level of expertise you possess!

Direct traffic to your site

Every guest post you develop will include backlinks that can direct readers to your site every time they click on them. And the more exposure you receive, get more quality traffic, which in turn boosts the conversion rate. It’s that simple!

Establish your authority

Your site authority serves as a measurement of how likely your site will show up to relevant online searches. There are several ways by which one can establish authority, however, those ways must be genuinely recognized by search engine algorithms and not be identified as shady mechanisms.

7 Steps to Implement an Effective Guest Posting Strategy

If you are going to optimize Guest posts, then you must know to do it right. You can even enroll in the best institute for digital marketing in Delhi and learn about various SEO tactics, which in turn can help you develop some remarkable guest posts.

Executing a successful Guest posting strategy incorporates several steps, which must be followed with due thoughtfulness.

Here is a detailed 7 step-by-step guide that will help you to do the same.

Identify your goals

Like any other digital marketing strategy, guest posting begins with knowing your goals. You must know where to head before you start heading there!

Knowing your goals helps you create an excellent bio and ensure your readers receive what they have promised.

Find relevant websites

Look for those relevant websites that can attract your target audience easily. Moreover, keep in mind that the sites you choose must be open to guest blogging and can serve you to meet your goals.

You can easily find guest posting opportunities by checking where your competitors are posting. To do this, you can either follow your rivals on social media or you can even trace the source of their inbound links.

Build a healthy relationship with the site owner

Before you start approaching site owners for guest posting, it is recommended that you should build a connection with them first.

To do this, subscribe to their site, tag them while sharing their content, understand what interests them, comment on their social media posts, respond to their emails, etc.

Pick an appealing topic

Think about a few blog ideas which can support your goals and meet the needs and interests of your audience and site owners. One can even understand the readers of the publishing site and work on topics that sync with their interests.

Or if you find a topic that is relevant to the posting site and is immensely shared, but is not posted on the site, then that topic is a good option to work upon.

Develop high-quality blogs

After finding the site and the topic, it is time to create great content that is worth publishing. By doing so, you can develop your credibility and increase the likelihood of publishers being wanting to work with you again!

Follow simple yet effective practices for writing a great blog, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Create a stunning headline
  • Search quality keywords
  • Follow host website guidelines
  • Add images
  • Edit. Repeat

Look into your results

Publishing your post is not the end game. One must support the site owner to manage and promote the blog in the following ways:

  • Link the blog to your website
  • Let your email newsletter subscribers know about it
  • Share your blog on social media channels
  • Engage with readers by responding to their comments

Track your outcomes

If you wish to know whether your guest posting strategy is proving to be effective, start tracking your results. Use various measurement tools such as SEMrush, Google Analytics, etc.

Final words

There you have it! Now you know the importance of guest posting to your website and know how to effectively utilize it, you can start developing incredible and consistent content and accomplish your guest blogging objectives.

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What Is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is also known as guest blogging, which is said to be the act of providing textual content for websites. Usually, guest posting is the content that is written for similar blogs within their industrial limits to attract traffic back to their websites.

How Do You Write a Guest Post?

Almost everyone can write guest blogs but there are only a few blogs that go viral. All you need is to write a guest post that is structured properly, and well written so that you can get good traffic on your website and links also.

What Are the Benefits of Guest Blogging?

1. Instant exposure to your targeted traffic.
2. Content sharing on social media networks.
3. Increasing Social media network following.
4. Growth of your brand awareness.

What is the Process of Guest Posting?

For those who are beginners in the field of digital marketing, guest blogging is referred to as the process of publishing your name on another website or blog to grab the attention of the people to your website. All you want is to get in front of the audience, which belongs to someone else.

How to Execute a Guest Posting Strategy?

1. First, you need to determine the goals of your guest posting.
2. Search for the guest post opportunities.
3. Create the blog post topics.
4. Create the perfect pitch for guest blogging.
5. Write a post that stands out.
6. Track your guest blogging results.

What Does Work: Authority and Superior Quality?

Authority and superior quality help to impress the audience to be on your blog with your knowledge & expertise. Your guest posting requires you to be superior in various aspects such as flow, grammar, and organization. It is very difficult to maintain the quality of your work but this one is an important aspect that can help you get a good rank on search engine result pages.

What are the Most Important Aspects of Guest Posting?

1. The quality of the website on which you’re publishing your guest post.
2. Quality of the work you do.
3. A number of websites you publish on.
4. Website’s relevancy.