Top 11 Virtual Career Fair Platforms To Check Out In 2024

There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected every industry worldwide. And while the impact is still there, we do need to look for alternative ways to continue our operations to keep the businesses and other organizations running. But is it possible to organize career fairs for hiring new candidates amidst this pandemic? Here we are providing some best Virtual Career Fair software platforms.

The answer is “Yes”. The concept of the virtual career fair is gaining momentum since the beginning of the pandemic. In fact, there are plenty of online platforms and software that allow you to host such events at your convenience. If you are also willing to give such virtual career fairs a try, here are some of the best platforms to host such events in 2024.


This software was developed for people who want to attend events but avoid physical meetings. It is like an online event for those who are interested in online meetings from their comfort zone. With Dreamcast meetings, users can reach each other and share their interesting ideas via business meetings or webinars to ensure business growth.

Here, the host has the option to create custom touchpoints for a smoother experience. This platform further allows downloading all kinds of data in the form of sessions, documents, and PDFs. This platform can also help companies organize trade shows for their targeted audience.


Zoom happens to be one of the most inexpensive choices on this list. It offers powerful and user-friendly functions, such as video conference, chat, screen sharing, muting the audio of any participant by the host of the meeting, and also recording the whole meeting.

Zoom is available for free and can be used for unlimited time periods. This platform is vastly popular among users for group meetings as well as online exhibitions.

Google Meet:

This platform can be used to host real-time meetings. You can share your presentation, browser, and videos with other participants in the meeting. Some easy features make this platform really user-friendly. Those features include reactions, chat, share your desktop with HD video during meetings, and more.

This platform is available only on certain qualified devices, so there is a need for technical help. While you can use the platform for free, you actually get three types of plans with different pro versions.

  • Basic G Suite
  • G suite business
  • G suite enterprise
  • Crowdcast:

This is a connective live video events platform. Every month, a huge number of people gather on this platform to attend liver webinars and online conferences with their communities. It uses face-to-face meetings and also be used for collecting mains. You can invite the audience on the screen through chat. Even the setup of this platform is quite straightforward.


Brazen is a perfect platform for the connection between companies and universities. It comes with a mobile-friendly user interface that is well-designed and extremely user-friendly. To deliver a seamless user experience, it offers you the option of chat-to-video as well as text-based chats – whichever you are comfortable with.

This chat technology allows you to offer real-time access to leaders or candidates.


This virtual career fair platform was founded in 2019, and it features a great number of live events. Usually, this is a great option for hosting webinars, international conferences, large-scale events, workshops, or meetups. Besides, you can use this platform for free.

Hopin comes with limitless potential. You have the option to sell event tickets and then analyze data from your event. The conferences on this virtual platform can allow 500 to 50,000 users to attend.


This platform was launched in 2016 to assist hiring managers, and leaders spend more time with their audience and not with software. This platform hosts virtual hiring events to help employers meet with candidates anywhere and anytime.

One does not need to fill up forms or do any type of login. Since it is a real-time platform, there is no limit on the number of users. This software also features auto-reminders for no long wait times for candidates.


This is one of the most loved virtual career fair platforms in the world. The beauty of this platform is that any marketer, organizer, or exhibitor can attend the events here. Bizzabo offers plans and runs for virtual and in-person seminars or meetings.

You will be glad to learn that the number of events organized by the platform has grown up to 100% this year. During pre-pandemic, this platform is used to act as a leader, and it does it in any such virtual transition situations.


This cloud-based, virtual events platform offers a better user experience to candidates. Even the sales and marketing teams can benefit from using this platform for collaboration. This platform is focused on learning and educating and also on engagement. 6Connex is further used for presentations, trade shows, international corporate events, and conferences.

The platform also focuses on backend data for a positive ROI. It creates a great environment that matches a desired physical location for meetings or webinar space in the area. It even allows you to record our meeting so that you can refer to the whole material several times.


This platform was launched after the COVID-19 pandemic situation to help different companies take advantage of virtual career fairs in a fresh way. Needless to say, it is equipped with features that make virtual meetings, conferences, webinars, and events a lot more comfortable.

The host can create online events, and engage with live chats, videos, and SMS with a virtual hiring experience. You can even create ad campaigns, emails, and events. It allows you to switch the video anytime during chat or Q&A sessions with the candidates so you can learn more about them. XOR is also quite popular for its recruiting chatbots. It supports almost every device and web browser.


Events play a crucial role in the overall strategy for university and career fairs. This platform offers all the necessary support to organize and set up events with high-quality interviews. It features functions such as virtual recruiting, in-person meetings, class events, and more.

Thanks to the high AI capabilities, it automatically turns resumes into talent profiles. It even automatically invites those people who are most interested in your events. It also avoids a separate system for interview scheduling.


As you can see, there is a wide range of options for hosting virtual career fairs and events for your company or university. Since a lot of these options come at a price, it is always better to check out all the options and use their trial versions to see if they fulfill your objectives or not before you make any further investment in any of these platforms.

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