Top 18 Solar Panel Manufacturers In The World 2024

The world is progressively switching to the greener side.  The biggest reason is the go-green revolution which is spreading awareness about the deprivation of natural resources and environmental pollution. The electronics and automobile industries are driven by diminishing natural resources, investors are inclined toward environment-friendly options like solar in their products. Solar companies are making massive bucks by offering this service to people. In this article, we discuss the world’s top 18 Solar Panel Manufacturers.

Solar installation has gained a sudden steep as more and more people are going green to support the environment’s health. This amplifying demand has opened doors for countless growth opportunities for those who offer solar panel installations. However, this want has made the solar industry not only extremely rewarding but also ferociously competitive.

Every solar provider wants to get their share of the profit by meeting this demand. For them, solar lead generation is the toughest errand because innumerable Solar Panel Manufacturers have joined the race. But, with great options, comes great confusion. Getting puzzled is normal when you get several options for anything. So, if you are looking for a solar provider before giving a thumbs up for the installation in your household, commercial, or industrial unit, we will introduce you to leading Solar Panel Manufacturers in this post. Let’s dive in!

Best Solar Panel Manufacturers Across The Globe

Since investing in solar panel installation requires a good amount of money, figuring out the best provider is often a tough decision. After all, you don’t want to risk your money by partnering with any random solar provider just like that. To help you get the most out of your solar investment, here is the list of top solar panel manufacturers in the world to make the best choice.

Jinko Solar

Jinko Solar is a Chinese firm that is counted as one of the biggest solar power companies in the world. This company was established back in 2006, at that point in time they were just manufacturing solar wafers. The headquarter of Jinko Solar is in Shanghai with branch offices in Germany, Japan, and the United States. The solar devices that Jinko Solar Panel Manufacturers are meant for residential, commercial, and industrial usage. Solar Panel Manufacturers by this firm are delivered across different countries in the world including Africa, Asia, European, and America.

Jinko Solar sold 11,400 MV photovoltaic panels in 2018. This figure made them leaders in Solar Panel Manufacturers across the globe. The solar products made by this company mark the best in durability. With 72 multi-crystalline Silicon cells, Eagle 72 is counted as their best model. It is glass textured with a power of 340 MV. These features allow the module to perform splendidly even with minimal sunlight.

Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar is an Ontario-based firm. This is another company that is counted among the biggest leaders in Solar Panel Manufacturers across the globe. Their line of innovative solutions and manufacturing photovoltaic panels are situated in South American and Asian countries. Canadian Solar offers a range of specialized products including PV cells, power systems, wafers, ingots, and modules. CS’s Ku series reaches a power output of 370 and an efficiency of 18.65 watt-peaks.

HiKu is one of Canadian Solar’s powerful models. It offers an unmatched maximum output of about 415 watt-peak. Since its establishment, CS has sold more than 32 gigawatts of solar panels. Other than solar devices, this firm is also a solar station constructor and developer in the world.


Headquartered in California, SunPower is one of the major solar power manufacturers in the United States of America. This firm is into photovoltaic panel manufacturing for more than 30 years. When it comes to Solar Panel Manufacturers, this firm is counted as the top innovator. SunPower is renowned for producing well-organized crystalline Photovoltaic panels and cells for residential as well as commercial applications. This firm generated more than 18 TWh of solar power in the year 2019.

SunPower creates products on different budgets. They analyze the preference and needs of their clients and cater to their demands. The United States government and military are one of their clients. Their solar product includes 400 Wp-power A-series solar panels which an efficiency ranks of 22.3%. The older models of this product are extremely efficient and powerful. Each has 340 watts output with a 20% conversion rate. Their P-series is the oldest product with 18% efficiency and power between 380-400Wp.

Trina Solar

Located in Changzhou, Trina Solar is another biggest solar panel manufacturers in the world. This firm was established over 20 years ago. The product range they offer is very wide including PV cells, ingot, wafers, and modules. Their products are meant for residential, industrial, and business usage. Trina Solar solutions are based on high-end technology such as passivated emitter and rear contact, half-cut cell, bi-facial, standard P-type polycrystalline silicon Photovoltaic cells, and single crystal.

For India, Trina Solar has now become the major solar product supplier. This Chinese company’s solar solution enables solar panel remote monitoring via advanced cloud infrastructures. DUOMAX M Plus is one of their best models with an efficiency of 18.8%. Its module comprises 60 photovoltaic cells and manufactures power ranging between 280 to 310 watts-peak.


Established back in 2001, Suntech is focused on the research and development of advanced solar technology. It is headquartered in Chinese Wuxi, this firm has a global presence with branches in Hongkong, Australia, UAE, and South Africa. Suntech’s production units are situated mostly in Asian countries. But there is one plant in Germany too.

They offer a broad choice of their products. This company manufactures solar panels of different capacities which makes them suitable for several types of applications. Their product like HiSpec weighs around 9.2 kg expected to be an ideal solution for residents whose roofs are not that sturdy. They not only perform best in low sunlight but are also optimal for commercial and utility usage.


We all are aware of the fact that Panasonic is a well-known producer of electronic devices like smartphones, air conditioners, refrigerators, and cameras. However, it is also a well-known solar panel manufacturer worldwide. They offer superbly reliable photovoltaic modules. 330N HIT is one of their finest series. Its panel has 96 solar cells and offers 19.7% efficiency.

Its extremely low-temperature co-efficiency (0.258%/°C) sets Panasonic apart from its competition as the standard temp is -0.4%/°C. This feature is essential because every increase in the 25°C decreases the performance of the solar module. Unlike other solar products, Panasonic’s production functions extremely well even in the peak summers.

JS Solar

JS Solar is comparatively the youngest firm on the list as it was established in the year 2007. However, this Wuxi-based solar company has gained a lot of popularity since its birth. They manufacture innovative cells and photovoltaic panels which are 22% efficient. The key focus of this company is to improve the efficiency of solar power production. They offer a broad range of products including standard models which are easily adaptable yet very powerful. They have a smart series of solar modules with great functionalities which enables easy optimization according to the need and preference.

JS345-360M is one of their popular models that offer 18.7% efficiency. Its power output ranges from 345 to 360 watts-peak. This model can be used in farms and beaches as it is ammonia and salt resistant and extremely durable. JS Solar sells its solutions across the world with middle-eastern, Mexican, and Chilean distributors.


Sharp Corporation is an electronic manufacturing company based in Japan. They have numerous electronic-producing facilities and Japan-based centres across the globe. This company was established in the year 1959, which makes it more than 100 years old. Sharp Corp. is headquartered in Sakai. This firm has produced the most efficient solar cell which is capable of translating 44.4% of sunlight into power. It is the biggest leader in Japan.

In these many years, this company has achieved 44.4% efficiency which is the highest. Sharp Corp. offers a variety of solar panels with different power outputs including single as well as multi-crystalline. All their products are top-quality and offer durability. It is expected that Sharp will announce more upcoming innovations in the coming time.

JA Solar

JA Solar is another best solar manufacturing companies that have more than 20 branches and 12 engineering facilities across the world. They produce extremely well-performing solar photovoltaic products including cells, silicon wafers, modules, and comprehensive power systems. Their products are good for industrial, commercial, and residential purposes.

JA Solar offers MBB Bifacial PERC Half-Cell Double Glass Module and MBB Half-Cell Module with cell configurations of 54, 60, and 72.  They have better tolerance capability for mechanical loading, high power output, lower resistive loss and LCOE, and less shading loss. JA Solar is listed on Fortune China 500 and Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises. This firm has installed PV systems in over 120 regions and countries.


Astronergy is a renowned solar company in China that is an affiliate of the CHINT group. This solar firm specializes in photovoltaic module manufacture and the development of PV power stations. They have built power stations around the world including India, Japan, Thailand, South Africa, the United States, Bulgaria, and Spain. Their PV modules (monofacial and bifacial series) are available in ASTRO 4, ASTRO 5, ASTRO 5s, and ASTRO 6.

Astroenergy offers a complete solar system solution that includes residential, rooftop solar power stations, aquaculture solar power stations, agriculture solar power stations, and large-scale ground-mounted solar power stations. Their solar products are extremely durable. 

Longi Green Energy Technolgy

Founded in 2000, Longi is one of the well-known names when it comes to providing solar solutions. This Chinese company’s products encompass eco-friendly power station solutions, agriculture solar complementary solutions, BIPV (building integrated photovoltaics), hybrid power plant solutions, and BAVP (building applied photovoltaics).

Longi is renowned for its high-quality products. They have set a benchmark in quality assurance. PVEL is a credible performance testing lab that has recognized Longi as a top performer module maker five times. Their technology comprises diamond wire slicing,  Bifacial, RCZ (recharged Czochralski), and PERC Cell. Their photovoltaic modules include Hi-MO 4, Hi-MO 4m, and Hi-MO 5. Longi’s PV modules are useful for a range of applications such as desert wastelands, alpine grasslands, industrial units, and household dwellings.

Hanwha Q Cells

Hanwha Q Cells is located in Seoul, South Korea, and was founded in 1999. This Korean company is renowned for its highly efficient and top-quality modules and solar cells. Their solution serves government, residential, industrial, and utility markets. Hanwha provides marketing & sales, manufacturing, and R&D facilities in many countries including the US, Australia, Japan, Germany, China, Canada, and Malaysia. Their products range from midstream of modules and cells to downstream solar products for industrial, residential, and commercial buildings.

This company utilizes PERC tech for their Q. ANTUM Tech. Hanwha Q Cells is an award-winning solar manufacturer that has contributed a lot to solar cell innovations for commercial and residential installations. They continue to manufacture new solar tech such as Tra. Q, anti-leTID (light and elevated temperature-induced degradation, anti-LID (light-induced degradation), and much more. Their construction net is spread across Malaysia, South Korea, China, and the US. Additionally, their R&D network covers South Korea, China, and Malaysia.

Risen Energy

Risen Energy was founded back in 1986 and is situated in Ningbo, China. This company is another pioneer in the solar industry with branches and sales offices across the globe including Japan, India, Germany, China, Australia, the US, and Mexico. From modules and wafers to off-grid systems, Risen Energy is an integrated EPC (engineering, procurement, consultation) of photovoltaic projects. This Chinese company provides multiple solutions under one roof. They offer a wide range of solar solutions to energy-intensive industries.

This Chinese company’s business solutions comprise EPC, financing, O&M (operations and maintenance), IPP (independent power producer), and PD (product development). Their product ranges from energy storage products (for commercial, industrial, utility applications, and power back-up for residentials), Monocrystalline PV module, (heterojunction technology) PV module, to quality control products. Besides modules, Risen Energy offers other products like solar lamps, off-grid PV systems, and solar power stations.

Yingli Solar

Yingli Solar is another reliable photovoltaic panels providers in the world. This company is based in China and was established in 1998. Yingli Solar has delivered more than 24GW to over 90 countries including Asia, Africa, America, and Australia. Their photovoltaic panels are capable of performing at their best in any weather conditions and any place across the globe.

Yingli Solar has several branches in Hengshui, Tianjin, Baoding, and other cities. This company focuses on the development of power plants, intelligent PV manufacturing, high-quality services, and products for partners and customers worldwide. They keep doing constant innovation and believe in progressing technology. This company is well-equipped with high-end systems that make the entire manufacturing, quality, and energy management fully automatic. Yingli Solar is strived to achieve intelligent, green, and low-carbon manufacturing.

REC Solar

Founded in 1996, REC Solar is a US-based company that has become one of the global leaders in providing solar energy. This firm is situated in Norway and provides modules to power solar installations across the globe. Between 2019-2020, this company manufactured approximately 38mIn high-quality and reliable photovoltaic panels.

REC Solar assures reliability and quality in its products. Their products have passed strict lab testing and stood out as one of the best. They have manufactured approximately 38 million solar panels. Through focused customer support and assured product quality, REC Solar has become one of the most renowned solar providers in the world.

Talesun Solar

Headquartered in Suzhou, Talesun Solar is another Chinese company that is counted as one of the leaders in cell manufacturing and photovoltaic module. This company’s annual production of solar modules constitutes 5 gigawatts and cells are 4 gigawatts. Talesun Solar has shipped over 10 gigawatts of solar modules and 6 gigawatts of PV stations. With their top-quality products, they stand out as one of the best in the solar international market. They have a presence across major European countries.

Their product ranges from structurally designed monofacial monocrystalline modules, and optimized bifacial modules, to 30mm frame feather modules. The monofacial module range includes 54/60/66/72/78 versions,166/182/210mm cells with a power range of 360-670W and the bifacial module comprises 60/66/72/78 versions, 166/182/210mm cells with a power range of 360-670W that meets the varied requirement of diverse customers. Their feather module versions comprise 182mm 54cells and a power range of 395-415. This company has got good carbon footprint for all projects.


GCL-SI has launched three decades ago, this is a Hongkongese company. This company has tremendously grown to another level since its birth. In the year 2018, GCL-SI supplied 22.2% of silicon and 30% of wafer production in the world. Their aggregate assets constituted $3.3 billion and this figure has put this company among the largest solar manufacturer in the world. This solar company gives great significance to R&D and have built photovoltaic power generation system in several regions at different scales.

This company provides system integration packages on various ultra-efficient modules through consistent technological innovations. Their products are highly efficient and of premium quality. GCL-SI has numerous A-share and H-share listed firms like GCL New Energy (00451. HK), GCL Tech (03800. HK), GCL E-T (002015. SZ), and GCL SI (002506. SZ). This company provides economical, safe, and reliable services to its customers across the globe.

Must Solar

Must Solar is another Chinese company that manufactures high-quality solar panel cells of 60-72 single crystals. Their solar panels offer maximum power output with around 18.3 % efficiency on average and 250-300 watt-peak. This company offers a wide range of options for its products. Other than photovoltaic modules, it manufactures, sells, and gives post-sale services of energy storage, inverters, monitoring devices, etc.

This company is headquartered in Hongkong. Must Solar specializes in solar power, manufacturing, development, and aftersales services of VRLA batteries, and power inverters. Their line of products includes solar charge controllers, power inverters, solar batteries, and solar inverters. Must Solar also offers worldwide support to all clientele including technical training, project consulting, and field and after-sale service.

How to compare solar energy providers worldwide?

Solar rankings of a company are based on the total number of solar panels that are shipped. All the companies listed above have made it to the top for their focused effort on extensive projects and making top-notch products. However, being on top doesn’t mean their panels are of the highest quality. There are several solar panel ranking systems available in the market for customers to choose a manufacturer with confidence. If a person is shopping for solar, they should be able to find a panel installer whose cost suits their budget and needs.

Where Are Solar Panels Produced?

The answer to this question is East Asia. It has become a solar manufacturing centre across the world. You must have noticed that the majority of solar manufacturing companies are from China. However, there are many companies that are joining the solar manufacturing league. Recent surveys have shown that people who are looking for solar installation want to find a balance between the quality and cost of the service. Some people go for the brand while some like sticking to their budget.

Parting thoughts

Drastic climate change and other troubling environmental factors cause a lot of global anxiety. Many people are going green and one of the methods to do it is by adopting solar energy.

Several solar manufacturers are engaged in meeting the high demand for solar installations. Having numerous options is not confusing but better for you as a customer because you have a chance to make a good choice.

We hope that you have found what you were looking for. All the aforementioned solar companies are top solar providers in the world. This list will help you make an informed decision with your future purchase. But do check the features of each company and what they are offering to their clientele and choose what suits your budget, location, and needs!