When talking about fashion and lifestyle we see many designers working in the field there are international designers who hold a very high ranking and a lot of experience in the field. The international designers that are present in the market have their positioning very strong. These designers have made their positions clear in the market. Maria B Fashion designer

Fashion something that comes from within the person. This talent is gifted to you by God himself. Not everybody can dress well to have a sense of lifestyle. Fashion skills can be improved with time and observation. Fashion is like an emotion. When a fashion designer sees clothing they get the idea of how they will design this clot and make an ordinary fabric look good.

It is observed that every expert in their respective field has seen being good at what they do from their very childhood. Like Michael Jackson has always been good at singing and dancing. Audrey Hepburn has always been a little diva. Freddie Mercury has always had the sassy queen attitude with the greatest voice possessed by a human. When talking about the fashion world on the international level in desi haute couture.

Maria B Fashion Designer

Maria B’s name comes on the top she has always had the guts and talent to become the world’s most renowned desi fashion designer. She has always from the very start of her career had a noticeably different style of fashion and lifestyle. Her work is known all over the world and people still praise her initial designs when she first started getting into the fashion business. When buying from a Maria b store the customer knows what they will get and they know the quality and standard they will get.

A Maria b dress is a work of art and art is known to have a higher price tag but it is always worth buying art. When a bride comes out wearing a Maria B dress she is guaranteed to look out of this world beautiful. And the best part about her dresses is that you can customize the bridal dress according to your needs. Maria is known as the coco channel of Pakistan because of her immense talent and vision of making dresses she makes sure that the dress she makes is extremely luxurious and comfortable to wear.

About Maria Bilal Butt

Maria B’s real name is Maria Bilal butt. Her ancestors are from Kashmir and she was also born in Kashmir. Later when she got older she was brought to Quetta and spent a wonderful time in the city and later she was brought to Karachi where she got her schooling from.

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When she was just a kid she had a fair amount of interest in fashion and designing. This may be because of her staying near nature in her childhood days. Late she started doing graduation from Pakistan school of fashion and design. In those times she was seen to be top all along the time she spent in the university. She was praised by her teachers.

She later graduates in 1989 from college. She then started her own business and proved she was one of the best designers of Pakistan when she was called to showcase her work in 1997 in Belgium. She was also honoured with the title of “Les Etoiles De La Mode”. Which translates to “force”?  Her brand started off from in 1998 in Lahore and now it is the largest brand of Pakistan in the current times.

Maria B has recognition all over the world now. Whenever names are called for the best eastern clothing fashion designers Maria’s name comes on the top. Her brand outlets can be founded in the major cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, Mandi Bahauddin, Quetta, Faisalabad, Sargodha Peshawar and many other cities.

Maria b is one brand which also very famous in the city of Milan and Paris. The modern woman of the time prefers her clothing because of it being extremely classy and out of this world designs. The brand comes up with new collections every year. These collections are much awaited by her fans around the world. She is known for bridal, formal, semi-formal, casual wear dresses the most. People know that when it is Maria b they will be delivered by possibly the quality and standard.

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