How To Choose NGX Billing Machine For Easy Payments

NGX Billing Machine is a point of sale (POS) machine and is an effective way to process vendor and customer payments via multiple sources. Moreover, the billing machine lets you keep a record of such payments and transactions. The machine is a combination of tools that facilitate your efforts to stabilize and streamline your sales-related business functions.

In general, the setup of a point of sale (POS) at the organization, store or enterprise will depend on the basic requirement of the business. Regardless of the size, type, and age of the business, every businessman should invest in such a machine to boost the efficiency of business processes. Simply speaking, the POS machine is a digital or computerized replacement of your old cash registers.

NGX billing machine is one such renowned POS device in the market which is not just efficient but can also improve the speed and efficiency of your business. This machine comes in different types. You can choose its variant as per the routine needs of your business requirements.

The following are the various types of NGX billing machines that you can choose as per your business needs. We will discuss each type in complete detail.

1) NGX NBP 100                                                                 

NGX NBP 100 is a GST ready billing machine. It is considered as one of the best in its segment. It offers many important features such as accounting, analytics and reporting, billing and invoicing, printing, CRM, scanning, email integration, GST report and many more. The gadget allows you to create 25 types of reports. It is suitable for restaurants, hotels, grocery outlets, retail outlets, cafes, and others.

Let us check out its technical specifications:

Organization type: SMEs, Enterprise, Midmarket, Startups

No. of employees :  1-10    11-15    16-200   201-500   501-1000     1001-5000

Suitable for: All industries

Language: English

The following are the physical Characteristics of NBP 100 billing machine:

  • 35 keys
  • 16*2 LCD screen
  • Supports 2” thermal printer
  • Supports 2 – inch paper

NGX NBP 100 billing machine has an aesthetic, sleek design. It comes with an inbuilt long-lasting battery so that you can use this machine for a longer duration. The machine enables the printing of organizational logos and bills while utilizing thermal technology.

It can store more than 1800 items in total along with 250 items of a single bill. You can simply download data from the personal computer to NGX NBP 100 billing machine to browse and edit items.

This billing machine is suitable for small, medium and large manufacturing and retail businesses. It is mostly used by organizations such as SMEs, enterprises, agencies, and others. NGX NBP 100 billing machine has a user-friendly interface and can be used by anyone without any specific training.

You can easily customize this machine as per your business requirements in order to attain a higher level of performance. The device helps your business to manage the functions at a reasonable cost.

2) NGX Billing Machine (Bill Star)

NGX Bill star billing machine is also a GST ready machine that supports 2-inch paper printing. It can print at a speed of 55 MMPS and can store up to 500 items. It is regarded as one of the best credit card swipe machines that can be used at retail shops, restaurants, and other similar enterprises.

The gadget weighs around 820 gm and comes with a sleek design. It offers a 16 characters x2 lines LCD display along with backlight. 

Following are its technical specifications:

Organization type: SMEs, Enterprise, Midmarket, Startups

No. of employees : 1-10    11-15    16-200   201-500   501-1000     1001-5000

Suitable for: All industries

Language: English

Let’s discuss the features of NGX Bill Star billing machine:

  • Physical dimensions are 15×25.5×9 cm and it weighs around 820 gms.
  • The card swipe machine will offer you a 16 characters x2 lines Liquid crystal Display (LCD) with backlight.
  • NGX Bill Star billing machine supports USB B type cable
  • This credit card swipe machine has a 2-inch thermal printer and can print at a printing speed of 55 mmps.

This device accepts all Visa and Master cards. It includes debit and credit cards with the following logos: Mastercard, Visa Electro, Visa and maestro. NGX billing machine (Bill star) is one of the most popular products of NGX solutions in the market. It is mostly known for its smooth and efficient transaction. To sum up, the NGX Bill star is the quintessential point of sale tool for any organization or enterprise.

3) NGX Billing Machine (NBP 300)

NGX NBP 300 is a fast billing, GST ready machine for the point of sale. This billing gadget comes with an advanced 32 bit ARM technology and an aesthetic sleek design. It prints bills using thermal technology.

Plus, it has a very long battery life so that you can continuously work for hours without any halt. General users of NGX bill machine (NBP 300) are fast food joints, restaurants, hotels, temples, retail shops, grocery stores, petrol pumps and many more.

Let’s have a look at its technical specifications:

Organization type: SMEs, Enterprise, Midmarket, Startups

No. of employees : 1-10    11-15    16-200   201-500   501-1000     1001-5000

Suitable for: Retail Fashion Hotel   Restaurant

Language: English

Physical characteristics

  • 192 x 64 Graphic LCD Keypad with 64 Keys
  • 33.5 x 23.5 x 12.5 cm physical dimension
  • 2.14 Kgs
  • ARM Cortex M3 processor
  • 9V, 3A input power
  • 4 GB storage
  • USB Host RS232

NGX NBP 300 billing machine weighs around 2.14 Kilograms. This machine supports an SD card of 4 GB storage and a USB host as well. To operate this machine, you can have 4 cashiers and one administrator at a time. NBP 300 comes with cash key, hotkey, rupee billing, UDN, and cash calculation functionality. It facilitates your efforts to generate different types of receipts such as credit payments, refunds, duplicates, discounts and many more.

You can connect NBP 300 with a barcode scanner, weighing scale and Pendrive. In addition, this machine provides you a provision to include VAT service tax and other discounts as well.


As technology evolves, machines become more and more sophisticated. Learning how to use machines is, in a way, a one-time investment. Once you do that, your operations – personal or professional – are fast-tracked and conducted with minimal effort. Therefore, you can spare the time and energy needed to focus on the more important, strategic-level tasks. Through all this, you get to improve your profits in leaps and bounds.