Health Benefits of Fennel Seeds

The fennel plant is a delicious herb that is also used as a medicinal plant. Seeds of this plant have a light, licorice-like flavor which is more potent due to the powerful essential oils present in them. Fennel plants and their seeds are extensively used as spices and have a very strong sweet taste. People often take a teaspoon of the fennel seeds after having a meal for better digestion. Some other amazing health benefits of fennel seed are as follows.

They Are Highly Nutritious

Fennel seeds are full of nutrients essential for daily needs. These seeds contain manganese which is important for metabolism, essential bone growth, blood sugar regulation and enhances any wound healing.

Both the fennel and seeds contain potassium, calcium and magnesium vital for teeth protection and may reduce the risk of bone-related diseases.

May Suppress Appetite

Fennel seeds are not only beneficial for their flavor and smell in the food but may also help suppress appetite. A study in nine women concluded that those who included tea made with only two grams of fennel seed before having a meal felt relatively less hungry and ate fewer calories during lunch than those who had regular tea.

A major essential oil component, anethole, is believed to be behind this appetite-suppressing quality of fennel plants.

Can improve Heart Health

The seeds of fennel plants are packed with fiber and potassium. These minerals are significant for balancing cholesterol levels in the body which, in turn, results in reducing heart-related risks.

Components like magnesium and calcium also play significant roles in keeping your heart healthy. Including fennel seed in your diet can help reduce high blood pressure, which is a major risk factor for heart problems.

Fight Cancer-Causing Cells

Fennel is rich with plant compounds like anethole. Anethole has proven to be vital for protection against chronic diseases including cancer.

A test-tube study showed that fennel seeds extract stopped the effect of cancer-causing cells and induced the death of certain breast cancer cells. Another study on animals suggested that these extracts of fennel seed may prevent the risk of liver and breast cancer. 

May Benefit Nursing Moms

There are some galactogenic properties found in fennel which help in improving milk secretion. In addition, it may help increase hormones that regulate blood levels of prolactin.

Fennel seeds are also helpful for weight gain in infants dependent on breastfeeding. Yet, other studies are required to prove the benefit of fennel seeds for infants.

Reduce Inflammation

Vitamin C and quercetin found in fennel plants have anti-inflammatory properties that help your body defend itself from harmful diseases and let it heal.

Consuming high amounts of sugar can cause chronic inflammation, fennel seeds can help in reducing the risk and induce powerful antioxidants essential to fight against inflammation.

Fight Bacteria

Fennels seeds have antibacterial properties that prevent the growth of many harmful yeasts and bacteria. Fighting off bacteria can assist in getting rid of the cause of gassiness or digestive distress. Bacteria removal can also help calm an upset stomach and improve bowel movements.


Fennel seeds are beneficial for people with disturbed digestive systems and chronic illnesses. You can include fennel seed in your diet to get high fiber and other beneficial natural nutrients.

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