Top 10 English Speaking Courses in Mumbai

English as a second language is something that more and more individuals are investing time in these days. English is becoming a required subject in many countries’ curricula, are starting to acquire it at younger and younger ages.

Mumbai is sometimes referred to as the country’s commercial hub. In Mumbai, there are numerous domestic and international industries. Because Mumbai is the center of all these businesses, there are a lot of career opportunities for the city’s residents. There will always be more applicants than there are available positions, regardless of the number of openings. Only those with stronger communication and spoken English abilities together with educational degrees are chosen in an environment of greater competition for jobs. Because of this, learning the necessary set of spoken English skills is essential if we want to reach the destination.

Top 10 English Speaking Courses in Mumbai

1. Henry Harvin

The institute focuses on learning multiple skills and techniques with practical training. It is the top tanked award-winning institute which helps you to highlight your name with the Hallmark certification next to your name. Projects are assigned to implement your learning through fictitious and real-world scenarios. Internships for the beginners, intermediate and advanced levels are the guaranteed plan.

Nine-in-One course program

  • Two-way live interaction classes focusing on the trending skills and techniques with the best practice sessions.
  • Hold your name on the top with the Hallmark certification beside your name.
  • More than 10 projects are assigned via imitating real-time scenarios.
  • Internship programs for all levels – beginners, intermediate and advanced.
  • Access to the JobforYou portal which offers regular job assistance.
  • Free access to #AskHenry Hackathons
  • More than 52+ boot camp sessions to improve your soft skills.
  • Free access to the Moodle E-learning portal which is globally notable.
  • You can attend unlimited live sessions with the one-year Gold Membership program.

Learning particulars

  • Trainers with more than a decade of experience in the real industry are the part of teaching staff
  • More than 120+ keynote classes are taken by the trainers
  • The curriculum of the English speaking course in Mumbai is designed to help you speak with fluency, confidence, and flawless English
  • The course curriculum is divided into 6 levels with the duration of 40hours for levels 1 to 4 and 50 hours for levels 5&6.
  • Many practical classes are included with the motto of exchanging ideas and concepts among each other.
  • Live projects,video recordings of the sessions, weekly job support, monthly boot camps, interviewing techniques, career guidance, and 100% support from the team are all included.
  • After the first class, if you are not satisfied with the course you can opt for a refund of the total amount you have paid during admission.

NOTE – You can opt for one-to-one classes at the cost of INR 1400 per hour.

Other related courses

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  • Business English Teacher course

2. FITA Academy

The FITA Academy’s English Speaking Institute in Mumbai teaches all the essential fundamentals of spoken English, including an active vocabulary, improved grammar, intonation, pitch, efficient communication, and accurate pronunciation. The course offers a large amount of rigorous English speaking practice that is in line with Oxford’s and Cambridge’s standards.

Learning particulars

  • The major goal of the FITA Academy’s professional faculty is to help their students improve their fluency, expressiveness, and self-assurance when speaking English.
  • Students will be able to improve their speaking skills in terms of both fluency and comprehension.
  • In addition to taking part in critical discussions, students will organize, prepare, and present an oral presentation of their work to the class.
  • By taking part in speaking exercises such as group discussions, presentations, debates, and extempore, students will develop their speaking abilities.
  • Reading, writing, speaking, and listening are the four language skills that the faculty will try to teach students how to utilize and develop.
  • Students will be able to describe both simple and complicated experiences and sequences of events to express their intended meaning after diligent communication skills practice.
  • The faculty will impart knowledge on how to organize information logically on a discourse level.
  • Paraphrasing and elaboration abilities will be taught to the students.
  • The instructors will engage in a variety of exercises to foster interactive abilities that will better comprehension.
  • The goal of the course is to increase learners’ self-assurance in oral and interpersonal communication.
  • Weekdays and weekend classes are also available.

3. SevenMentor

Numerous professionals have benefited from SevenMentor’s top English-speaking training in Mumbai, which has helped them improve their English communication skills, land better jobs, and advance in their careers. The institute supports candidates as they improve their English communication abilities, ace job interviews, and launch a highly lucrative career.

Candidates who lack prior English proficiency or simply possess a rudimentary understanding of our country’s school system can also benefit from spoken English training in Mumbai. The English speaking classes in Mumbai also include how to inquire about and provide information about daily activities, occupations, interests, previous activities, and future goals.

In Mumbai, SevenMentor offers the best spoken English instruction. The greatest option for businesspeople, students, and housewives to develop their English speaking abilities is through the spoken English course in Mumbai, which includes all the technical modules such as hesitation removal, fluency construction, grammar correction, pronunciation correction, and mother tongue sway elimination.

Learning particulars

  • SevenMentor offers an incredibly efficient strategy for busy executives, businessmen, college students, home manufacturers, and government officials to improve their English speaking and build confidence in their speaking skills.
  • They have a scientifically designed curriculum and unique one-to-live coach-organized methodology.
  • With multiform programs that are extremely adaptable and customized to the ages and specific needs of the candidates, they provide the most comprehensive array of choices on the market right now.
  • They have a system in place that ensures the quality of their instruction. It is based on a tough selection, training, and hiring process for educators and is supplemented with recorded monitoring and ongoing student and instructor observation.
  • Discussion classes and daily talks with the instructors encourage the students to use correct English with confidence and proficiency.

4. Let’s Talk English Institute

This spoken English Institute offers cutting-edge English speaking courses and programs for personality development to help you speak English fluently and with confidence. Let’s Talk English Speaking Institute’s foundation-level course in Mumbai is excellent. Especially for students who struggle to speak English in their daily life and have little to no experience speaking the language. You will practice your English speaking abilities in pairs at our English speaking institute in Mumbai, which will make learning and improving your English enjoyable and simple.

Learning particulars

  • Learn English more quickly and effectively with an interactive audio-visual learning experience. For convenience, MP3 files are given for each of the course modules.
  • Practice sessions for the job interviews along with the course curriculum lessons to help you grab better English, and better job opportunities with the best salary.
  • When your English speaking training in Mumbai is over, that doesn’t mean that it’s over. You can get access to the extensive collection of more than 850 free online English classes, which cover a wide range of subjects like grammar, vocabulary, conversation, and more.
  • For a better understanding of the lesson plans, course books are written using a lot of image vocabulary. The most challenging vocabulary is easily recalled because visuals are processed more quickly than words.
  • Monday to Friday weekday classes and Saturday and Sunday weekend batches are available.

5. Speakwell English Academy

Speakwell English Academy offers specialized English speaking classes that help you with basic grammar so you can speak English naturally. In addition, they provide project work, telephonic talk sessions, audio-video sessions, and other forms of practical training to help you develop your speaking and comprehension of the English language.

You will be given a set of course materials to use to study the material. You will receive individualized attention, and the instructor will assist you with topics that are challenging for you by providing some examples that are tailored to your needs.

Learning particulars

  • They can engage you with your classmates and practicing English speaking courses is the best part of being in a classroom.
  • You will study the spoken English classes under the skilled direction of the trainer using a step-by-step process in the classroom.
  • Grammar and conversation classes are being taught at the same time in the classroom. To give the students the advantage of having practiced what they have learned in class, we give them a lot of conversation practice.
  • The professional staff will evaluate your present level of English language proficiency at the center, and then the counselor will recommend the best course option for you based on your level. Your chosen times can be discussed.

6. TBIL – The British Institute of Languages & Overseas Education

You will receive the best instruction in the fundamental skills needed in today’s international colleges and workplaces from the British Institute of Languages. They offer the top IELTS, PTE, spoken and advanced English, foreign language, and corporate training coaching also. The English speaking course at TBIL demonstrates an inspiring approach to equipping you with a modern, global perspective while bearing in mind the ongoing upheaval in the communication field.

Learning particulars

  • Teams from the disciplines of innovation, research, methodology, and training continuously collaborate to provide the vivacious students with the necessary skills so they can boldly pursue their intended goals.
  • Multiple levels of communication & competitive examination courses are conducted to match every student’s requirements.
  • A complete guide of English speaking class, keeping in mind the soft skills, communication, grammar, and accent.
  • Innovative course design to help you improve your soft skills and professional etiquette so that you can succeed anywhere around the globe.
  • Maintains small class sizes and offers clear instruction and individualized care, allowing you to complete any level of course while meeting all of your academic needs.
  • Develop a dynamic and integrated understanding of all four skills—reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
  • After completing your course, you obtain a certificate from The British Institutes of Languages & Overseas Education.

7. SAS Academy

To provide its students with the greatest education possible, SAS Academy has developed an advanced pedagogy that outlines entirely new methods of instruction, learning, and evaluation for each of its courses.

They are entitled majorly to GRE, TEFL, IELTS, and GMAT.

Learning particulars

  • Since 2013, SAS Academy has been a Silver Partner of the British Council and serves as an IDP and British Council Training and Registration Center.
  • At SAS Academy, they promise that you will pass the examinations you intend to take. They promise an IELTS score of at least 8 and a GRE score of 300 or above. And currently, they are proud of their current minimum score of 7.5 bands.
  • They support you up until the day of your exam and even after, if necessary because their services are not time-limited. Every student has access to additional training hours upon request.
  • We give our students unlimited access to evaluation and doubt-solving services. Additionally, there are countless speaking practice sessions until the student is confident they are ready to take the test.
  • The trainers encourage research and engaging formula for the students enrolled in the academy.
  • All of our instructors have a minimum of ten years of experience and have received training and certification from the British Council, IDP, and ETS.

8. iPromise Academy

The best English speaking training in Mumbai is iPromise English Academy, where candidates learn both fundamental and advanced English and get ready for advancement. The course curriculum ensures that by the end of the course you will be able to form complex sentences easily. Learning advanced English is like walking in a gold mine; you burst with information and gain command over crucial concepts like confidence-building, advanced grammar, advanced vocabulary, and presenting and writing abilities.

Learning particulars

  • You will gain the potential for fluent English communication as demonstrated by two competent speakers.
  • Get your communication skills uprooted to pace with those of your social environment.
  • Learn the idioms and expressions that are frequently used in the role-playing talks.
  • Weekday and weekend classes are also made available based on the schedule of the student’s flexibility.

9. Cambridge Institute

The institute provides the facility to download free resources from our website and participate in online activities that will help you improve your English. The course curriculum supports you whether you are getting ready to take any examinations or just want to get better at English.

In-person instruction at Mumbai’s top Spoken English Coaching Center, Cambridge Institute, is undoubtedly one of the most popular methods for learning English. The student can enroll in these English speaking classes at Mumbai’s Cambridge Institute. They have trained professionals who will assess your level of English language proficiency in the middle. Based on your current proficiency, the counselor will then advise you on the best course for you. You can discuss your preferred times.

Learning particulars

  • You can learn from top-tier English language experts at the Cambridge Institute in Mumbai, who will mentor you and help you learn the language.
  • You will receive a tonne of course materials to help you learn the material.
  • The ability to interact with your classmates and practice speaking English is the best perk of the traditional classroom. Since everyone is still learning how to communicate in English, you can make mistakes without worrying that people will make fun of you. You are not terrified of speaking in front of the class.
  • Under the expert guidance of your mentor, using the step-by-step approach you can gradually and progressively improve your English language proficiency.
  • Combination of group discussion and syntax classes to help you with a lot of conversation practice, to help you practice what was learned in class.

10. Excel Academy for English Coaching

Perhaps one of Mumbai’s top centers for English language instruction is Excel Academy. The trainers at the institute are quite highly trained and qualified. In today’s world, English is a need. through a Basic English course, to raise students’ proficiency and prepare them to handle situations where they must use English regularly.

Learning particulars

  • Individual classes and also the group batch with not more than 4 to 6 students in each class.
  • Fast track classes along with the normal classes are also available
  • The course curriculum includes reading, conversational, writing, and translational levels.
  • The course materials are well designed by qualified trainers to suit the recent demand of the market.

Benefits of taking English speaking course in Mumbai

I want to highlight some of the benefits of learning English speaking courses in Mumbai. If you take the course then you are in the best shape to enhance your spoken English skills and grab a good job opportunity. I want to list out some of the benefits of learning English –

  • You get exposure to the world and you can increase your friend circle on social media.
  • You can enhance your job opportunities and promotions in your career.
  • You can become a proficient and confident speaker in the community. Which can make you the center of attraction in society.
  • You can make international friends and can travel to other places with no hesitation of communication gaps.
  • You can opt for any international exams and seek admission for your further studies or find the best career opportunity.
  • You can share your ideas, and concepts and effectively communicate with your peers with fluent English and with confidence.
  • If you like traveling, then English will be your strong point to access people easily and move around with the available guides in the English language.


You can advance in life both personally and professionally by studying English, regardless of whether you’re looking for a new career or have vacation plans. You can start to interact with people from around the world, improve your career skills, and compete in the global job market. It is clear how vital English is on a global scale. Universities offer courses in English, and visitors and travelers from all over the world use English as a common language for meetings and travel. However, English has made a significant impact on media, trade, and business despite having a confused history before becoming a universal language.


Q.1 Why should I take English speaking classes in Mumbai?

Ans. English is the most common language spoken across the world. And Mumbai is referred to as the commercial hub where the to and fro of people from different countries are seen frequently. So, if you know English then you can be the best fit for the conversation with every individual around you who visit Mumbai.

Q.2 Why should I opt for the English speaking course?

Ans. English is one of the communication languages among many people across the globe. Some of the reasons for opting for the English speaking course are-

  • To develop strong interpersonal skill
  • To enhance your grammar knowledge and English vocabulary
  • To increase your friend circle across the social media
  • To get the best job opportunities ( national and international)
  • To become certified in the English language.

Q.3 Are there any eligibility criteria to join English speaking course in Mumbai?

Ans. No special criteria as such are involved to join for English a speaking course in Mumbai. But if you have completed at least SSC with the minimum marks will be always preferable.

Q.4 How effective is it to join online English speaking classes in Mumbai?

Ans. It is effective to take online classes. Nowadays, especially in the last 2 years, people are opting for online learning. So, I think you join online English speaking classes in Mumbai.

Q.5 I know English but I am not confident. What shall I do?

Ans. You can enroll in any English speaking classes as I have mentioned in my above blog. Knowing English will be a plus point to enhance your learning in English. In institutes, they provide group discussions, debates, pronunciations, and vocabularies that can help you overcome your fear to speak English. Joining the institute and learning along with others can bring up your confidence and proficiency in English speaking.