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Top 17 Content Marketing Autopilot Tools

Content marketing is creating a long-lasting presence amongst the target audience of your product to promulgate the sales, widen the customer base, attract attention, and increase the supplier base as well. It aids in letting potential customers know more about the organization’s giving, thus enabling them to make an informed decision. Marketing based on genuine content assists in the retention of customers as it also ups the brand value and creates brand awareness. These days, the presence of the digital world has increased. Internet usage owing to the COVID-19 pandemic has risen beyond expected. An assumption about the frequency and volume at which the digital world has evolved is unbelievable. In this article, we provide the top 28 Autopilot Content Marketing Tools.

We have compiled the ultimate list of the best content marketing tools you can avail yourself of on the internet today. This guide aims to bring you the latest and best in the content marketing field. Visit 4Hub for more information about some of the best social media downloaders. Go through this article and choose the one that’s best for you.

Content Marketing Tools can be classified into many types. The major types of tools along with the examples are enlisted in the table given below:

Top 28 Autopilot Content Marketing Tools
1Website Analytics Tools.Webtrends, Mixpanel
2Social Media Analytics ToolsCuralate, Visible
3Web Analytics ToolsQuantcast, Compete
4Funnel Analytics ToolsFull circle insights, Bright Funnel
5SEO Analytics ToolsRaven tools, SEM Rush
6Marketing Automation ToolsPardot, market
7E-mail marketing toolsConstant contact, iContact
8Sales Enablement ToolsSeismic, Savo
9Social media management and listening toolsHootsuite, Tweetdeck
10Blogging and CMS ToolsPercussion, WordPress
11Distribution/Syndication ToolsPR Newswire, Brihtcove
12Influencer Marketing ToolsLittle bird, BuzzSumo
13Advocate Marketing ToolsGaggle AMP, Social Chorus
14Paid Promotion ToolsContentGain, OneSpot
15Webinar ToolsWebex, ReadyTalk
16Event Marketing ToolsCVENT, Double Dutch
17Digital Asset ManagementWiden, WebDAM
18Content Audit ToolsContent Insight, Blaze content
19Sources for Content CreationScripted, Skyword
20Content Curation ToolsCurata CCS, Scrbit
21Content Optimization ToolsScribe,  Wordy
22Content Enrichment toolsStorify, Silk
23Writing toolsByword
24Content collaboration toolCompendium
25Conversion optimization toolsSumoMe
26Graphic Creation toolsEaselly
27Video creation toolsKnowledge Vision
28Presentation toolsPrezi

There have been several content marketing autopilot tools that have taken over this internet era to support the enumerable needs and targets of businesses to make positioning easier. Some of them are listed below:-


Feedly has a new feature, collects a variety of news and other useful marketing tools. Sharing and editing posts or stories was very helpful in providing authoritative content. Sharing collections of different stories/posts will make it easier to filter referrals with interested parties and colleagues.

An aggregator of news and resources relating to a particular topic is what would define Feedly. Feedly acts as a one-stop destination for the user that compiles all the possible information across the web for easy accessibility and further passing on such combined data to colleagues, friends, or workgroups.


Buzzsumo is a monitoring tool that tests content performance. Tool searches include content calculations that can be very helpful in defining the objectives of a content marketing strategy.

This deals with the aftermath of tracking how the content is performing. It also tracks how the audience perceives the content by researching how similar previously published content was received. It helps to make your content marketing stand out by analyzing what should go in setting the objective, what ways could be adopted to seize the audience, and the art of knowing what works in your favor compared to your contemporaries.


Gorkana is a tool. This tool provides search capabilities to reduce the authorized person in a specified category. This is a tool with features that offer easy detection and scanning in one place.

Gorkana provides a comprehensive market intelligence solution and is a platform that connects businesses with experienced media managers. It claims to have the widest media database and takes ownership for being the most evolved in the industry knowing it like no one else. The training and support sessions to customers are tailor-made to suit the preferences and respect time by bringing crisp, effective, customized, and the best possible information to the table. Each relationship manager has a record of handling customers and thus provides interactive sessions and engaging information.


Hootsuite is a highly efficient collection, maintained as a necessary tool for content marketing professionals. Acceleration across all local communication networks specifies the network media platform assigned to each tab. The function of the social network and all communication in one place is a perfect gift for content marketers.

It is a platform for social media management, being one of the largest and globally acclaimed mediums that connect and help build a strong presence online. Building stronger relationships with customers and thus helping position the brand through a like-minded marketplace. The solutions provided include social marketing & selling, customer care, and employee advocacy. The HootSuite platform is prevalent across all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., helping publish, engage, monitor, advertise and analyze.


Help a reporter out (HARO) is a systemized procedure to help journalists and reports create linkable content and track the authenticity of the information procured. It works like this- reporters/journalists post their queries, then pick up by sources relevant to and closely associated with the particular industry. They then connect with such journalists on questions that entice them.

Conversation with a user is sometimes enhanced by daily information with information about a particular theme or content. HARO offers new applications from the social media platform for specific topics. Effective content will improve the performance and strength of the marketing team. This HARO tool helps provide statistical information about those advertisers who are looking for specific content or topics. HARO offers a particular solution for the following task. Tracking success is easy and fruitful. Often other strategies can be explored in more detail.


The power of automated marketing will be made easier with tools like Ahrefs. Content marketing strategies were useful for those numbers that could be valuable for any business. Ahrefs is a software company that is also in the business of developing online SEO Tools and educating marketing professionals with the help of free in-house developed educational materials.

The main captive of this toolkit is to trigger Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It carefully apprehends the searches and studies the pattern that would lead to the customer’s website or product being highlighted on relevant searches made. It also researches the competitors’ moves and thus maintains the customer’s special entitlement to avoid ambiguity—accessibility through a user interface that is simple and easy to understand.


Content marketing professionals should provide alternative or specialized content, titles, or tools by removing duplicate content you request in specific markets. A new and well-glorified range that the marketer should respect and tools for automated marketing like Copyscape help capture the efforts of sales managers. Copyscape helps to explore unique or exclusive writing of articles or content for those who release important content. Extended content items were also tested.

Indigo Stream Technologies Ltd. launched this plagiarism checker tool that tests content theft that takes place by creators. The software helps verify if the content is original and not copied from elsewhere from the freely available resources on the internet. It is free of cost and is trusted by millions of people. The other products of Copyscape include Copyscape premium that digs deeper into the content and proofreads the text to check duplication within.


The Twitter dashboard to specify solutions or results for any content marketing campaigns is provided with customized searches. These free services are offered, and some additional options offer a clever way to recommend a content marketing expert. The content marketing team can go through the features of automated content marketing tools and do an amazing job that promotes winning.

Originally a separate application and now twitter’s timeline, after being acquired by Twitter, TweetDeck facilitates multiple searches simultaneously through several tabs in an easy interface. The Marketer can know about the trend, the number of likes, tweets from particular hashtags, etc.


With the JournoRequest tool, finding high-value links was easy and offered additional options and product exposure opportunities. The hashtags, with their full power, delight many users who see Twitter and its evolution.

Another popular tool used by journalists as a substitute for HARO or an additional source is JournoRequests. It is a hashtag that is predominantly used on Twitter to create a pathway to capture and draw the attention of sources. It is brought into play to generate quality backlinks, which binds the procurer with the original.


It is a market research company that encourages participation amongst the user base to put forth their views and opinions, thus stimulating better engagement. It would help discern opinion and study consumer behavior. Encouragement is intrigued by surveys and quizzes produced to help understand the views and innovate and make changes accordingly as per active user bases’ suitability to ensure customer satisfaction.

Through the search process, the viewing of numerous data is simplified. Specific market-selected diagnostic tools assessed interests and information data. The YouGov international marketing research firm is based in the UK. It has market research and data analytics operations in Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America, and the Middle East. The company is also listed on the London Stock Exchange.


YOAST is one of the automated content marketing tools for writing other Search Engine Optimization content or articles. WordPress Installation for Search Engine Optimization that helps everything and keyword content creation to view and modify meta descriptions and URL slugs, professional Search Engine Optimization function, and other internal links were suggested.


Airtable is another automated content marketing tool, albeit complex. It is a combination of Trello and Spreadsheet. Airtable is a cloud-collaboration service with its headquarters in the city of San Francisco. Airtable is a relation-based data tool that also works as an online collaboration tool. You can use it to manage and complete work-related databases, keep track of inventories, organize inventories, and much more. There are two purposes for content marketing:

  1. Management of influencers/writers.
  2. Planning calendars.


Most good content marketing includes images. It only makes sense when a market uses or inserts a certain stock. TheStocks.IM is a great tool because it has a collection of many free or paid stock sites, including Pixabay and Unsplash, and Shutterstock. website includes royalty-free photos, images, icons, fonts, audio, and much more.


This is a very powerful platform for game writing and collaboration, especially for writers and creators. Airstory is used to drag and drop to any application where it is written and also helps to create other multimedia functions, saving quotes, images, or images for later use. It is a unique marketing tool for the alliance with long-form content such as books or e-books authors.

For budding and experienced writers and bloggers, this platform is a savior—it is a place where you can pen down ideas, drag and drop content. To avoid switching between various applications like drive, word, Evernote, Chrome, any other referral material, etc. This proactive tool helps manage everything.


A loom is a tool for automated content marketing. It is a simple and powerful tool, even without content marketing. Loom lets you share videos, edit and create. In the Loom content marketing tool, the user can design and install technical guidelines. Ideally, it is best to send quick questions or solution ideas to another group.


HotJar is an automated content marketing tool with analytics tools for the user experience. It has a few submission tools such as session repetition, testing, and voting on site. Where Google Analytics helps the user to disclose “where” and “what” the user’s performance, those tools have been used to help the user start the “why” feature. They also offer a few submission tools like heat maps. This allows you to get great visual images where the user unpacks and clicks.

It is one of those one-site polls with a distinctive feature: more than ‘yes or no’ polls. It asks additional questions like, ‘Is there any other content you would like to see?’ or it could be ‘How can we make this better?’


The ultimate automated marketing tool for content is Hubspot. It is a CRM-based software that highlights blurring and balancing actions such as blogging and social networking. The HubSpot team offers a comprehensive platform that provides sales, marketing, content management, and customer service services. It also provides businesses the necessary resources, methodology, and back-end support to grow and scale their business on a larger stage.

Content marketing tools are advantageous in content marketing strategy to enhance and optimize content marketing in a cost-effective way with the best returns.